Top 10 Future Space Missions


A space mission is a planned journey by a manned or an unmanned vehicle into space for a variety of reasons (usually to explore the planet) such as

exploration of celestial features in outer space. It is important to know that in some developed countries like the United States and China, there have been future space missions in place to be undertaken either by the government or private organizations. Some countries have already sent things into space and there are things that are just floating in space for no good reason. Space has been a mystery for scientists and virtually most people on earth. Years ago, there has been a visit to the moon, and just of a recent, reports claim that Mars has also been visited and there so many planned space missions set aside for the future. It may interest you to know that most of the planned space missions are credited to NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) a United States agency that is responsible for handling all aeronautics affairs and space programs. In this article, we are going to look at the top 10 future missions to be carried out in space.

10. Uranus Obiter

Uranus Obiter

A mission to Uranus obiter is one of the third priority missions of the NASA. The mission which is targeting to be accomplished by 2022 is one that is set to investigate the planet’s interior structures, its composition, and the entire atmosphere. However, it is important to know that the success of this mission solely depend on the funding, because experts suggest that fulfilling this mission may cost over $2.8 billion. 

9. Mars Trace Gas Orbiter


The Mars Gas orbiter is part of the discovery program of the NASA that is said to launch in 2016. Although the mission is a small one, but it aims at investigating and exploration of more of space features. 

8. Planetary Science Flagship Missions

Planetary Science Flagship Missions

A planetary science flagship mission is a mission recommended by the National Research Council, which started since the year 2013 and is expected to end in 2022. The mission is targeting to provide steady stream of improvement in scientific research and help with new discoveries about the solar system. Experts suggest that the only obstacle that can cause setbacks in this mission is the available budget. 

7. The Mars Astrobiology Explorer Cacher (MAX-C)

The Mars Astrobiology Explorer Cacher

The Mars Astrobiology Explorer Cacher (MAX-C) is a mission to the Mars and is aimed at determining the livability of the planet. Simply put, it is one of the future space missions set to determine whether the planet ever supported life in history. It is also aimed at finding answers about Mars’ climatic history, its geology, and other features. The mission is one of the NASA’s priorities and it’s said to kick off once the cost is confirmed to be approximately $2.5 billion. 

6. A mission to Jupiter’s icy moon Europa and its subsurface ocean

A mission to Jupiter’s icy moon Europa and its subsurface ocean

NASA is trying hard to see that every part of the planet has been explored to maximum abilities. A mission to Jupiter’s icy moon Europa and its subsurface ocean is one that is aimed at exploring a promising environment in the solar system to see whether it supports life. A journey to Jupiter can only be viable if the NASA’s budget has increased to $4.7 billion. 

5. China’s 60-ton multi-module space station

China’s 60-ton multi-module space station

China’s space team is building a 60-ton multi module space station which is said to be accomplished by 2020. According to reports from the Asia News Network, an experimental core space station will be built and it’s expected that, by the year 2020 series of cargo and spacecraft will be available for transportation to deliver supplies to the space. 

4. Space Launch System (SLS)

Space Launch System

The SLS is a rocket program that is incorporated with technological advantages. It is a proposed development that will be designed to carry the Orion Multi-Purpose crew vehicle, and is targeted to be achieved by 2017. It is important to understand, this part of future space missions will also take care of important cargo, science experiments, as well as equipments to the earth’s orbit and even to destinations beyond that. Experts suggest that, the space launch system mission will be one of the greatest missions in history, as it is aimed to serve as a backup for commercial and international partner services that will be linked to international space stations. 

3. The return of humans to the moon by 2020

Moon colony

The purpose of the mission is to explore more of distant world. The moon happened to be the first celestial body that has been explored in the space. It was gathered, in 1959 the Soviet were the first to obtain an image from a far side of the moon as the time when the place was never visited by any human. In 1962, the U.S exploration of the moon began. From that period the moon has been explored for scientific researches and so on. Now, one of the most interesting future space missions to be seen is the return of human to the moon by 2020. 

2. The Orion crew exploration vehicle

The Orion crew exploration vehicle

The Orion crew exploration vehicle is one of the new NASA’s missions that are designed to develop a new spacecraft with a retro feel. This project will incorporate new design with the new capsule’s set to be larger and will have the capacity to accommodate up to four crew members. The size of the Orion crew exploration vehicle has attracted the attention of NASA officials, with some describing the mission as “Apollo on Steroids”. 

1. Living in space

Life On Mars

Living in space is one of the most interesting future space missions everyone wants to witness. The mission is also called space settlement and space humanization, which is targeting to have a permanent human habitation in various locations outside the earth such as the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, etc. It is important to know that every other space mission in place will, at the end of the day, aim to see whether life is viable of surviving outside the earth. And that is one of the greatest mission scientist set to achieve.

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