Top 10 Most Futuristic Wallets In The World


Over the years, wallets have undergone a vast transformation from being bulky to thinner, streamlined ones that have better functionality. These ultra-modern wallets can

hold all the essentials and can be light to carry as well have a sleek and stylish appearance. The comfort factor is most important when it comes to carrying wallets and they need be fit in easily into your back pocket. Besides, most people nowadays wear fitted jeans and pants that make it all the more difficult to have bulky wallets into their pockets.

However, there are many technologically advanced wallets that have been designed to help in getting rid of the clutter and carry only the essentials.

10. Dosh Luxe6 Wallet

Dosh Luxe 6 Wallet Futuristic Wallets For Men

This wallet is rugged in design and makes a unique style statement with its modern look and you are sure to stand out of the crowd when you take this wallet. Dosh Luxe6 Wallet is made from Desmopan, water resistant polymer which is soft to touch and extremely durable to last for a long time. Inside the wallet, you can find 6 card holders with a stainless steel money clip which makes it an ideal option for men.

9. Sapling Wood Wallets V2


This Sapling Wallet is really fascinating as the company specializes in offering wallets that are made from wood. The new Sapling Wallet series has a two-panel design, where two pieces of wood are strongly held in place with the help of an elastic band. Although this wallet looks simple, it is highly functional and effective at the same time. They are aligned horizontally which helps in parts of North America, where swipe cards are still in use.

In the new series, there have been a few tweaks that have been made to the wallet based on the feedback of many customers. The plates are almost the same size of a credit card which makes it easy to access cards and looks elegant. The V2 series comes in different types of wood to choose from Birch, Cherry, Bamboo and Walnut.

8. The Ridge Wallet 2.0

The Ridge Wallet 2.0

The Ridge Wallet is a minimalist wallet that has an integrated track which is basically a durable elastic track, which has been incorporated into the hollow section of the wallet’s metal plates. The T design of the track helps in securing the cards from the bottom as well as the sides so nothing slips down accidentally from the wallet. It is made up of elastic that can hold up to 15 cards and as they are removed, they can be contracted to secure a single card.

It also comes with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) blocking that helps in keeping your information secure to prevent wireless identity thefts.

7. Dash 4.0

Dash 4.0 Future Wallets

This skinny, smart and redesigned leather wallet allows you to carry many essentials at a time and also access them easily. Dash Wallets was introduced in the market in 2013 which was designed by Steven Elliot. This brand of minimalist wallets became so popular that they sold out over 50,000 wallets across 95 countries. This new version of Dash 2.0 wallet is made using premium Canvas Saffiano leather combined with elastic which is fully flexible with a “quick draw” pocket.

This makes it much slimmer than the existing versions of wallets and it is simple and nothing fancy without a logo or any decorative items.

6. HuMn

HuMn Future Wallets

The HuMn wallet is a futuristic wallet which is made using sleek anodized aluminum or carbon fiber that acts as a barrier against RFID skimming and ensures the safety of your debit cards and credit cards. These smart wallets are highly durable, customizable and also look chic and fashionable to carry in your pockets. They are available in a wide range of colors that you can choose to suit your preferences. You can easily organize your money, business cards and credit cards using this minimalist wallet.

5. Tru Virtu Wallets


Tru Virtu wallets have brought a big transformation to the traditional wallets by combining the best technology and materials to suit the modern needs. The Tru Virtu Wallet Oyster Series is a new age minimalist wallet that is extremely lightweight and sturdy to offer the best protection against dust, moisture, and electromagnetic radiation.

It comes with two aluminum cases with separate areas to hold coins and cards along with a button on the front edge that allows you to open each compartment. It’s ideal for storing your business cards or any other loose items in place. This stylish wallet also offer RFID scanning protection and is a versatile product that is suited for everyone.

4. Cascade Wallet

Cascade Wallet Future Wallet

The Cascade Wallet is fun, customizable and the most secure wallet that offers the best protection. It is made of a unibody design which is made using a single piece of aircraft grade aluminum that offers RFID protection. This wallet is very sleek around the size of your credit card and packed with many features, including a slider button to eject your cards. It also comes with a money or business card clip at the back. Besides, there are plenty of color options to choose and it also comes with a detachable accessory cover to store more cards, if needed.

3. Carbon by Legacy Wallet

Carbon by Legacy Wallet

This executive wallet is RFID secured and made using carbon leather which makes it highly durable and lends it a stylish appearance. These wallets have been well-crafted and designed using aerospace grade aluminum. The carbon sleeve offers storage for three cards in the front with a flexible band at the rear that allows for keeping additional cards. It comes with a card ejector that instantly elevates the card which you have chosen from the front pocket and reduces unnecessary clutter.

2. Keplero Luxury Wallet

Keplero Luxury Wallet Future Wallets

This is one of the slimmest and lightest ever wallet available which is easy to use and has no mechanical components and comes with a magnetic mechanism. This is one of the first magnetic luxury wallet made using carbon fiber and looks stylish and simple with many features. It comes with a money clip at the back that allows you to hold the notes in place which makes it convenient to carry your money anywhere.

This is truly an innovative wallet packed with many interesting features and allows you to add as many cards, as you want as the plates can be removed or added to customize them according to your needs.

1. Aviador Wallet

Aviador Wallet Future

This is the most streamlined and minimalist wallet that you can ever think of with a range of exclusive features. It is a multifunctional device which has some incredible features including the Bluetooth tracker, NFC chips, flash memory of 8GB and electronic key with a panic button. The Tracking option allows you to prevent you from losing sight of your money and other vital information. You can enable this option to get alerts with the increasing distance between your wallet and smartphone.

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