Top 10 Most Beautiful Places Under The Ocean


There are innumerable attractions under the vast ocean and it is full of secrets some of which have been explored, but a vast majority of

them still need to be discovered. Within the deep waters of the ocean, many ancient ruins, shipwrecks, canyons, underwater hotels or even the beautiful coral reefs exist. There are some of the most mysterious objects that have been found by scuba divers on many occasions and it’s a real wonder that life under the ocean can be indeed so marvelous.

Here we have captured some of the most beautiful places under the ocean, where you can learn some interesting facts about them:

10. Great Belize Blue Hole

Great Blue Hole, Belize Deep Hole

The Great Belize Blue Hole is among one of the world’s largest underwater cave or sinkhole that is located along the coast of Belize. This incredible sinkhole is estimated to be about 984 feet across and is about 410 feet deep. The underwater cave is the biggest attraction for scuba divers around the world, with its crystal clear waters where a variety of marine life and amazing coral formations can be seen in the water.

This is one of the natural formations that is unique where nurse sharks, reef sharks such as Caribbean reef shark and Blacktip shark live in the water. 

9. Underwater Hotel, Zanzibar

Underwater Hotel, Zanzibar

This amazing underwater resort attraction is located around 250 meters along the coast of Pemba Island and its underwater room provides access to the visitors to explore the rich aquatic life beneath the waters. This holiday resort is actually a three story structure which floats in the water and the lowest level is around 4 meters under the water.

There is a staircase inside the suite that gives access to the underwater bedroom, where the windows on the wall provide a 360-degree view of rich marine life and the coral reefs. 

8. Coral Reefs

Coral Reefs Most Beautiful Places Under The Ocean

Coral reefs are one of the most diverse kinds of underwater ecosystems that are visible to the humans. These are mainly colonies formed by calcium producing organisms over thousands of years under water and comprise of a few nutrients. These reefs have been home to innumerable life forms, which might be completely alien. The bright colors and changing patterns that are visible are some of the best underwater attractions.

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is among one of the largest that consists of around 2,900 individual reefs and around 900 islands that are spread over 2,600 km along Queensland. 

7. Underwater Cave, Cenote Angelita

Underwater Cave, Cenote Angelita

This unique underwater cave-Cenote Angelita in Mexico is known for its underwater river which is formed with a layer of hydrogen sulfate, which separates fresh water and the salt water. This creates a hazy and smoky view to the explorers at a depth of 180 ft and although from the surface, it looks like an ordinary river but inside, the view is just marvelous.

The halocline is a phenomenon in which fresh water and salt water combine with each other to result in an extreme change in the salinity of the water and is usually observed in the underwater caves of the ocean. 

6. Blue Corner Wall, Palau

This is considered to be among one of the best diving sites in the world that has a variety of rich marine species right from bright sea whips, flapping eagle rays, pelagic fishes, reef sharks along with exotic coral reefs. This site is located in the Philippines and is one of the most beautiful underwater sights, where even the most experienced divers hook themselves to the wall to catch a glimpse of this breathtaking view inside the waters. 

5. Ancient shipwreck SS Thistlegorm

Ancient shipwreck SS Thistlegorm Underwater

SS Thistlegorm was a British Merchant Navy ship that sank in 1941 close to Ras Muhammad, Red Sea and is now a renowned diving site. It is believed that due to the activities of the German bombers, this ship was never able to reach Alexandra, Egypt which was its actual destination. French explorer, Jacques Yves Cousteau was able to locate this vessel with the help of the local fisherman and find out its exact place.

The entire ship can now be explored by divers in this site along with its anti-aircraft machine guns and the holes that were caused as a result of the bomb explosion. 

4. Underwater Waterfall, Mauritius

Underwater Waterfall, Mauritius

This underwater waterfall is absolutely stunning and the most beautiful attraction that can be found in Mauritius. However, it is a result of optical illusion and a not a reality but resembles like a painting which is naturally created on this mesmerizing island. This waterfall illusion attracts visitors from all over the world and gives the best glimpse when seen from the helicopter or an airplane. 

3. Green Lake, Austria

Green Lake, Austria

Green Lake is one of the most famous attractions in Tragoess, Austria for scuba divers across the world. It is also been named as the “ diamond gem” owing to the occurrence of the natural phenomenon, where every spring when the snow melts from the Karst mountains, the park gets submerged inside the waters including the trees, bridge, benches and walk paths. 

2. Underwater Sand Falls, Mexico

Underwater Sandfalls, Mexico

This can be one of the most memorable experiences for divers, who can enjoy this unique sandfalls phenomenon on the coast of Cabo in Mexico. The sandfalls are mainly caused as a result of the friction of the tectonic plates in North America and the Pacific. The strong currents result in the sand slipping away from the underwater coastal shelves deep beneath the waters at 400 ft.

These sandfalls were discovered by Jacques Cousteau, a renowned diver and over 300 kinds of marine species, including octopus, reef sharks and barracudas exist in these deep waters. 

1. Lost Kingdom Of Cleopatra, Egypt

Lost Kingdom Of Cleopatra, Egpyt Most Beautiful Places Under The Ocean

One of the most legendary cities of Heracleion which was known to be the gateway to Egypt got submerged in Akoubir Bay, Alexandria. It still remains a mystery as to how the city disappeared into the water, but it is believed that it was swallowed by the Mediterranean Sea and remains buried deep within the sand and waters from the past 1200 years.

This underwater city still remains submerged and archeologists have been able to discover many fascinating objects, including ancient ships and statues along with limestone sarcophagi.

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Abidhasan // Best landscape in the US
Abidhasan // Best landscape in the US

I don’t know the old history of the green lake but it looks amazing. It seems to be like that once upon a time the bench we can see in that picture had used to seat.