Top 10 Most Affordable Airplanes To Buy


Climb into the cockpit and get ready to fly. Better yet, fly your own plane? Too cost restrictive? Depending on your income and what you’re after, think again. There are airplanes as

low as what you’d expect to pay for a new car. Here are the top 10 most affordable airplanes covering different types of planes. Although, they’re not your typical F-15 or other fastest airplanes in the world they’re very affordable. Now all you need is to pick up a pilots uniform, one of those fancy little rolling bags they all seem to have – you can find a buying guide at Backpacks.Global – and you’re all set to take to the skies! Where’s your first trip going to be?


10. Legend Cub

Legend Cub

The Legend Cub is a light sports aircraft that you can fly with a sport, rather than a private, pilot certificate. The Legend Cub open cowl, available starting at $136,000, features a wingspan of about 35 feet and a length of about 23 feet. It has a Continental Motors O-200 engine with 100 horsepower. Fly this plane and you can replicate the look and sound of the Cubs from the 1930s and 1940s’ era Cubs. 

9. Lockwood Aircraft AirCam

Lockwood Aircraft AirCam Top 10 Most Affordable Airplanes

Build your own plane and enjoy the view while you’re flying with the Lockwood Aircraft AirCam, an experimental home-built aircraft. This aircraft was originally designed for the National Geographic Society to benefit photographers who wanted to fly low and slow over the Congo Basin rain forest. You can cruise at 55 mph in a twin-engine plane that can take off with one engine if needed. It’s a sight-seers’ dream starting at $56,500 for the airframe kit. 

8. Evolution Revo


The Evolution Revo, one of the most affordable airplanes, is a trike plane. A trike features a triangle wing, an open undercarriage, propeller and three wheels. Cruise up to 100 mph and enjoy the benefit of an integrated aviation GPS in this ultralight aircraft that starts at $67,500

7. Vans RV-12

Vans RV-12 Most Affordable Airplanes

No, it’s not a flying recreational vehicle, but it is another light sports aircraft that’s among the most affordable airplanes. It’s another build it yourself airplane that features two seats so that you and a buddy or your partner can fly through the sky and see the sights together. It can fly two people and 50 pounds of baggage. Put aside about 700-900 hours to build this airplane at a price that starts around $65,000

6. Piper Lance

Piper Lance Affordable Private Airplanes

Looking for something bigger? If a buyer’s willing to go used, there’s the Piper Lance with retractable landing gear. It features a fuel-injected 300-horsepower engine and can carry 1,690 pounds. The plane seats six or seven passengers and can travel up to 190 mph. it will cost up about $100,000 used for this plane built between 1977 and 1984. 

5. Cessna 210

Cessna 210 Most Affordable Airplanes

The Cessna 210 also features retractable landing gear and fuel injection. First released in the 1960s, it remains a top seller both new and used. It’s possible to get older ones at around $100,000 and it remains a used top-buy choice, but the older ones are said to be less forgiving to neglect. 

4. Piper Comanche

Piper Comanche Airplanes

The Piper Comanche is a low-wing, single-engined monoplane that comes in four and six seat versions. It’s all metal and features a retractable landing gear. Production started in 1956 and ended in 1972 when flooding of the Susquehanna River caused by Hurricane Agnes destroyed the manufacturing plant. It’s possible to find one between $40,000 and $75,000 used. 

3. Cessna 182

Cessna 182 Most Affordable

Families can add two child seats into the baggage area of the Cessna 182, one of the most affordable airplanes. The single-engine light airplane first came out in 1956 and had retractable gear between 1978 and 1986. It was also sold under the name 182 Skylane. Used versions are available for $40,000 to $75,000

2. Piper Tri-Pacer

Piper Tri-Pacer Most Affordable Airplanes

The Piper Tri-Pacer, built after World War II, actually saw some action in combat as the Cuban Army Air Force used it against insurgents in the Cuban Revolution. Don’t expect to find a machine gun, but there are still used Piper Tri-Pacers available today. The PA-22 Tri-Pacer came out in 1951 and was part of a sub-group of Piper aircraft known as “short wing pipers.” They became a way to introduce more pilots to safer, easier flying.It’s possible to get them under $30,000 – but get it inspected thoroughly. 

1. Aeronca Champion

Aeronca Champion

The Aeronca Champion nicknamed the “Airknocker” originally saw production as an airplane designed for flight training and personal use. It’s both one of the most affordable airplanes and one of the most popular light aircraft of all time with some of the early versions used by the U.S. military. The two-seat, fixed conventional landing gear light airplane first introduced in 1944 is available used for as low as about $20,000. Fill it up with about 13 gallons and fly up to 95 mph in an airplane that costs about as much as a gently used car.

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Daniel Douglas

Hey guys, you got it wrong: it’s not like paying for a new car, it’s like paying for a new house!