Top 10 Most Bizarre Business Ideas


We’ve all had a hair-brained idea every now and then. And we all have to work. But some people have chosen to merge those

two things. No matter how bizarre the business is, it is still paramount that they have protected their brand! In the era of cyber attacks, companies like FraudWatch International are so useful. Behold, the top 10 most bizarre business ideas. Fair warning- some of these will make you giggle, and some will make you shake your head and wonder just who you’re sharing this planet with!

10. The SomethingStore

The SomethingStore Bizarre Business Ideas

Ever had a little cash just burning a hole in your pocket? Maybe a few extra dollars to spend, but you’re not sure what to buy? The SomethingStore is an online retailer where you can spend $10 and get a mystery item. Their website states “your something may be a cool shiny gadget, rare book, party game, etc.” Yes, that’s right. You send these people your hard earned money and in return, you get a surprise you may or may not throw in the trash immediately. I’m sure they understand the meaning of what is a small business because this sure is a unique idea.

9. Throx

Throx Most Bizarre Business Ideas

You know how you just hate to wash your socks because you are certain one of your very favorite socks will go missing? (Yeah, me neither.) Well, Throx has a revolutionary new idea for their product… socks sold by threes, not pairs. That way, you won’t have to dread washing those precious socks because if one goes missing you have a back-up! They come in an amazing assortment of designs, too. I’m off to wash my socks!

8. Cheese Sculpting

Cheese Sculpting Bizarre Business

This is definitely a bizarre business idea. Sarah “The Cheese Lady” makes a living (and apparently a good one, at that!) by sculpting sometimes life-size sculptures out of cheese. What would you ever do with a giant piece of cheese that looks like a person, or an animal, or just about anything else? Well, they are quite popular at parties, festivals, sporting events, and anywhere else people don’t mind eating a slice of cheese shaped like someone’s nose.

7. The Alibi Network

The Alibi Network Most Bizarre Business Ideas

If this sounds a little shady to you, well… uhm… Hopefully, you don’t need to lie to your parents or boss about where you were last night, but if you find yourself in need of an alibi service, these guys will help you out. Whether you’re experiencing family, social, job, or financial issues, they are a full-service group that provides detailed alibis based on the needs of your specific situation. So give the Alibi Network a call the next time your boss wonders why you weren’t at the staff meeting.

6. Ashes for Fishes


Eternal Reefs is a company that will mix the ashes of your loved one with cement to make “reef balls”, which are then lowered into the ocean to create habitats for sea life. If your loved one was a huge marine life supporter, maybe this is the way to go. It really does give a whole new meaning to the phrase “swimming with the fishes”.

5. I Do, Now I Don’t

I Do, Now I Don’t

A list of the most bizarre business ideas wouldn’t be complete without mentioning I Do, Now I Don’t. For all those pesky times your wedding is called off, and you find that a regular jeweler will only give you pennies on the dollar of what you paid for the ring. I Do, Now I Don’t is a company that will buy your engagement ring back when you realize what a mistake you were about to make.

4. Neuticles of Oak Grove, Missouri

Neuticles of Oak Grove, Missouri

When you decide to neuter your dog, you can help their self-esteem by giving them testicular implants to retain their “natural” look and help with the trauma that goes along with neutering. Because after that painful procedure, a dog is very concerned about his testicular appearance.

3. The Anger Room

The Anger Room Most Bizarre Business Ideas

When was the last time you broke something in a fit of rage? Well now, instead of traditional therapy to work on your anger issues, you can go a more alternative route. The Anger Room allows you to pick a blunt instrument like a bat or golf club, and you can go to town for a whole 5 minutes. You will be in a room filled with junk electronics and breakables, and for $25 you can spend 5 minutes taking out your frustrations on innocent items.

2. Doggles

Doggles Most Bizarre Business Ideas

Dogs don’t usually swim underwater but they can get doggles (dog goggles) if they decide. Jill Doyle decided that dogs also needed to have goggles either for swimming or other reasons. The goggles protect dogs from UV and have other benefits. Surprisingly, Jill now makes close to $5 million a year thanks to his out of the box bizarre business idea.

1. Chicken Rental

Chicken Rental Crazy Business Ideas

And now, this tops the list of bizarre business ideas. If you think you want to be an urban farmer, but you’re not totally sure, you can rent chickens for 6 months, to see if you’re well suited for caring for these creatures. It costs a mere $350 dollars to rent a few chickens for 6 months. This way, you can pay lots of your money to take care of someone else’s animals for them. Priceless!

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