Top 10 Kids With Most Unusual Names


Have you ever wondered about those kids with most unusual names?  How they ended up with their name?  What does it mean?  If you’re a parent, you probably toiled for months trying to

pick out the perfect name for your child.  You wanted it to stand out and be memorable; after all your child is precious to you. However, you probably were careful not to be too extravagant in your choice, lest your daughter or son become the target of lifelong ridicule.  But eventually you settled on the perfect name that fits your little one just right.  Most of you likely picked a name which was already fairly popular or least made the top 100 baby names for the year.  In this article we explore the top 10 kids with most unusual names.  Shown In parenthesis, is the name’s most recent rank in popularity according to the U.S. Social Security Administration.


10.  ZZYZX (“Zay-zix”)

ZZYZX Bizarre Name

This is not a typo. As many as 5 babies in the United States were registered having this name. Although we’re not sure whether this is a boy’s or girl’s name it is indeed strange. If I were looking up for people’s name and I saw this one I would think it’s certainly a typo. Now, I’ll know not to assume anything when it comes to names. Although not as strange as the top 10 strangest inventions that were made this name is very strange to have. 

9.  Princess

Princess Kids With Most Unusual Names

Princess (No. 983), once reserved as a term of endearment, has established itself as an authentic name for little baby girls.  Forget about the fact that it is actually a title.  Princess is a cute and complimentary name for your precious bundle of joy.  However, it does open the door to interesting social situations down the road when little Princess becomes an adult.  Imagine the awkwardness when Princess finally gets that big promotion at the office and has a full staff of her own.  Princess, I completed that assignment for you.  Princess, here’s your dry cleaning.  Is there anything else you require, Princess?  I think most of us would find that awkward. 

8.  Messiah


Messiah (No. 298), is derived from the Hebrew name of Mashiah.  This name started surging in popularity in the 2000s to its current, surprising rank. Beyond being a biblical name, its meaning represents a “savior”, “anointed one”, or an “expected future king”.  This boy’s name will most likely only be found in English speaking countries. 

7.  Sheba

Sheba Name

Sheba (No. > 1000) is surprisingly obscure and rarely used as a name for girls.  However, most have at least heard of the word Sheba.  It has several meanings.  In Hebrew it means a “daughter of an oath”; while in Arabic it is a kingdom of Arabia.  Beyond being a kingdom, there was also reference in biblical scriptures to a Queen of Sheba, who was named Makeda in Ethiopian tradition and Bilqis in Arabic tradition. 

6.  Caspar

Caspar Name

Caspar (No. 585)1 is another much less common name for a child that is from ancient origins. A boy’s name, Caspar is derived from Gizbar of ancient Chaldean history. Chaldea was a Semitic nation which existed between the 10th and 6th century BC, when it was absorbed into the population of Babylonia. Caspar means “treasurer”. So perhaps it’s a fitting name for those little future bankers and financial gurus. 

5.  Moo

Moo Most Unusual Name

No, I am not talking about a Cow’s name. There are few babies named Moo in the USA. Our list of 10 kids with most unusual names wouldn’t be complete, without this nameWow, these names keep getting more strange as we go. Imagine hearing a mother screaming “Mooo-ooo” across the store to get her child’s attention. If you haven’t read this post you will probably think she’s either (A) off the rails or (B) is looking for her cow she brought to the store. 


ABCDE Unusual Names

No this is not that password you created because you were lazy to think, this is a real name. Laziness applies when it comes to names as well. Although, not that common there are few names ABCDE recorded in the USA. Maybe, in the future, every person will have a unique name like A4B43C I am not sure. But for today, if you ever encounter someone with this name please don’t forget to let us know here in the comments below. 

3.  Mahala

Mahala Name

Winding down our list is Mahala (No. > 1000). This name is perhaps the most obscurely used in our entire list and is used predominantly in reference to a “neighborhood” in most languages around the world. In Romania it is used in a negative context, typically referring to a neighborhood slum. However in all other cultures, no such negative use of the word is apparent. Mahala is derived from the Arabic word Mahalla which similarly means “to settle”. Perhaps more interesting is in the Philippines where mahal means “love”. However it is worth also pointing out that in Hawaiian culture the similar sounding mahalo is used in daily life and means “thank you”. Perhaps it is more fitting to think of the meanings of love and gratitude when pondering the suitability of the name Mahala for your little girl. 

2.  Gamble

Gamble Baby Names

Gambling is not only for adults. In 2015, five baby boys were given the name ‘Gamble’. I am not sure why any parent would give their baby such a name but hey, look, there are strange names all over. However, this is a growing trend. This year 54 boys and 11 girls were named ‘Lucky’. If that’s the name you have you’re literally LUCKY. Both these names deserve to be in the 10 kids with most unusual names list but because they were so similar we chose the more bizarre one. 

1.  Lettice

Lettice Baby Name

Very rare in its use, Lettice (No. > 1000) is actually used quite a lot in its more common form, Joy (No. 462). Lettice has its roots in French and Latin where its meaning represents joy. Given the love that these little newborn girls provide us, it’s no wonder why Joy is a popular name. Perhaps the use of Lettice, although packed with historical meaning and context, is less popularized due to its close association with the primary vegetable constituent of most salads in the Western world. Either way, it’s a formidable name for a little girl and will be sure to set her apart from the rest of the pack.


1 The name is ranked greater than 1,000 in the USA.  The ranking shown represents the popularity in England according to latest data available.


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