Top 10 Most Endangered Animals You Have To See


Have you ever wondered why the population of some animals (in the world) is constantly decreasing year after year? Of course, there are a number of factors attributed to that, but to sum it all, animals that have

low reproduction rates compared to their death rates over a long period of time are called “endangered animals.” In another definition, endangered animals are those animal families that are always on the move for safety due to the fact that the environment may not be friendly to them as usual. However, it is important to know that there are several reasons contributing to this situation, one of most notable causes is the destruction of habitat of these species e.g. deforestation. In this article, we are going to look at the 10 most endangered animals you should know.


10. South China Tiger

South China Tiger Top 10 Most Endangered Animals You Have To See

The South china tiger is one of the most endangered animals in the present world. Research has shown that this species has not been sighted for over 25 years, even though their population was reported to be around 4000 individuals in the 1950s. However, these species of animal were reported to have been heavily hunted since 1995 and right now you’ll hardly find a hundred of this animal globally. Some families in the US own tigers and other exotic animals in order to prevent them from being extinct because the zoos don’t have enough money to accommodate all the endangered animals. 

9. Silky Sifaka

Silky Sifaka Most Endangered Animals You Have To See

Silky Sifaka is a very common animal in the regions of northeastern Madagascar, found mostly in the strip of the humid forest. It may interest you to know that, according to reports, the Silky Sifaka is not found in any zoo around the world; however, studies revealed that its population is estimated to be more than 1000 individuals across the globe. One fascinating thing about this animal is that it only mates once a year, and that is usually the start of the rainy season. After that, the infants are born six months following pregnancy. 

8. Black Footed Ferret

Black Footed Ferret

Black footed Ferret is another animal that had once dominated the forests and the zoos across the world, but its population now is not as encouraging as before. However, the efforts of national zoos and organizations round the world have been very helpful in conserving this animal, with the Black Footed Ferret’s current population is said to be over 1000 worldwide. Research has shown that loss of habitat and sylvatic plague are the most attributes that hinder the survival of this animal in the world. 

7. Cross-River Gorillas

Cross-River Gorillas Most Endangered Species

Cross-River Gorillas are mostly found in thick forests of the regions of Nigeria and Cameroon, and scientific research revealed that only about 300 of this species still remain on earth. However, it was reported that human settlement expansion and deforestation in the regions where these animals are found are the major reasons for their population decrease. With that, the Cross-River Gorillas are considered as number 7 in our list of the most endangered animals you have to see. 

6. Chinese Giant Salamander

Chinese Giant Salamander

The Chinese Giant Salamander is regarded as the world’s largest amphibian. This animal is known to have been very visible in the regions of China some years back, but its population has been gradually decreasing due to the way humans develop the habit of eating it as food. 

5. Namda Flying Squirrel

Namda Flying Squirrel

This amazing animal can make you appreciate nature, the way it flies alone is awesome and you can only love seen it more and more. According to reports, the Namda flying squirrel was first sighted in 1981 and is found mostly in India. However, the shocking news is, there is no estimated number of flying squirrel currently available because it is believed that habitat loss may be the reason for its rarity; also, the animal was heavily hunted for food since the time it was discovered. 

4. Leatherback Sea Turtle

Leatherback Sea Turtle

The Leatherback Sea Turtle is regarded as the world’s ever largest turtle in history. Its population is constantly dropping at an alarming rate, even though it has one of the high migration rates among all animals. This turtle can travel in search of food across Atlantic and Pacific Ocean without any hassle, the animal is unique in its body shape – soft and awesome unlike the normal turtles with hardbacks. Reports suggest that intense egg collection and fishnets are the biggest threats to the survival of this animal. 

3. Black Rhino

Black Rhino Rare Animals

The Black Rhino is one of the most sought but rarest animals in the world. It is originated from Africa and the animal has been hunted since the beginning of the 20th century. Many people believe that the constant hunts for this animal are as a result of its demand in the Asian market. It was reported that the constant hunting for Black Rhino has increased heavily since 2011. However, the current population of this animal in the world is estimated to be not more than 5000 individuals; that is why it still makes our list of the top 10 most endangered animals you have to see. 

2. The Saola—An Asian Unicorn

The Saola—An Asian Unicorn Most Endangered Animals You Have To See

This animal is so rare to the extent that many people consider it as mythological. It is one of the most endangered animals that you will love to see. Even though it was discovered about two decades ago in Vietnam, its rarity shows that this animal is of high value to the environment. Saola is one unique animal, it is unique in the sense that it has only been sighted about four times in the natural habitat. It’s the type of animal that you can’t see in any zoo at the moment, but a hundred of them can be sighted in a few thick forests around the world. 

1. Amur Leopard

Amur Leopard Most Endangered Animals You Have To See

Amur Leopard is one of the rarest animals existing in the present world, they are known to be extremely fast and have the ability to run 37 miles in an hour. This animal can also jump as high as 10 feet and 15 feet respectively, in the forward direction. Before, this animal has been widely seen across nations, but today only a small number of them can be found around the world. Studies revealed that the current estimated population of Amur Leopard globally is just around 30 individuals. And that is one of the biggest blows in terms of ecosystem conservation. Sure, it is topping the list of the most endangered animals in the world.

In conclusion, note that there are thousands of endangered animals around the world, of which we may not be able to know some of them; however, this article uses reliable sources (such as IUCN Red List of Threatened Species) to come up with the top 10 list. Thank you!

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