Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds In The World


Bird watchers relish their chance to seek out nature’s flying beauty. Birds join other symbols of peace and tranquility, but some birds are

anything but peaceful. That’s especially true during certain times of year when birds would likely be best if left alone. These most dangerous birds ain’t an F-15 or other super fast and dangerous military airplanes but you’ll be surprised what they’re capable off. Watch out for the top 10 dangerous birds especially during nesting season – lest you be the next one pecked.


10. Seagulls

Seagulls Top 10

Picture tranquil seas and seagulls will likely be in the image. You are also likely to see them on the beach and possibly in parking lots near water. While usually peaceful creatures, a seagull allegedly swooped down and stabbed at a British woman’s head with its beak in 2015. The likely cause was a nearby nest as seagulls viciously protect its young. 

9. Red-Tailed Hawks

One of North America’s larger and most familiar hawks, the red-tailed hawk’s also one of the most dangerous birds. Red-tailed hawks frequent parks, native prairie, lightly wooded habitats and farmland. Like seagulls, red-tailed hawks aren’t shy to lash out when they perceive threats to their nests. Attacks during nesting seasons that exposed humans to the hawks’ massive talons have been reported. 

8. Lammergier


These beautiful birds are also dangerous. Known for hunting sheep they won’t hold back from attacking humans if they get in the way of their food or children. The Lammergeier attacks its prey by diving from the sky in a sudden attack. 

7. Owls

Owls MOst Dangerous Animals

A giant owl reportedly terrorized residents of a Dutch town north of Amsterdam in 2015. More than 50 attacks – including a few that required trips to the hospital – were reported before the Eurasian eagle owl was caught. The World Wildlife Fund states that the great horned owl, found in America, has killed at least one human. The takeaway? Stay out of an owl’s nest. 

6. African-Crowned Eagle

African-Crowned Eagle

The African Crowned Eagle feasts on monkeys as well as other prey. A nervous, on-edge bird, it’s been known to not shy away from humans and have a reputation for being aggressive. There’s, at least, one account of an African Crowned Eagle attacking a child. 

5.  Swans


These birds common to fairy tales and children’s images glide along the water so gracefully that it’s difficult to consider them among the most dangerous birds. Swans, however, stick together and don’t pause before defending themselves. They’ve got to if they’re to save their eggs from raccoons, skunks, coyotes, foxes, and other predators. Humans who get too close will get a beating from a swan’s wings as well. 

4. Ostrich


Ostriches can’t fly, so these tall and heavy birds won’t be swooping down at you. They are still a force not to be messed with as their powerful leg kick can kill a lion and cause some heavy damage to humans as well. They’ll try to lure you away from their nests first – if you’re lucky. African ostriches can reach almost 7 feet in height and can run about 43 mph. 

3. Australian Magpie

Australian Magpie

A relative of crows and ravens, the Australian Magpie isn’t out to feast on humans. It’s content with ground-dwelling invertebrates, but watch out if it’s nesting season. Humans who’ve gotten too close have reported head, face, flesh and eye injuries. That’s particularly bad news for cyclists and runners who tread too near. News crews have focused on how to avoid attack by these territorial birds during breeding season as cyclists face a double risk, both being injured by the bird and suffering an accident while having to dodge the bird. 

2. Condors


The Andean Condor, the world’s largest bird of prey, also has the capability of being one of the world’s most dangerous birds. These birds can have a sing span of nearly 10 feet. The bird is the national symbol in Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador and a symbol of respect to Native Americans. However, their big nature makes them birds to be feared. 

1. Cassowaries

Cassowaries Most Dangerous Bird

Southern Cassowaries remain native to Australia and New Guinea. They stand almost six feet tall and don’t like to be approached. Razor-sharp talons and enormously strong kicks prove dangerous and reportedly fatal when humans tread too close to their habitat. Just remember they’re unpredictable and there have been stories of humans being killed instantly or disemboweled. Get ready to move fast if they approach.


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