Top 10 Most Dangerous Extreme Sports


Everybody enjoys a bit of danger now and then. We all experimented by riding our bikes down staircases or down a hill. Jumping of the roof of the house or skateboarding on a half pipe and other interesting

activities that kids do. But for some people that is not enough, there is always somebody who will push their limits and attempt something that most of us will view as insanity.For them the most popular sports in the world are boring and they want extreme sports. What are the Top 10 most dangerous extreme sports today?

10. Cave Diving and Scuba Diving

cave scuba diving sport

Scuba diving seems like a pretty normal outdoor activity when you are on your honeymoon or vacation on a tropical island surrounded by coral reefs. But there is however a different and much more extreme side to this underwater activity. The curiosity of humankind will always drive them to explore the unknown. That is why we dive into caves and holes. Cave diving can be very dangerous. Many caves are very deep and dark, and this can lead to disorientation, vertigo and the ultimate killer in these situations, panic.

So, before you commit yourself to the deep blue of the caves of Mexico or the Blue Hole in Belize make sure you have the right equipment training and partner. 

9. White Water Rafting and Kayaking

White Water Rafting and Kayaking

Most of us have been in a canoe or a little fishing boat on a lake or a placid river when fishing. The adrenalin junkies however will always look for something a bit more challenging. Nothing is quite as thrilling and dangerous as hurtling down a river over jagged rocks and down stomach-churning drops in an inflatable raft. For those who prefer to attempt these feats alone, you can attack these obstacles strapped into a small plastic kayak the size of a bathtub, armed with a plastic oar and protected with a plastic helmet. Sounds like a lot of fun. 

8. Downhill Mountain Bike Racing and Freeriding

Downhill Mountainbike Racing and Freeriding Top 10 Most Dangerous Extreme Sports

Another fun activity to try when you are bored next weekend. Riding down the side of a mountain with a bicycle as fast as you can. The invention of suspensions for mountain bikes have made this sport more comfortable and slightly less dangerous. But do not be fooled. You can still get seriously hurt here. Extreme athletes tear down mountain slopes on winding trails strewn with rocks and jaw-dropping drop-offs at speeds up to 70km/hr on bicycles. The goal to get to the bottom with all your limbs intact, and faster than the guy before you. Red Bull rampage is a good example of Downhill Mountainbiking and freeriding at its very best. 

7. Big Wave Surfing

Big Wave Surfing

One of the most challenging and dangerous in this Top 10 Most dangerous sports list is big wave surfing.

Imagine a wave as high as a four-story building rushing toward a hidden coral reef at approximately 30km/h. This is the challenge that big wave surfers accept every time they paddle out at some of the most treacherous breaks on the planet. This sport takes unbelievable physical and mental strength and requires years of experience.

What makes this even more dangerous is the fact that at some of the sites, such as Dungeons in South Africa there is always a chance of getting attacked by a Great White Shark. 

6. Bull Riding and Rodeo

Bull Riding and Rodeo

This isn’t a modern extreme sport, but that does not detract from the dangers associated with this sport.

The aim of the bull ride in Rodeo is to ride a full grown bull for a full 8 seconds for a qualifying ride. No small feat if you take into consideration that the bull can weigh up to 1 metric ton and that the bull is doing everything in his power to throw you off.

The challenge isn’t only to stay on the bull for the full 8 seconds, but also to get away once he has shaken you off. 

5. Street Luge

Street Luge

This is a high-speed gravity driven sport, and definitely not for the feint hearted. Street Luge involves riding a luge board, similar to a skateboard down steep winding roads as fast as you can. The idea was born from downhill skateboarders wanting to go faster and thus lying down on the board to reduce wind resistance and lower the centre of gravity. Speed lugers can reach speeds up to 100mph. Definitely one for the speed freaks out there. 

4. Bull Running

Bull Running

This one is also not a new  sport, and maybe not even a sport. But that still doesn’t stop thousands if thrill seekers to descend on the town of Pamplona every year in July. The festival celebrates the patron saint of Navarra, San Fermin and culminates in the bull fight in the bull ring. The spectacle of the running of the bulls leads the bulls from outside the city to the bullring over a course of 825m. Runners in front of the bulls are always at risk of being trampled or crushed, and between 50 and 100 injuries occur every year. 

3. Heli Skiing

Heli Skiing

Definitely not an activity suited for an adventure seeker on a tight budget. Heli skiing is an extreme activity of trail skiing in remote locations, only accessible by helicopter. The remoteness of these locations adds to the danger involved because they are usually very far from any civilization or emergency medical assistance. The locations are also not prepared or scouted beforehand, and can involve some pretty treacherous terrain. 

2. Base Jumping

Base Jumping

This is most certainly one of the most dangerous and extreme activities. It is an activity derived from skydiving and parachuting but from fixed structures, Buildings, Antennas, Spans and Earth(Cliffs). Basically, you climb onto a very high building tower or bridge and jump off simultaneously deploying your parachute. many extreme athletes don’t accept base jumping as a sport, but more as a stunt. Base jumping is illegal in many locations and considered to be significantly more dangerous than parachuting or skydiving. 

1. Free Climbing

Free Climbing

Definitely worthy of the number one position in  this list of the Top 10 Most Dangerous Extreme Sports is free climbing. Free climbing involves climbing of sheer walls and cliffs using very limited safety equipment. Free climbers usually climb without safety harnesses or climbing ropes as protection.

This means that one mistake or one loose rock can result in you tumbling hundreds of meters to your death.

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