Top 10 Most Expensive Fruits In The World


Did you know that the estimated count of all the fruits in the world is about 270,000? Amazing isn’t?

Indeed, we are so blessed because we never run out of abundant fruits — fruits that differ in size, smell, taste, texture, and shape which leave people with

a lot of choices to include in their daily meals or diet. Why is that? Because it’s healthy, delicious, exciting to eat, and provides us with natural vitamins and minerals.

But there’s just one thing that people complain about— it’s the prices of these fruits because some are just so expensive and rare that it’s almost impossible to buy or even get a taste of them.

How expensive? Let’s take a look.

Top 10 Most Expensive Fruits In The World


10. STRAWBERRIES ARNAUD, New Orleans, Louisiana

strawberries most expensive fruits

Strawberries are expensive fruits, but you usually won’t use a $100 bill to buy a basket of strawberries unless you buy the Arnaud Strawberries. What makes these strawberries expensive is not just their taste, but the jewelry served with them. The restaurant serving these luxury delicacies also offers more luxury services with your fruit order. 

9. SEKAI ICHI APPLES, Morioka Japan

SEKAI ICHI APPLES expensive apples

The Japanese name Sekai Ichi can be translated as “World’s Number One”. People may find this a little overboard for assuming such title but the Japanese were able to defend the reason why this is the best apple for them among many others.

These $21.00 mild, sweet, and juicy apples are surprisingly huge, weigh a little over 2 pounds and have a circumference of 15 inches that’s almost the waistline of a human being.

This fruit is expensive because it is hand pollinated, handled with extra care, and is washed with honey. 

8. DEKOPON CITRUS, Nagazaki Prefecture Japan


Dekopon started out in Japan and were eventually grown in California as well. They’re are a combination of mandarin and an orange fruit and gained the title as the “Best Tasting Citrus”. It is soft, seedless, and has the best and right amount of sweetness.

It looks like a normal orange but it has a little distinction to it separating it from the rest and that is the small lump found on top that is also used for easier peeling.

Their cost  is $80.00/ 6 pieces



These perfectly shaped, mouthwatering, and extremely red strawberries with a dark green leaf on top are a hit in Japan but can cost a lot too. They’re priced at $85.00/ 12 pieces.

If you play a game of ‘Find the Difference’ using these strawberries, probably you won’t even find a single disparity because it all looks the same not just in color but also in shape and size.

The Japanese are selling this amazing fruit. 


square-watermelon-expensive fruit

The Japanese decided to come up with these 13-pound square-shaped watermelons for two reasons: one is to make it easier to stack while shipping it and second is to allow these babies to fit in a typical refrigerator in an organized manner.

To make this possible, they placed the vines of the watermelon inside a square tempered glass, and voila, it’ll be square in no time.

The usual price of an ordinary watermelon is only $5.00, but this specialized fruit costs $800/piece.

Heavy on pounds, heavy on the pocket! 



Great Britain is known to be one of the 1st world countries which added to the value to this pineapple.

But aside from which, it is pricey because they are applying a traditional kind of procedure called Victorian gardening technique wherein, the temperature is controlled in small greenhouses.

Believe it or not, some people are willing to pay $1,600/ piece for these luxurious fruits. 

4. TAIYO NO TAMAGO MANGOES, Miyazaki Prefecture Japan

TAIYO NO TAMAGO MANGOES most expensive fruits

This is translated as “Egg of the Sun” not because it has a taste of an egg but because of its similarity when it comes to shape.

These apple colored mangoes can usually be found only from May to July and are grown together on a tree with only a few pieces of mangoes to evenly distribute the nutrients that it needs. Each piece is special (and expensive) because it is the only kind of mango that consists of 15% sugar (which is less than the others) and are of a similar weight of 350 grams.

Hold on to your seats because these mangoes are being sold at $3,000/per pair. 

3. RUBY ROMAN GRAPES, Ishikawa Prefecture Japan

RUBY ROMAN GRAPES expensive grapes

Just like the precious stone Ruby, these grapes are considered precious as well that’s why it made it to top 3 on our list of the most expensive fruits in the world.

These may be small in size but very shocking in price because it can cost you $4,000/ per bunch or more or less $300.00/piece. Talking about small but terrible, right?

Grapes have a lot of classifications and the “Ruby Roman” is considered to be the highest and prestigious category. These grapes got the title because it met the standard based on the weight of 20 grams, sweetness of 18%, color of tomato-red and exceptionally round shape just like a ping pong ball. 


most expensive watermellon

This fruit tastes like your ordinary well-picked watermelon that’s sweet, juicy, pinkish inside but what makes it different is the exterior color which is pure black with no stripes or any spots that’s why it’s being compared to a bowling ball.

You may wonder why these black watermelons are so expensive when the difference is only the color, but this so-called ‘difference’ is what being paid for by rich people because this kind is very rare that only really few people can afford.

How much? $6,100/ piece

1. YUBARI MELON, Yubari Hokkaido Japan

YUBARI MELON most expensive fruit in the world

And yet again, Japan never fails to surprise us because they grow a special melon that now holds the title as the: “Most Expensive Fruit in the World”.

Yubari melon is a combination of two cantaloupes that is carefully harvested by hand using scissors. These melons cannot be sold directly to the buyers and are only being sold to the Agricultural Cooperative Association who grades, checks the condition, maintains the quality, and sells the fruit to outsiders. Those who don’t make it based on a standard of sweetness are not considered as Yubari melon.

This is often being given as a gift if a person wants to impress someone since they all know that it’s pricey.

So, would you spend $23,000 for a pair of Yubari melons or just give a fruit basket?

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