Top 10 Largest Crocodiles Ever Caught


Crocodiles are one of the largest marine reptiles that live in the water and can be found across the regions of Africa, America, Asia, and Australia. There are many different species of

crocodiles in the world and some of the widely known ones are the saltwater crocodiles found along parts of Australia and Southeast Asia, Nile crocodile which is commonly found in parts of Africa. Freshwater crocodile can be seen in Northern Australia and the American Crocodile along the Caribbean Islands and South Florida.

Some of the largest crocodiles that have been ever found are the Saltwater crocodiles, but they have not been captured owing to their giant and massive body size. Crocodiles can be extremely dangerous and pose a huge threat to human lives.

There are almost 14 extant species of crocodiles and here we look at the largest crocodiles ever caught and gather some interesting information about them:

10. Maximo (15 feet 3 inches long)

Maximo Largest Crocodiles Ever Caught

Maximo is a fascinating saltwater crocodile from Australia has been kept at St. Augustine Alligator’s Farm. It has some unique features with a four-inch-long tooth that shoots upwards from its lower jaw. His predecessor-Gomek was overweight and weighed almost more than a ton when he died. Maximo is well looked after at the farm and trainers put him through an exercise routine to keep him fit and healthy. 

9. Maniac (16 feet long)

Maniac Largest Crocodiles Ever Caught

This saltwater crocodile was found in Australia and lives in the Reptile Gardens, Rapid City in South Dakota (USA). Maniac weighs around 1250 pounds and was born in 1970 in captivity in Australia but was then transported to its new home in 2004, when Wonderland Sydney Park had to be closed permanently. Saltwater crocodiles are known to be among the largest of all the living reptiles and their size can go up to 20.7 ft and they can weigh up to 1,360 kgs. Although they primarily reside in salt water, they can also be found in mangrove swamps, lagoons and along some river stretches. 

8. Puento Noire Crocodile ( 17.71 feet long)

Puento Noire Crocodile Biggest Crocodile

This is one of the crocodile species which is unknown and was believed to have been killed in a safety operation in the Republic of Congo. 

7. Gomek ( 17.8 feet long)

Gomek Biggest Crocodile

Gomek was supposed to be a large saltwater crocodile that was caught in Papua New Guinea and was bought by Terri and Arthur Jones in 1985. It lived in Florida for about 5 years and then it was later on sold off to St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park. Gomek was one of the most favorite attractions for the visitors for almost 8 years but then he died in 1997 owing to a heart disease. He was one of the oldest living crocodiles in captive and lived for about 60-80 years. 

6. Cassius (17 feet 11 inches long)

Cassius Largest Crocodiles Ever Caught

Cassius is a giant saltwater crocodile which was known to be among the largest crocodile in captivity and recorded in the Guinness Book Of World Records in 2011. Its age is estimated to be around 110 years and currently, it lives in Marineland Melanesia which is a zoo in Green Island across Australia. It weighs around 968 kgs and was known to cause troubles by attacking boats across the Northern Territory along the Finniss River and was hence captured during 1984. 

5. Brutus (18 feet 4 inches long)

Brutus Largest Crocodiles Ever Caught

The most unique characteristic of this saltwater crocodile is that it has only three limbs and it was known to wander around the Adelaide river in Australia which is located in the Northern Territory. It is still quite a mystery as to how the crocodile lost one of its limbs, but according to some sources, it was due to a bull shark attack. The estimated size of Brutus is about 18 feet and 4 inches and it is known to weigh about 1 ton. 

4. Gustave (19.68 feet long)

Gustave Largest Crocodiles Ever Caught

Gustave is not probably one of the largest crocodiles ever recorded but it was a fearsome Nile Crocodile that was a fierce man-eater and killed about 300 humans across the banks of the Ruzizi River. Since this crocodile was not being captured, it was hard to know its exact size, but it was estimated to be about 20 feet long. Earlier, it was thought to be around 100 years old but later it was found that it could not be more than 60 years old.

The current status of this crocodile is not known as it was last sighted in 2008 and it is believed that it has three scars on its body which are wounds from the bullet. 

3. Dominator (20 feet long)

Dominator Biggest Croc

Dominator also belongs to the same territory of Adelaide River in Australia as Brutus-the saltwater crocodile. It has never been officially measured but it is estimated to be about 20 feet long and weighs around 1 ton. 

2. Lolong (20 feet 3 inches long)

Lolong Second biggest crocodile

Lolong belonged to the Indo-Pacific region and was supposed to be a saltwater crocodile that weighed around 1,075 kgs and it was regarded to be one of the largest crocodiles in the world which was ever caught. This crocodile was captured in the Bunawan creek in the Philippines during 2011. It was a result of joint efforts of the local government, residents and the crocodile hunters along Palawan.

It is believed that the operation took around 3 weeks and it involved almost 100 people to get this crocodile across the land. His age was estimated to be around 50 years and Lolong died in February 2013, owing to pneumonia and cardiac arrest which became worse due to a fungal infection. 

1. Kalia (23 feet long)

Kalia Largest Crocodiles Ever Caught

A massive saltwater crocodile known as Kalia that weighs around 2000 kgs has been officially recorded to be the largest of all the crocodiles in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records. This crocodile resides in Bhitarkanika Park along the State of Orissa in India. However, due to the challenge of been able to capture such a giant crocodile, its exact measurement is not known.

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