Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals That People Keep As Pets


Most animal lovers are not satisfied with the idea of having common pets such as dogs, cats or hamsters at

home and often have a strange fascination for owning exotic animal species as pets.

Pets can be surely loving, cuddly and loyal companions but it’s important to be aware of the associated risks and dangers of keeping some of these animals at home. There are strong laws and regulations in the US to oversee the capture and trading of some of the most dangerous animals that people keep as pets.

Despite warnings, many people fail to realize the harmful effects posed by these animals to human beings and their surrounding environment. There are plenty of interesting facts and stories from around the world that point out to the dangers of having some of these exotic animals as pets at home.

Here we take a look at the list of some of the most dangerous animals that people keep as pets:


10. Turtles


The sale of small turtles with a shell smaller than 4 inches was banned in 1975 in the US, but still, people continue to trade them illegally in the local flea markets. Pet owners often do not realize the harmful health risks posed by these small, little creatures, which carry salmonella bacteria that may be easily transmitted to small children and older people.

Salmonella may be life-threatening and can lead to numerous health related complications, especially for people with low immunity are at a greater risk of being infected. Young infants or children can get indirectly infected through their parents, even without touching the turtle.

However, buying a turtle that has a shell bigger than 4 inches is perfectly legal. In fact, the musk turtle is a surprisingly popular pet.

9. Skunks

Skunks Pets

Skunks can give out foul odors and they can be quite irritating if the chemical comes into contact with human eyes and cause a lot of discomforts. These species are attracted to dirt and may be found wandering through the open garage or may be found in small holes in the lawn. Although they can be trained, they require a lot of quality care to prevent rabies which usually affects these species where special vaccinations have to be given for this purpose. 

8. Pythons, Boa constrictors and large snakes

Pythons, Boa constrictors and large snakes Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals That People Keep As Pets

Most of these powerful animals such as boa constrictors and other species of large snakes can be quite dangerous although they are privately kept as pets in many households. The biggest risk of having them as pets is highlighted through numerous incidents in US households, where young babies have been attacked and killed by boa constrictors.

They can easily escape from the outdoor spaces as they grow bigger in size and pose a risk to the life of human beings, especially young children and adults who can be squeezed to death by these predators. 

7. Alligators and Crocodiles

Alligators and Crocodiles Pets

Some animal lovers have alligators or crocodiles as pets which may be quite dangerous as these wild animals can cause serious injuries. The American Alligator has a lizard kind of body with sharp and powerful jaws which are known to eat turtles, fish and other small mammals and few cases, even humans. Especially, they can be quite unpredictable during the mating season, due to their sudden behavioral changes when they may cause serious injuries to people around them. 

6. Scorpions

Scorpions Pets

Among all scorpions, Emperor Scorpions are popular among pet lovers as they are considered to be less dangerous than most of the other scorpion species. Although their sting is more like a bee-sting and does not require immediate medical attention: some people may have a strong reaction to the scorpion venom. It can be quite painful and risky to handle pet scorpions as they are large in size and require constant care and long term commitment. 

5. Chimpanzees

Chimpanzees Most Exotic House Pets

Chimps may seem to be quite cute and affectionate as pets but in reality, they are wild animals and not suitable for living around the house. It is also difficult to share space and time as they can get quite demanding as they grow up and they require complete attention from their owners.

Being aggressive by nature, they can prove to be quite dangerous to people at times and it is quite common for them to bite or cause serious physical damage to the humans. When these chimps grow as adults, they have 5 times more strength and sooner or later they can become a threat to the family members. 

4. Coatis

Coatis Pets

These mainly belong to the raccoon family and are mostly found in South America. They can be very difficult to maintain as they need huge surroundings and it can be quite a challenging task to train these species. They are known to have sharp teeth about 40 and sometimes can get quite violent so they are not good for children, as they may end up biting them. They may not be a good choice as pets for these reasons and must be kept away as far as possible to prevent possible attacks. 

3. Tigers, lions and big cats

Tigers, lions and big cats

These big cats are some of the most dangerous animals that people keep as pets as there are plenty of evidences to show that they can pose huge safety risks to humans due to their natural instincts. Every year these big cats are known to injure and kill people as the small cubs quickly mature, where they show their wild instincts and it becomes almost impossible to control them. 

2. Cobra and Rattlesnakes

Cobra and Rattlesnakes

Most of these snake species such as the cobras can be quite dangerous as their venom itself is quite powerful to cause tremendous pain and in some cases may even result in blindness. They can attack someone in a blink of an eye and can easily hide in the backyard which makes them difficult to be found. Besides, they can be quite scary creatures and definitely not a pleasure to own them as pets. 

1. Kinkajous


Kinkajous are natives to the rainforest in Central and South America mostly known for their nocturnal habits. They can be playful and curious by nature but when they get irritated, they can create a lot of noise with their screams or even attack victims using their bites are considered to be quite dangerous as their saliva is sticky and contains harmful bacteria which can lead to severe infections among humans.

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