Top 10 Futuristic Buildings


In this 21st century, it may still be a long way until we can build colonies on Mars or have flying cars. But certainly we can cross some of the most

fascinating and ultra-modern buildings with the stunning architecture around the world. The skylines in some of the world’s major cities will certainly get a different look with technology at the forefront. Over the years, architecture has come a long way from the Art Deco style of the 1920’s to the tall buildings and skyscrapers of the 21st century.

Let’s take a look at the 10 futuristic buildings and check out some interesting facts about them:


10. Spaceport America (New Mexico)

Spaceport America

This commercial spaceport located in New Mexico desert has been designed by Foster+ Partners and resembles like a spaceship. This is the world’s purpose-built commercial spaceport which is open to visitors to give them a hands-on experience within a real commercial space facility. Spaceport America is located in a historic Adobe building and has some of the 1930’s features incorporated along with the modern architecture. 

9. Hermitage Plaza (Paris)

Hermitage Plaza Top 10 Futuristic Buildings

Hermitage Plaza is set to become one of the tallest buildings in the European Union with impressive twin towers at the height of 1060 ft. This project is designed to be located in the Central business district, La defense in Paris which is situated on the Seine River across the residential district of Neuilly- Paris. It is supposed to be highly energy efficient with solar shading and high tech insulation provided for the towers. Emin Iskenderov, a Russian property developer is in charge of this project and it is scheduled to be completed by 2020. 

8. Absolute World Towers (Canada)

Absolute World Towers Future Buildings

This stunning architecture was created by a Beijing-based architectural firm- MAD and these are residential twin tower skyscrapers which were completed in 2012. One of the most unique features of these tall skyscrapers is their curvaceous shape. They are regarded to be one of the tallest buildings in America with an impressive 518 feet and 589 feet tall along with a 209-degree twist right from the base to the top. The first three towers- Absolute City Centre 1 & 2, Absolute Vision and the other two towers-Absolute Vison 4& 5 consist of 50-56 storeys. 

7. Gardens by the Bay ( Singapore)

Gardens by the Bay Future Buildings

Gardens by the Bay captures the true spirit of Singapore as a tropical garden city which is among its best botanical attractions that draws tourists from across the world. This nature park was opened to the public in 2011 which spans around 101 hectares and consists of three waterfront gardens. The largest garden is about 54 hectares. In 2006, an international competition was held for the design of the park which had almost 70 entries submitted by over 170 firms from 24 countries. Grant Associates and Gustafson Porter bagged the final contract to develop the Bay South and Bay East Gardens.

This park has some unique features with some wonderful landscape design, tropical leaf shaped gardens. The Supertree Grove is a fascinating collection of 16 story structures which are man-made and covered by living plants and photovoltaic cells that generate solar energy. These iconic tree-like vertical gardens measure 25 and 50 metres tall and resemble like canopies in the daytime and illuminate during the night time to provide a stunning display of sound and light. 

6. One Bligh Street (Sydney)

One Bligh Street

Architects in association with Inggenhoven Architects from Germany have created this fascinating and highly sustainable office tower which is located in the Central Business District in Sydney. This futuristic building has been constructed using a double skin glass façade amidst a naturally ventilated atrium at the centre along with computer-controlled shades that illuminate the building. It also has an outdoor sheltered winter garden with a nice place to sit and relax. This building has achieved a 6 star Green Star Office Design v2 Ratings certified by the Green Building Council of Australia. 

5. Twenty-Five Lusk (San Francisco)

Twenty Five Lusk

Twenty Five Lusk is a unique restaurant, lounge and bar that offers a creative cuisine located in SOMA district of San Francisco. Formerly a smoke bar of the 1917’s, it was converted into an amazing restaurant by the brilliant and award winning architect-Cass Calder Smith. Now it offers a 2 story and 9,800 square feet space which has a blend of warmth and coziness combined with the modern and elegant industrial inspired decor. 

4. Palazzo Lombardia ( Milan)

Palazzo Lombardia Futuristic Buildings

This commercial tower was designed by Pei Cobb Fred & Partners which was completed in 2012 and is one of the complex skyscrapers in Italy at 161.3 m tall with 39 floors. Palazzo Lombardia is an eco-friendly building which has an active climate wall assembly with a one-metre deep wall at the perimeter of the building. This acts as a thermal buffer zone that helps to reduce heating and cooling loads.

There is a geothermal heat pump which is connected to the underground river for even distribution of heating and cooling energy flow inside the building. The walls have vertical louvers made up of aluminum which automatically rotate depending on the angle of the sun. The gently curved glass wall pieces landscaped public spaces create a stunning look for office space with well-defined modern architecture. 

3. Saadiyat Cultural Centre ( Abu Dhabi)

Saadiyat Cultural Centre Future Buildings

Saadiyat Cultural Centre is a unique building that resembles the flight of a falcon and this steel tower is set to become huge on the international arts and cultural scene. Artworks from around the world is showcased in the Louvre Museum which was opened to the public in 2015. The Guggenheim Abu Dhabi created by Frank Gehry and Sheikh Zayed National Museum by Foster+Partners. This 15,400 square meter arts and cultural centre which attracts tourists from different parts of the world have three major galleries, 250 seat theatre, sales centre, events gallery and a restaurant. 

2. Ordos Museum( China)

Ordos Museum

This Art & City Museum created by the MAD architects is an amorphous structure looks like it has landed on the earth. The surrounding dunes, stunning stairways and belvederes with copper toned metal finish have been created to reflect the Gobi desert that existed here before. The structure has metal lovers with a solid, windowless building which is firmly rooted to the ground. 

1. W57 Pyramid( New York)

W57 Pyramid Most Futuristic Building

This is one of the largest housing projects created by Copenhagen and New York-based architecture firm-Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). A 600 unit residential tower which is a high rise resembles the shape of a squashed pyramid from the West Side Highway. The architecture design is innovative in the sense that it is a perimeter block as well as a high-rise that promises a better quality of life for its residents.

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