Top 10 Military Robots That Already Exist


Robots were once relegated to the pages of science fiction books. The idea of machines that possess artificial intelligence has captured our imagination

for centuries. With today’s technology, intelligent robots that have lethal capabilities have become a reality. They serve many purposes and are being used at an ever-increasing rate. Militaries around the world have been anxious to integrate robots into their forces in order to save lives and get the upper hand. Their capabilities are expanding and they are becoming part of our everyday lives. Here are the top 10 military robots that already exist.


10. Ladungstrager Goliath

Ladungstrager Goliath Top 10 Military Robots That Already Exist

Unveiled in 1942, Goliath is one of the pioneering military robots that already exist. Its primary purpose was as a demolition vehicle, removing heavy road obstructions and even engaging in armed battle. Unable to effectively defend itself in battle along with other deficiencies, the Goliath never reached the desired potential and was considered more of a novelty. Goliath did set a trend that has been followed by modern militaries. 

9. The MARCbot

The MARCbot Future Robots

The MARCbot is primarily used to inspect suspicious objects and is one of the top ten military robots that already exist. It is one of the smallest military robots in use and can operate for about 6 hours on a single charge. It’s also one of the cheapest to build. It’s just 13.5 inches high and weighs about 25 pounds. It’s mounted pivoting arm has a camera attached to the end of it in order to search for explosives without imperiling humans. MARCbot is one of the most commonly used military robots making it one of the top 10 military robots that already exist. 

8. The iRobot Packbot

The iRobot Packbot

Currently in service and still very useful, the iRobot Packbot can perform bomb disposal, reconnaissance and several other tasks such as surveillance. This lightweight military robot has proven itself to be effective since its release in 2003. With a gripper hand capable of rotating 360 degrees, this remote controlled machine can pick up baseball sized objects weighing up to 15 pounds. It is propelled by tracks mounted on either side of it and the iRobot Packbot travels at a top speed of 5.8 MPH. 

7. GuardBot

GuardBot Robots That Exist

Originally intended to go to Mars, the GuardBot instead finds itself being a useful part of the United States Marines. The remote controlled GuardBot is a spherical 63-pound machine that features domes that contain cameras on either side. With its diameter of just under 2 feet, it can do an excellent job of scouting or patrolling in wet, dry, snowy or sandy terrain. The GuardBot is not a speedy machine. It only travels at a top speed of 6MPH on land and 3 MPH in the water. Being amphibious, GuardBot is quite versatile. It can operate effectively in almost any type of weather and it also makes use of a built-in laser spectrometer to detect chemicals used in bombs. While it may lack offensive prowess it is still very useful and is one of the top 10 military robots that already exist. 

6. Goalkeeper


Goalkeeper is aptly named because nothing can get past it. This “close-in weapons system” was brought into use in 1979 and has continued to be developed. It is quite the impressive defense system for ships that will automatically detect, track and destroy any incoming missile, aircraft or surface vessel and then automatically proceed to the next target. Goalkeeper has a radar sub-system to find the incoming threat and a second radar sub-system to track and engage. They work together to prioritize targets. Goalkeeper is equipped with a 30 mm Gatling gun which packs a lot of power. 

5. Guardium

Guardium Real Millitary Robot

Used to combat invaders along the Gaza border, the Guardium is an Israeli “unmanned ground vehicle” that can function in both tele-operated or autonomous mode. Its armor gives it protection against light fire attacks against multiple enemies. The Guardium boasts infrared cameras, radars, high sensitivity microphones and hostile fire indicators. It also contains both lethal and non-lethal weapons to protect itself. The Guardium is remotely operated through the mobile command station where computers are able to guide it the along the Gaza border. 

4. The Daksh

The Daksh Robots

This fully automated bomb recovery unit can climb stairs and navigate steep hills. Its robotic arm can pick up and scan suspicious items using built-in x-ray. The Daksh is armed with both a water jet disrupter that can defuse explosive devices and a shotgun that can blast through locked doors. It can also efficiently scan cars for explosives. It possesses the technology of a radio frequency shield that jams remote signals, preventing the explosive device from detonating. 

3. Multifunctional Utility/Logistics and Equipment (MULE)

Multifunctional Utility Logistics and Equipment

The MULE is one of the top ten military robots that already exist. These machines actually operate using artificial intelligence. They are capable of analyzing their environment and independently calculating their next move. They can travel without any human assistance and amazingly enough have the ability to repair themselves. They are able to learn new things and they independently adjust strategy depending on their surroundings. They are currently being armed with the most sophisticated weaponry making it a menace to the enemy. 

2. MQ-1 Predator

MQ-1 Predator Robot

Unmanned flying machines, or drones, have a wide range of uses and are being increasingly used for a growing number of purposes. The military makes good use of these. The MQ-1 was built in the early 1990s and has seen action in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Bosnia. While its primary role was reconnaissance and surveillance, the MQ-1 Predator has been upgraded to include 2 Hellfire missiles and other offensive weapons. The remote-controlled MQ-1 Predator has the ability to travel 460 miles and hover above a target for up to 14 hours before needing to return to base. 

1. The Ripsaw

The Ripsaw Robot

The Ripsaw is an incredible machine. This unmanned multi-purpose vehicle can be used in convoys, battle, reconnaissance, surveillance and rescue among other things. The remote controlled Ripsaw packs a 6.6-liter diesel engine that produces 750 horsepower and has a top speed of 95 MPH. Impressively, Ripsaw is capable of loading its own ammunition as well as swapping out types of ammunition in mere seconds. This intimidating beast can also be used for crowd control and is one of the top 10 military robots that already exist.

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