Top 10 Massive Things On Earth That You Can See From Space


If you get a chance to travel to space, trying to see the Great Wall of China is probably a waste of your time. The myth that it’s all you can see from space has been debunked by NASA. In fact, it’s hard for

the unaided eye to see it in low Earth orbit. There are other objects you may be able to get a glance at – or, at least, objects that satellites and the International Space Station can see. Here’re the top 10 massive things on Earth that you can see from space.


10. Open Pit Mines

Open Pit Mines

Some of the giant open-pit mines like the now closed Mir diamond mine in Russia and the Kennecott copper mine outside Salt Lake City, Utah can be seen from space. The Mir mine is 1,700 feet deep and 3,900 feet wide. The Kennecott mine, also known as the Bingham Canyon mine, is 0.7 miles deep and 2.7 miles wide. NASA astronauts on the space station captured shots of the Kennecott mine. 

9. Himalaya Mountains

Himalaya Mountains Top 10 Massive Things On Earth That You Can See From Space

The snow-covered Himalayas are said to be quite the sight from space. This mountain range has 14 peaks over 26,0000 feet tall and more than 100 peaks more than 20,000 feet tall. The snowy peaks, nestled between the plains of the Indian subcontinent and the Tibetan Plateau, make them easy to spot as one of the massive things on Earth that you can see from space. 

8. Wildfires

Wildfires Massive Things On Earth That You Can See From Space

Something no one wants to see on Earth is a wildfire. These monsters of flame put out so much smoke and flame that they dim skies for hundreds of miles and can be seen from space. Even smaller fires like agricultural fires can sometimes be seen from space. 

7. Phytoplankton Blooms

Phytoplankton Blooms

Satellites have picked up images of plankton blooms, numerous numbers of microscopic plantlike organisms called phytoplankton common in warm ocean waters. They follow ocean currents making blue and green swirls. Plankton blooms help turn carbon dioxide into nature and serve as food for animals living in the ocean. 

6. Great Pyramid of Giza

Great Pyramid of Giza

One of the most massive things on Earth that you can see from space, the Great Pyramid of Giza is also one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Astronauts need long-range cameras to pick up the pyramid but can see it. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the only one of the ancient wonders to stay mostly intact. It’s thought that the pyramid was built as a tomb. It stood as the tallest man-made structure in the world for more than 3,800 years. 

5. Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Things You Can See from space

The 277 mile long and 18 miles wide Grand Canyon in Arizona can be seen from space. The Colorado River carved the canyon about five or six million years ago and now continues to deepen and widen the canyon. 

4. Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef Massive Things On Earth That You Can See From Space

The Great Barrier Reef, which sits off Eastern Australia, is more than 1,600 miles long. Satellite images show just how long it is stretched parallel to the northeastern Australia coast. More than 1,500 species of fish can be found in the area – though you’ll need to be closer to Earth to see them. 

3. Cities at Night

Cities at Night

Major cities, especially along the eastern half of the United States, India and western Europe, are among the most massive things on Earth that you can see from space. The International Space Station has special equipment mounted that lets it take clear photos of the nighttime view of Earth from space. Transportation corridors and major commercial development are among items that stand out from the landscape. So are cultural landmarks like the Las Vegas strip. Another difference is the color of nighttime lights, like how Japanese cities’ glow is a cooler blue-green than other regions. 

2. Greenhouses of Almeria, Spain

Greenhouses of Almeria, Spain

Several tons of greenhouse vegetables and fruits are produced annually southwest of the city of Almeria, where the largest concentration of greenhouses in the world can be found. More than half of Europe’s fresh fruits and vegetables are grown here.  The large concentration of plastic greenhouses can be seen from space, making this one of the more unique massive things on Earth that you can see from space. 

1. Borders Between Countries

Borders Between Countries From Space

Astronauts can spot borders between countries from space. Poorer countries without much access to water may appear to be brown while wealthy countries appear green. There is a contrast between how much electricity is used as nations with a lot of electricity appear brighter. That is especially true with North Korea, which appears like a black mass between South Korea and China.

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