Top 10 Megaprojects Of The Future


With the growth and expansion of the world’s economies, there are plenty of large-scale investment projects that are under development currently. Most of these

megaprojects of the future consisting of roads, bridges, skyscrapers, airports and tunnels involve massive investment and use of superior technology. The cost of these large projects can run into billions of dollars and the greatest challenge for developing some of these spectacular projects can be to acquire adequate funding.

These new methods of transport and infrastructure around different cities have opened up new possibilities for trade and commerce and paved the way for globalization.

Let’s take a look at some of the megaprojects of the future here:

10. Jeddah Tower, Saudi Arabia (Estimated cost: $ 1.23 billion)

Jeddah Tower, Saudi Arabia Megaprojects Of The Future

Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah Tower or previously known as Kingdom Tower may become one of the world’s highest skyscraper as it nears completion by 2020. This may even break the record created by Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, which is regarded to be among the tallest buildings at 2,716 feet. The Jeddah Tower has been planned to be built at a height of 3,280 feet.

According to the sources, this 200-floor skyscraper will be a part of $8.4 billion project for construction of Jeddah city. This skyscraper project is estimated to use about 80 tons of steel and 5.7 million square feet of concrete. The main aim of this infrastructure project is to create a world-class urban center with the highest observation deck and the fastest double-decker elevators in the world. 

9. State Route 520 Floating Bridge, Seattle (Estimated cost: $ 2 billion)

State Route 520 Floating Bridge, Seattle

The Evergreen Point Floating Bridge which is also commonly known as the S20 bridge took about 5 years for its completion and slated to be opened in April 2016. This floating bridge is considered to be among the longest bridge in the world at a length of about 15,580 ft with its floating section that measures about 7,580 ft. The existing bridge has been assessed to be of poor condition that can worsen on account of high seismic activities. 

8. Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, Hong Kong (Estimated cost: $10.6 billion)

Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, Hong Kong

Hongkong Zhuhai Macau Bridge is set to become an iconic landmark and will comprise of a number of bridges and tunnels that will cut across Lingdingyang channel. The objective of this project is to connect HongKong, Macau and Zhuhai which are the three major cities across the Pearl River Delta, China. This 16-mile structure will also have a tunnel that will be spread across 4 miles. There will be two artificial islands that have been planned to connect Hongkong and the mainland using a mega crossing for this project. The project is set to be completed by 2018. 

7. Beijing Daxing International Airport, China (Estimated cost: $ 13 billion)

Beijing Daxing International Airport, China Megaprojects

Beijing is working on a new airport which is set to become one of the largest airport terminals in the world. The 7.5 million square feet building has been designed by Zaha Hadid Architects is currently working on its first phase which is due to completion in 2018 and it could be opened by 2025. This new airport will have the capacity to accommodate about 100 million passengers every year and can have up to 7 runways.

The new terminal has been designed to provide superior quality customer service that will have least walking distance and better connectivity for added comfort and convenience. 

6. Masdar City, UAE (Estimated cost: $22 billion)

Masdar City, UAE Big Megaprojects

This project is already under construction and is a planned city project in Abu Dhabi which has been designed by a British architectural firm-Foster and Partners. This city is planned to be unique in the sense as it is claimed to be a zero carbon and zero waste city that depends solely on solar energy and other renewable sources of energy. Although the construction of this city began in 2008 and the final phases of the project is due to be completed by 2020-2025. 

5. Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai (Estimated cost: $32 billion)

Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai

This is one of the biggest airport expansion projects for an existing airport that opened in 2010 and after its expansion program is completed would set to become one of the busiest airports in the world. The airport will comprise of high capacity to handle logistics with maximum transport modes and can accommodate over 220 million passengers every year. It is estimated to have the capacity to hold over 16 million tons of cargo. The project was set for completion in 2017 but after the 2007-2012 global crisis was delayed and estimated to be open by 2027. 

4. London Crossrail, London (Estimated Cost: $23 billion)

London Crossrail, London Biggest Future Megaprojects

This is among the most significant infrastructure projects undertaken in the UK that will help in improving connectivity and make traveling easier for the commuters. An estimated 200 million passengers are set to travel each year using Crossrail and this route will lead to about 10% increase in the capacity of trains around Central London. The trains will be 200 meters wide which is twice longer than the Underground London train with a capacity to accommodate around 1500 passengers. The expansion work for upgrading the surface rail network is currently being undertaken and the links for London could be ready by 2018. 

3. Nicaragua’s Grand Canal, Central America (Estimated cost: $50 billion)

Nicaragua’s Grand Canal, Central America

This is among the largest canals in America, which is spread across 173 miles and the scope of this project is to have a shipping route across Nicaragua that will connect the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean. This is an ambitious project but much debated and has faced protests from environmentalists and scientists. This project was said to be constructed by Wang Jing, a Chinese billionaire who heads the private Hong Kong Nicaragua Canal Investment Company. But so far there has been no progress and the project has been delayed. 

2. Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, India (Estimated cost: $ 90 billion)

Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, India Megaprojects Of The Future

This is one of the mega infrastructure projects and will be a hi-tech industrial zone which will be spread across 7 states across a 1,500 km stretch between the capital city of Delhi and the business capital of India-Mumbai. This is one of the most ambitious projects that is currently under development in India and its main aim is develop “smart cities” that can become the global manufacturing and trading hub.

Under the first phase of its construction, seven new industrial cities have been planned in collaboration with the Government of Japan and it is estimated to be open by 2017. 

1. International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, France (Estimated cost: $ 50 billion)

International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, France

This is one of the mega science projects that is currently under development in Southern France in collaboration with USA, EU, India, Russia, China, South Korean and Japan. Scientists are doing research and conducting experiments to combine atoms that can produce 10 times more power than the input. This means it will have the capacity to generate 500 megawatts of electric energy by getting an input of 50 megawatts.

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