Top 10 Most Bizarre Cars In The World


The car culture has been evolving since the first automobile was built. Many people are obsessed with the vehicles and spend countless hours and a lot of money to turn their visions into reality. Be it an eye-catching paint job or a

complicated modification, people use their cars as a way to express themselves. Even after the automobile reaches obsolescence, people will continue to be fixated on them. Until then, new designs and ideas will be unveiled as we strive for faster, more fuel efficient, more aerodynamic and one of a kind looking vehicles. If these cars managed to have a dash cam placed on them from somewhere like BlackBoxMyCar I bet they would record some fantastic footage of the journeys they go on! Here are the top 10 most bizarre cars in the world.

10. Isetta

Isetta Most Bizarre Cars In The World

The Isetta is an Italian micro-car that was introduced to the market in 1953. Known as a “bubble car”, the single-cylinder Isetta was the first car to achieve fuel efficiency of 78 miles per gallon. While it gained a bit of popularity, production of this tiny vehicle ceased in 1961. The Isetta definitely does not qualify as a family sedan but its unique appearance is bound to get the driver noticed, or possibly ridiculed. The car’s steering wheel and instrument display swings out with the car’s single door. The canvas roof was designed to be an escape route in the event of a crash.

9. WaterCar

WaterCar Bizarre Car

The name says it all. This is one of many amphibious vehicles that have been built. Inspired by the amphibious novelty cars of the 1960’s, WaterCar has been building these vehicles commercially since 2013. The WaterCar Panther can reach speeds of 80 MPH on land while reaching a speed of 45 MPH on water. This bizarre looking vehicle has a 3.7-liter engine and a “Panther”-jet boat drive engine.

WaterCar founder Dave March successfully drove a WaterCar Panther from Newport Harbor to Catalina Island. The 30-mile journey took 70 minutes to complete while burning 13 gallons of fuel. We will have to wait to see if this vehicle can gain commercial success.

8. Fascination

Fascination Car

The Fascination was an ill-fated concept car that was built in the 1960’s. Only 5 models were made before the company collapsed. Surprisingly, these 5 vehicles are still out there somewhere. It is still a mystery why any of these 2 door monstrosities were built at all. The reality is that there was a little fascination in the Fascination. The vehicles were built with various engines including Volkswagon, Renault, and Oldsmobile models. There are so many features that make the Fascination unique including its three-wheeled appearance and sleek rounded design. It has the overall look of something right out of the Jetsons.

7. 1958 Firebird III

1958 Firebird III Bizarre Car

This vehicle is both cool and ridiculous at the same time. The Firebird III was built in 1958 and had a cutting-edge space age look to it. Its appearance was part Bat Mobile and part fighter jet. The two-seater was powered by a 225 horsepower engine and came with air conditioning, cruise control, anti-lock brakes and was controlled by a joystick. It was almost as if it was originally designed as a fighter jet but later found to lack flying abilities. Nevertheless, the GM Firebird II captured the imagination and goes down in history as one of the top 10 most bizarre cars in the world.

6. Wienermobile

Wienermobile Most Bizarre Cars In The World

The first Wienermobile was built in 1936. There have been a total of 11 built and there are currently 8 Wienermobiles cruising the highways and putting smiles on people’s faces. In 1969, the Wienermobile saw its first action outside of the United States. Only college students who are about to graduate are eligible to drive this unique machine. The “hotdoggers” are given a one-year contract after being chosen from a pool that averages 2000 applicants. There was a contest that awarded the winner the opportunity to use the Wienermobile for a day. There were over 15,000 entries within the first month.

5. Dodge Kahuna

Dodge Kahuna Bizarre Car

If anyone ever had a dream of a perfect road trip then the Dodge Kahuna would be a perfect fit as their rental car of choice. Originally aimed at the surfing crowd, the Kahuna is a minivan and, well, that station wagon that the Griswolds first went to Wally World in. Powered by a 2.4-liter engine and featuring stow-and-go seats, the Kahuna wasn’t exactly a hit with the surfing crowd. Or with anyone else for that matter. Despite seating six people and being decked out with the ever so popular fake wood paneling, the Kahuna is relegated to being one of the top 10 most bizarre cars in the world.

4. Aurora Safety Car

Aurora Safety Car

Designed with the safety of passengers and pedestrians in mind, the Aurora Safety Car was also designed for the driver that doesn’t really care about appearances. Built on a Buick chassis, this abomination was meant to come with a Chrysler, Cadillac or Lincoln engine. Not surprisingly, the project went bankrupt after the first prototype was built. The Aurora Safety Car came equipped with a seatbelt, a roll bar, foam-filled bumpers and a curved windshield. It also appears to be devoid of any sharp edges that could possibly take somebody’s eye out. While such detailed attention to safety is laudable, the result was laughable. This car, like many others, have many safety features, however, even with the best safety features around and with the development of technology in the automotive industry, accidents still happen. If you find yourself in a car accident, you might be interested in someone similar to these Virginia Car Accident Attorneys who might be able to help with your case.

3. 100 Foot Limo (American Dream)

American Dream Amazing Limo

It’s really difficult to imagine actually taking this thing for a drive. For starters, how do you negotiate a corner? Could you imagine circling the block all day to find a parking spot?

Jay Ohrberg’s 100-foot long limo is excessive in every aspect from its ridiculous length to the hot tub and helipad. It sits on 26 wheels and also features a king-sized bed, putting green, sundeck and a swimming pool equipped with a diving board. While there is no information available that describes the kind of gas mileage this monstrosity gets but it can’t be good. It would be fun to see the look on the gas-jockey’s face when you ask him to wipe the windows.

2. Honda Fuya-Jo Concept Car

Honda Fuya-Jo Concept Car Crazy Car

One of the ugliest and most impractical concept creations ever, the Honda Fuya-Jo was designed so that occupants can stand in the car. One of the most notable features of the Fuya-Jo is its impressive audio system. In most cars, you have to look pretty hard to find car amps for great sound with tweeters and mids, but this is not the case for the Fuya-Jo. The second-rate factory stereo is no longer. In its place is a sound system with one purpose. Volume and big bottom end. The dashboard looks like a DJ mixing desk and the steering wheel resembles a turntable. Talk about your heat scores!! This contraption is more than likely to be pulled over by the police every three blocks. Hopefully, the driver remembers he/she is driving and not mixing beats.

1. The Flatmobile

The Flatmobile Most Bizarre Cars In The World

Obviously inspired by the Batmobile, the Flatmobile is billed as the world’s lowest street legal car. It sits just 19” high and is basically a chopped and modified Hillman Imp. This two-seater is equipped with a jet engine that was built from a Volvo truck’s turbocharger. It compliments the original Hillman Imp engine. It also features the fins and tail lamps from a 1959 Cadillac. While the Flatmobile might have troubles with speed-bumps it is well suited for cruising flat surfaces while giving the occupants a sensation similar to riding in a turbo-charged go-cart. The Flatmobile sold at auction for just over $15,000.

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