Top 10 Lost Treasures That Have Not Been Found


Imagine finding the lost treasures that have not been found over the hundreds of years already, it would be like winning a lottery. Over the ages, many stories of

unfound treasure that are hidden have been told. These stories are told around campfires, at dinner tables or in hushed tones in dark corners of magnificent treasures that are hidden or lost, and just waiting to be found. And let’s be honest. Who of us have not secretly dreamed of stumbling on untold riches hidden decades ago by a pirate or an outlaw?

If all the stories of unfound treasures are true then there is still hope for a few lucky ones out there who will one of these Top 10 Lost Treasures That Have Not Been Found.

10. Lost City Of Paititi (Peru)

Lost City Of Paititi Treasures

One of the most talked about and most searched for treasures of all time is certainly the lost city of Paititi in the jungles of South America. According to the legend, the Inca tribes of Peru fled into the jungles of Peru from the Spanish conquerors. When they fled they apparently took all their valuables with them to a secret city hidden in the jungle. The treasures are believed to consist of mountains of gold and silver and precious stones. Recent deforestation in the jungle have exposed sites where ancient cities were built, and this has only strengthened the myth. Many elaborate expeditions have attempted to find this fabled treasure, but with limited success and many times ending in tragedy. 

9. The Kruger Millions (South Africa)

The Kruger Millions Treasure

South Africa has always been one of the richest countries in the world in terms of mineral wealth. In the years before the outbreak of the Anglo-Boer war (1899-1902) after the discovery of gold in the area around Johannesburg thousands of ounces of gold were produced by the Transvaal government of the day, headed by Paul Kruger. With the outbreak of the war, gold exports were halted, and all gold held by the banks seized by the Kruger government. All this gold, an enormous amount of gold coins minted by the SA mint and various other precious items were never accounted for after Kruger left the country in 1900. Conspiracy theories about the fate of the treasure abound but to date nothing has been found. Many treasure hunters believe this vast treasure to be buried somewhere in the Blyde River Canyon of the Mpumalanga province. 

8. The Treasure of Forest Fenn (USA)

The Treasure of Forest Fenn Treasure

A modern day treasure hunt story is the story of the treasure hidden by Forest Fenn in the Rocky Mountains near Santa Fe. Many modern day treasure hunters are still searching for the chest he says he hid somewhere in the Rock Mountains. He claims that the treasure consisting of antique artefacts, gold coins, and jewellery is valued at between $1million and $3 million. In 2010, Fenn published a poem containing 9 clues to the location of the treasure, but to date, nobody has claimed the treasure. 

7. The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine (USA)

The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine Tresure

Another worthy addition to this list of the Top 10 Lost Treasures That Have Not Been Found is the legend of the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine. There are many weird and wonderful legends about this gold deposit in the dessert of Arizona. The fabled site is in a region named Superstition Mountain by the Spanish travellers and explorers in the 19th century. Legend has it that the first gold was discovered by a Spanish explorer in 1845. He returned with a workforce to extract the gold, which he shipped back to Mexico, but they were slaughtered by the local Apaches in 1848.
Many years later a German (not Dutch as the name suggests) miner and traveller Jacob Walz, and another man Jacob Weiser apparently rediscovered the mine by accident. The legend goes that they were fired from another mine for stealing, and set out on their own into the desert to prospect for gold when they stumbled on the mine. After Walz’s death in 1891, many expeditions have been led to find the “Lost Dutchman Mine” but to date, nobody has found it. 

6. The Lost Faberge Eggs of The Russian Tsars (Unknown locations)

The Lost Faberge Eggs of The Russian Tsars Lost Treasure

Fabergé eggs are some of the most precious and most controversial art pieces in the world. These intricate pieces of art were created over a period of 30 years by Pater Carl Fabergé for the Russian Tsars, Alexander and his heir Nicholas II. Following the 1917 Bolshevik revolution leading to the fall of the Russian royal family, 42 of the eggs were captured and ended up in the hands of private collectors and museums. Of the original 50 eggs manufactured 7 is still unaccounted for. This after a scrap metal dealer in the USA unwittingly bought one at a flea market. Who knows if the other 7 still exist and if they are sitting in somebodies attic somewhere? 

5. The Lost Amber Room Panels (Germany/Russia?)

The Lost Amber Room Panels Lost Treasures That Have Not Been Found

Many tales of lost and hidden treasure of the modern era revolve around the treasures seized by German forces during the Second World War. Among these missing artefacts are the wall panels that came from the Amber room of Czar Peter the Great of Russia. The panels were manufactured from gold, amber and precious stones, and are said to be priceless. Since they disappeared during the German invasion of Russia, they have not been found. Many theories have been put forward, but none have proven to be correct. 

4. The Sunken Treasure of Lake Toplitz (Austria)

The Sunken Treasure of Lake Toplitz

Lake Toplitz in Austria is another treasure legend born out of the pillaging of the German forces during the Second World War. During the war vast amounts of counterfeit currency was produced by the Germans, intended to initiate a crash in the economies of allied nations. When it became clear that the war was all but over, some of these notes were dumped in the lake. According to legend, that is not all that was dumped in the lake. It is widely speculated that other valuable items were also dumped in the lake, including gold coins, gold bullion and jewellery. Due to the treacherous underwater conditions, diving is very challenging in the lake, and has subsequently been outlawed by the Austrian government. 

3. The Treasure of Dutch Schultz (USA)

The Treasure of Dutch Schultz

One of the most colourful and volatile times in the history of the United States started after the passing of prohibition in 1919. Famous crime bosses like Al Capone, Lucky Luciano and Dutch Schultz seized the opportunity and made fortunes be selling illegal liquor. Dutch Schultz was a famous crime boss in the New York area in this era, making millions from his bootlegging activities. When it became clear that he might go to prison after being indicted for tax evasion, he gathered cash, jewellery and other valuables and with the assistance of his lieutenants hid the treasure near Phoenicia, New York. Nobody knows if the treasure was ever retrieved. 

2. The Treasure of The Copper Scrolls (Unknown location)

The Treasure of The Copper Scrolls

Inside the caves of Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered, researchers and explorers found something very strange, a scroll unlike any of the other parchment scrolls in the cave. The scroll made of copper differed significantly from the other items found in the cave. The message in this scroll was also completely different from the other scrolls. On the scroll 63 different locations are described, each the hiding site for a vast treasure. These treasures are said to consist of gold, silver, and other valuable items. Up to date, nobody has ever admitted to finding these treasures. 

1. Sunken Treasure off the Florida-Keys (Caribbean)

Sunken Treasure off the Florida-Keys Lost Treasure

When I think of the Caribbean, I think of pirates and treasure. And for a good reason. As recently as 1985 treasure hunters have uncovered hidden shipwrecks in the Florida straits containing millions of dollars of treasure. And according to records, there are a lot more sunken and hidden treasures in the Caribbean that have not been discovered. The latest find was the discovery of the Nuestra Seňora de Atocha, containing gold, silver and emeralds among other valuables. So if you feel the urge to go treasure hunting, your most realistic chance would be in these exotic but treacherous water.

These are only 10 lost treasures that have not been found and are still out there, but there are many more. So who knows maybe you will be the lucky one…

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