Top 10 Items You Absolutely Must Have To Survive Nuclear War


Nobody ever wants to experience the devastation caused by nuclear weapons. For decades, the Soviet Union and the United States have built and tested hundreds of different nuclear weapons. With so many nuclear blasts documented with video evidence and after the U.S. bombed Japan, seeing first-hand the devastation, the world clearly doesn’t want to experience it ever again. Fortunately, we’ve avoided all-out nuclear war in the 21st century.

But today, the threat of nuclear war is still very real. Whether in the hands of a small country or a top nation state, nuclear war is something everyone should be prepared for.

Much like planning for natural disasters and other events, it’s important to have a plan and supplies in place.

If you don’t have a clue what supplies you should consider, we’ve put together the top 10 items you absolutely must have to survive nuclear war:

Top 10 Items You Absolutely Must Have To Survive Nuclear War

10. A Good Rifle

Rifle For Appocolypse

Guns. Like them or hate them, they are essential during times of crisis and war. When you don’t know what could be happening outside, there’s nothing like having a good rifle to protect your family from impending “zombie” attacks or the “real” enemy who dropped the bomb in the first place.

Also, when the time is right and you have no other choice but to hunt for your own food, a rifle can help you kill the animal you need to feed your family- or protect your food supply from any savages who want to steal and plunder your food and resources for their own survival.

9. Electric Generator

electric-generators for nuclear fallout

A good hand-crank generator or a more advanced electric generator can be the difference between freezing to death in pitch black chaos and enjoying a nice, comforting cup of tea in your fallout shelter while you wait for the chaos outside to subside.

While they can be a bit expensive, an Electric Generator gives you endless options for heating, cooking, lighting and powering your subterranean fallout shelter. If you’d like to compare generators to see which one could be the best for you in case of disaster, take a look into GeneratorGrid for generator reviews from a qualified electrician.

8. Bedding

Sleeping Bag For Nuclear War

Staying warm is important. Most likely the blast will knock out power and you’ll be without electricity. And most likely it will be cold for a while. You can buy and use bedding units from a camping kit or invest in a higher end bed set. But it’s important you can bring it with you in case you need to evacuate after the initial blast and radiation have subdued.

7. Radio

Radio For Nuclear War

A portable radio is indispensable. The most likely scenario is that you will be able to gain valuable access to alerts, warnings, and government information so that you can be prepared and know what is happening outside.

Of course, things will be chaotic and you may not trust everything on the radio, but know that a good AM and FM radio is better than no radio at all.

Even better, invest in a CB radio so that you can reach local friends and residents near you to check on their status and get local reports.

6. Pocket Knife

Knife For Nuclear War

A good pocket knife can help in many ways. You never know when you will need to cut open some bags of food, open a can, build a gadget of some sort or even fight off potential enemies as a last resort. A good, solid, stainless steel pocket knife will be your best friend before, during and after a nuclear explosion.

5. Potassium Iodine

Potassium Iodine For Nuclear War

To protect your thyroid from the harmful effects of radiation after a nuclear explosion and to reduce the risk of cancer, take potassium iodide tablet immediate after the blast. This should be a large part of your fallout shelter.

Nuclear explosions can produce heavy amounts of radioactive iodine, but if iodide tablets are taken just before or just after the ingestion of radioactive fallout, KI or KI03 pills will saturate your thyroid, reducing the possibility of radioactive iodine getting to your thyroid. These pills have a shelf life of about 5 years. So it’s important, just like the other rations, you need to resupply after a period of time.

4. Food

Food For Nuclear War

Freeze dried food, canned food, and any non-perishable food is important. If you want, you can even add some nice plants and set up a hydroponic temperature system for keeping fresh food in your bunker.

Dry foods like cereals, beans, rice, and flour are good to have as well. You’ll also want to consider some ready to eat meals or military meals (MRE’s). One MRE a day can offer you enough calorie and nutrition to survive a nuclear blast while hanging out in your fallout shelter. If required, make sure you get a hold of some of those flameless heaters for prepping your MRE’s.

3. Water

Water For Nuclear Shelter

Water is something first world class citizens take for granted on a daily basis. Turn on the tap, buy a bottle of water or visit your local fast food chain and you can find water.

The idea of not having water is simply an afterthought. The painful truth is that when a nuclear blast occurs, the first priority is to protect your water.

Ideally, you want to have enough water stored in advance and it should be given top priority. Many emergency kits come complete with the capacity to store multiple gallons of water. A family of four should store a minimum of 12 gallons of water per day.

2. Sandbags

SandBags For Nuclear Shelter

Why? Because you want to continue increasing the distance between you and the radiation. The thicker your barrier, the less radiation will harm you as stated above. It will lose its negative attributes when passing through physical things. For every 3.6 inches of sand or dirt between the radiation and you, you will literally halve your dose of exposure. This inevitable increases your chances of survival dramatically.

1. Fallout Chamber/Bunker

Nuclear fallout shelter

You want to dig yourself a nice, deep hole. Surrounded by solid, thick concrete walls. The radiation from nuclear fallout can be extremely dangerous and can linger for several days after the initial blast. Radiation can even seep through the material so that’s why it’s important to have a thick wall between the invisible radiation and your family. The thicker the wall the better because it loses its negative attributes when passing through things. If you don’t have a nuclear shelter this whole list might be irrelevant that’s what makes it the most important item to have among the list of 10 items you absolutely must have to survive nuclear war.

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