Top 10 Hotels Of The Future


Hotels are a lot more than a shower and an air-conditioned room these days. The march of technology has not left the hotel industry behind. On the contrary, hoteliers all over the world over have

been innovative and imaginative in pitching new ideas, and turning them into luxury experiences unlike anything seen in the world before. An example of the type of innovation on display far and wide in the hotel industry is using a hotel property management system. This can help make the manic mayhem of running an establishment that little bit more stress-free.

From sensors that can tell when you get up in the middle of the night, and turn on the bathroom lights, to automated butlers that deliver towels and take tips in Tweets, the hotels of the future are packed full of new technologies designed to deliver an otherworldly experience that is utterly hands-free and instantly tailors itself to your individual needs and preferences. Many older hotels are getting renovations from companies like Complete Structure Painting ( to keep up their customers coming back so maybe their next step will be to have a more technology forward hotel.

Here’s a list of the top ten hotels–some of them still in the future–that will feature these incredible 22nd-century-style innovations.

10. Poseidon Sea Resorts

Poseidon Sea Resorts Top 10 Hotels Of The Future

It was slated to open in 2008, but production problems slowed the opening, though the hotel’s builders still insist it will open soon, Poseidon Sea Resorts will be the world’s most technologically advanced underwater hotel. It is part of an environmental project designed not only to offer guests a truly life-changing experience but also to preserve the environment in which the hotel sits. It will be a mile long, located beneath the waves off the coast of Fiji, and will feature floor-to-ceiling windows that afford visitors breathtaking views of the ocean.

9. Krystall Hotel

Krystall Hotel Future Hotel

Pitched as Europe’s first ‘floating hotel,’ the Krystall Hotel will be shaped like a giant snowflake, and will be located in the North Atlantic off the coast of Norway’s fjords. The hotel will actually be within the Arctic Circle–so don’t fall into the water. But this strange location will afford visitors a truly unbelievable view of the Northern Lights–in fact, that will be one of the hotel’s main attractions. Like Poseidon Sea Resorts, Krystall Hotel will be a ‘scarless development,’ meaning that it will have no permanent impact on the environment around it.

8. Shimao Hotel

Shimao Hotel Future Hotels

The wave of the future, apparently, is building hotels in strange places. Instead of looking for hills with great views, or putting hotels at the edge of the fashionable district of town, the designers of the Shimao Hotel in China are building a hotel in an abandoned quarry. The giant, water-filled hole will be turned into a spot to attract tourists with extensive engineering–and the hotel being built straight into the side of the quarry. The hotel will thus be largely underground, with cliffs extending out on either side, giving tourists the chance to enjoy watersports in what was the water at the base of the quarry, and bungee jumping from the nearby cliffs.

7. Unbalance Hotel

Unbalance Hotel Hotels Of The Future

Planned on the cliffs overlooking the ocean near Peru’s capital city of Lima, Unbalance Hotel is designed to look like a giant picture frame, albeit one that is just a little off-kilter. Sitting at a 30-degree angle, the hotel also has a giant hole in the middle, where visitors approaching the hotel from the landward side can get a beautiful view of the sea, framed by the structure of the hotel.

6. The Water Discus Hotel

The Water Discus Hotel

Dubai has long been an oversized playground for the jet-setting super-rich, and the Water Discus hotel is thus the perfect addition to that already dazzling city and could be seen as The Best Hotel in Dubai when it is built. When it is built, it will actually displace the Poseidon Underwater Resorts as the world’s largest underwater hotel. Like Poseidon, it is designed to have as little environmental impact, and to integrate the local sea-life into its design.

5. Europe’s Tallest Building

Europe's Tallest Building

If you were going to build a giant skyscraper, you’d probably put it… in a sleepy Swiss village? It seems out of character, but that’s precisely what L.A.-based architect Thom Mayne plans to do. In fact, the 80-story luxury resort will be the tallest building in Europe, overtopping London’s Shard by a full 70 meters. The building is designed to blend in with the surrounding landscape, and because it is placed on the side of a mountain, the views from the top stories will be unlike anything else on Earth.

4. The MORPHotel

The MORPHotel Future Hotels

One of the coolest designs for futuristic hotels actually changes its shape as weather conditions change. The aptly-named MORPHotel thus will have no permanent home, but will float around the world, making stops wherever the owners decide it should be. The hotel will be built around a series of connected pods, and the designs are based on the idea of a spine, built of several interlocking vertebrae.

3. The Hollywood Hotel

The Hollywood Hotel

There are plenty of hotels in Hollywood, but this will be by far the most unique. The Hollywood Hotel will actually replace the current Hollywood sign–though from the city below, it’ll be hard to tell. It’ll still look like the Hollywood sign, but built into the letters–or rather, behind them–will be L.A.’s most fashionable new hotel.

2. Dawang Mountain Resort

Dawang Mountain Resort Future Hotels

The mountains of China will soon be featuring one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive resorts–a tourist destination unto itself. The property, which will cover over 150,000 square meters, will feature a water park, ski slopes, and a giant waterfall.

1. The Lofoten Opera Hotel

The Lofoten Opera Hotel

Reminiscent of the Sydney Opera House, the Lofoten Opera Hotel looks like a vast, curling metal snake. Tucked into the craggy mountainsides of the Swedish coast, the hotel will contain both apartments and hotel suites, and will afford visitors the chance to explore the pristine natural surroundings with ease.

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