Top 10 Greatest Accidental Inventions That Changed The World


Chance is a very big factor in the everyday life and the hand of providence can never be ruled out from many occurrences

and events in our life. For, it is a chance that led to the invention of some great inventions which have changed the course of our lives. Here are the top 10:

Top 10 Greatest Accidental Inventions That Changed The World


matches accidental invention

John Walker a British Pharmacist was stirring some chemicals which got deposited at the end of the stick. Rubbing it to remove the deposits, he created a flame. He immediately marketed this discovery as Friction lights and sold them in the market. 


Potato Chimps Accidental Discovery

Another great accidental innovation is potato chips that we all know, love and consume. They are something which is available commonly and their presence is also taken for granted as such.

But, this time-passer snack also owes its existence to an incident in 1853. At a restaurant in Saratoga Springs, New York, George Scrum was the chef responsible for the quality of the food. Incensed by a customer who repeatedly returned French fries since they were not thin and crisp, he sliced them thin enough to invent what is now called Potato chips. 


The slinky accidental invention

This is the astounding story of something hitting the roof of the world even though it was meant to perform some other function. The Slinky, a toy which is claimed to be one the most famous ones, was meant to be just an ordinary spring that would have been housed in metal surroundings drenched in grease oils and the like.

But, see its luck; it evaded all that and emerged as a most-loved, highly priced joy and pride of millions and kept in drawing rooms, cupboards, showcases and pockets of kids.

While an engineer of the Philadelphia shipyard was developing a spring to be housed in a horsepower monitor on a ship, he dropped it by accident and The Slinky, designated by Betty wife of Richard James was born. When launched in 1945, it was a bestseller from the word go. 


Microwave oven accidental invention

Its invention was a boon to the lady of the house since it performed daily routine chores of the kitchen in a fraction of the time. Percy Spencer was working on radar systems when a chocolate in his pocket melted due to the heat rays. Adding two and two together, he invented the Microwave oven. If you don’t have a microwave oven in your kitchen then you are missing out big time! Take a look at these microwave ovens to see which suits you best.


coca cola accidental invention

Who could have imagined that Coca-Cola, invented accidentally, would go on to become one of the biggest and most consumed liquid aerated drink in the world? The best part of it is that Coca-Cola did not come by design; a series of events led to its accidental invention.

John Pemberton was a Pharmacist who had used his professional knowledge to develop a cure for headaches and, surprisingly, nervous disorders. It consisted of wine and an extract of Coca and was named as a French Wine Coca with his name prefixed.

In 1885, following the imposition of prohibition by the state of Atlanta, Pemberton introduced a coca-based variant to be consumed like a soda. The rest is history. 


plastic accidental invention

Plastics were using organic material before 1907 when Leo Hendrik succeeded in inventing the first synthetic plastic He was actually trying to find a replacement for Shellac, a costly product; one of his experiments produced a polymer which was unaffected by heat or stress. A permanent cost-effective replacement for Ivory and Tortoiseshell had been found. 


Post-it notes accidental invention

Millions of people in world use post-it notes (sticky notes) but many don’t know how they were invented. Geoff Nicholson was working for 3M trying to figure out how to create an adhesive so strong that it can be used to glue metal to metal. He failed miserably and instead created a very weak adhesive. But instead of being upset Geoff asked himself “how can I use this?” and finally figured out what he can use this failed invention for, he used it for post-it notes. 


xray accidental invention

C. Rontgen was a German physicist who was handling a Cathode ray tube when he observed that a paper coated with Barium platinocyanide was glowing; sensing that it was not the cathode rays, he probed further the phenomenon calling it X-radiation. He was able to find many materials which were allowing the rays to pass through including photographic plates. Since that time this invention helped to heal millions of people. 


pacemaker accidental invention


Some stories are simply incredible but true. A Tinkerer by profession, Wilson Greatbatch of New York invented 320 devices and patented 150 of them including the Pacemaker which has made him immortal due to the innumerable lives that he has saved.

This invention was also accidental. In 1956, he was trying to create a device to record the rhythm of the heart; he observed regular pulses were emitted. This went on to be developed as a Pacemaker. 


penicillin accidental invention

The human race was unequal in its fight against various infections due to ignorance. In 1929, Sir Alexander Fleming invented Penicillin by sheer chance. He was a bacteriologist who had been on vacation for some time; by oversight he had neglected to cover up a dish containing bacteria.

He observed that the bacteria had been killed by a mold; he identified that mold and proceeded with further experimentation to learn that other bacteria could also be killed. Thus was produced the wonder drug Penicillin, the first antibiotic. Since then it was considered one of the biggest inventions ever.


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