Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads In The World


Although we need to go through some roads to get from one place to another, some of the roads located in several countries might take us step further back, no wait — way further back because of the chills and goose bumps

that we can feel by just mere looking at them.

These roads were constructed either to transport goods, take people to places where they intended to be, or for the adventurers, this as a must-try destination that needs to be experienced. However, on normal roads, it could be the dangerous driving of another driver who could make the journey that more dangerous. If you find yourself the victim of dangerous driving, you could visit Prime Lawyers today or a law firm closer to you who might be able to help you with your case.

One may find excitement and thrill out of it, but these are considered dangerous roads because of the numerous and alarming death tolls, accidents, and car crashes despite the effort to advance car technology.

Will you take the dare? Let’s find out!

Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads In The World

10. ATLANTIC OCEAN ROAD (Atlanterhavsveien), Norway

Dangerous road in china

This 5-mile curvy road has been featured in several magazines, books, and other reading materials because of its distinctive and picture-worthy view that it was tagged as the ‘Most Scenic Road’. It consists of 8 bridges allowing people to see and wander while journeying the ocean’s edge, different islands, and rock fills.

But because of the very unpredictable and strong weather such as moderate to heavy snow falls, storm, hurricane, and other winter-related conditions, anybody or any car for that matter can just splash, crash or be thrown away into the ocean because of the huge waves.


dilton highway dangerous road

The 414 mile James Dalton Highway found in the far northern part of Alaska is not for new, inattentive, and unfocused drivers because it is just a gravel road with a lot of moon-like potholes or craters, the undoubtedly zero visibility effect brought about by the extreme arctic weather.

Other risks include no or very minimal people at the sight, flying rocks that can destroy headlights and windshields which are very important when traveling a foggy and misty road, and the possibility of literally gliding and sliding on ice that one wrong turn can tumble any kind of transportation.


Eshima-Ohashi-Bridge dangerous

The Eshima Ohashi Bridge or better known as the Roller Coaster Bridge is literally a roller coaster on concrete.

Even if it just one mile long, the steepness of it makes it one of a kind and extraordinary yet scary for any tourist or those who will just experience this for the first time with a gradient or slope of 6.1% and 5.1% on the other. Its objective is to let fishing boats pass through without causing traffic or stopping any transportation on land.

7. HIMALAYAN ROAD, India-Tibet

Himilian road

If to be on top of the world is your kind of adventure, then this might interest you because the Himalayan road is known as the highest road in the world with an altitude of 11,578 feet.

This is a dusty and rocky one lane road but may not be enough for some depending on the vehicle, so travelers can expect that their 4×4 trucks will need to hug or move so closely to the side of the Himalayan Mountains just to fit.

If other types of transportation would want to attempt, they better pay serious attention, have excellent driving, and balancing skills because horrible and terrifying drops are waiting anytime.


Most dangerous roads

A 106-kilometer stretch of road with a 9% inclined steepness, very tight curves, and narrow road which makes it hard to see what’s in store for the drivers as they make a risky turn, either they will bump another vehicle that is on the other side or fall directly below if blinded.

Despite the danger, tourists dig in this so-called ‘attraction’ because it is surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, lush and abundant valleys.



Imagine a mountain road that was only carved by miners 140 years ago— old, very narrow, and dangerous like walking a thin line.

Aside from which, this unpaved road only fits one vehicle at a time so when there’s another vehicle coming from the opposite direction, it is impossible to let the other pass or vice versa. Drivers only have two choices: One maneuver back to the hazardous road for 3 or more kilometers or gets stuck?

Which will you choose?



This road that is 9,000 feet above sea level makes the 4th spot for the most dangerous road in the world.

Stelvio Pass which is only open from June to September is the highest paved mountain that has a surprisingly 180-degree corner and 48 narrow and steep hairpin bends that if a driver miscalculates his move, he’d go straight down the East Alps all the way to the ground.

By looking at it from afar, it’s just like a thin wavy white cloth hugging the mountains.


sichuan_tibet_road_very dangerous

This might be ‘worth the drive’ as others would say because of the majestic peaks and awesome open landscapes as you journey this 2,142km road.

Yup, you read it right, 2,142km or 15 days of travel if not in a hurry.

But this long and winding road is not really advisable for travel despite the scenic views because according to polls, for every 100,000 people, 7,500 die from here because of sudden rock falls, avalanches, and hazardous conditions due to weather. That is, even if the sky is clear, even if it looks perfect to enjoy the view, these dangers just happen without any warning.

2. BR-116, Brazil

Rodovia_dos_Imigrantes_brazil dangeerous road

This second longest road in Brazil is called the “Highway of Death” because of a lot of things that’s going on in the 4,385 km stretch of this famous road.

It causes thousands and thousands of accidents every day due to several factors such as unpaved paths, drivers’ behavior on the road, robbery and other crimes. Not to mention the mistreated and overworked truck drivers that cause loss of concentration, tiredness, and fatigue while driving which is the main reason. For more information on potential solutions on how to manage overworked drivers, looking into something as simple as fleetmatics reveal review by could give truck drivers a way of improving productivity and manage fatigue at work and reducing the number of accidents that happen on this road.


NORTH YUNGAS ROAD dangerous road

And on top of the list is the North Yungas Road or known as the “Death Road” and “Most Dangerous Road”. It is called death road because each year, 200-300 people die because of the unstable, rocky, and graveled trails with a lot of winding and turning with deep canyon below.

This is the only road in Bolivia where everyone is required to use a left-hand drive vehicle to have a better and closer view of the edge, that is if they’re about to fall or not, or else, they might just go straight off the cliff especially when it’s raining which makes the road all foggy, muddy and slippery.

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