Top 10 Most Futuristic Cities In The World


Imagine living in a city where there will be flying cars, where there will be free traffic flow, where there will be adequate security, free Wi-Fi, and a host of amazing experiences. Futuristic cities are those cities in

which plans are being in place to develop and improve its standard of living for the future. They are also known as cities that are already in the process of transformation into a better living environment in the world. In this article, our list of the top 10 futuristic cities will show you the architectural and technological aspirations and concepts for the future.

10. Boston, USA (The technology city that brings down crime rates)

Boston, USA Top 10 Most Futuristic Cities In The World

It is important to know that some countries around the world have started making plans for building smart cities that can use technologies to help create idle living conditions. Boston is one of these cities that have been tipped to achieve these plans in the near future. Studies revealed that Boston has resorted to technology by using the Shotspotter to make the city a better place for residents. The shotspotter is a system that detects gunshots and alerts the Boston police department. This plan has been effective already and has helped improves the security condition of the city. The Boston community has also found it fit to contribute to the climate change resilience by using IT to track greenhouse emissions and also points out other environmental issues such as the sewer system needs and maintenance.

9. Dublin, Ireland (Easing traffic with no creation of additional infrastructure)

Dublin, Ireland Most Futuristic Cities In The World

Dublin is a city that will be one of the most comfortable places to live in the world, come future. It is also the only city that has an IBM Smarter Cities Technology Center, and the government is planning on having a way of reducing and easing traffic without creating additional infrastructure, for more information on public transport in Dublin follow this link: According to reports, there has been research going on about water, transportation, city fabric, and marine environment all with the view of making the city smart in the near future.

8. London, UK (wall of Ipads to display data on air quality & transport system)

London, UK

London is a city with the difference, and one fascinating thing about London is that the government knows when the city is happy or sad. That’s the improvement we’re talking about. It is important to know that there have been lots of uses for things associated with smart technology from in London, and the government went further by installing a wall of Ipads in the Mayor’s office which can be used to detect and know the air quality as well as monitoring the quality of transport system in the city. This is real example of a smart city, which is why London has made it onto the list of top 10 futuristic cities in the world.

7. Toronto, Canada (diversity, architectural features, and booming art scene)

Toronto skyline future

Analysts across the world have tipped Canada to be a futuristic city in the next coming years. They believe that it is going to be the most convenient place for living. Many have the view that people from different backgrounds will congregate in the city and their cultures will blend well. Also, the architectural features of the city are going to boom and improve more than anywhere else in the world.

6. Amsterdam, Netherlands (free Wi-fi & regulation of building and energy conservation)

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam has already gone far when it comes to technology improvement, with the government encouraging software developers to build apps that will aid life easier for the city residents. With this, many experts suggest that it is truly a city of the future. The idea of making a free Wi-fi in Amsterdam together with the strict regulations on the arrangement of buildings and energy conservation has justified its inclusion on the list.

5. Songdo, South Korea (every house has telepresence system.)

Songdo, South Korea

Songdo is a project that is reported to cost around $35 billion when it is finally complete. This is a city whose information system are linked to each other which allows every house to install telepresence system that will be used to offer video conferencing and also sends out information to the residents of the city. The Songdo city has been tipped to be one of the 10 futuristic cities in the world. The president of South Korea also announced that he wants every household to have at least one robot by the end of year 2020.

4. Bangalore, India (a silicon valley of India with high-tech scene)

Bangalore tech city

Bangalore was practically unheard about 25 years ago but it has become the point of discussion across the globe due to its high-tech talent in the city. Bangalore has emerged to be the fastest growing city in the world and the fastest growing wealth-base in the pacific Asia. No argument, it is simply one of the epicenters of tech in the world.

3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (A system that gives signal when disaster is about to occur)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Tech City

What Rio has adopted to do will be good for every country in the world to adopt the same. This city has opened an operation center where technology can help the city to be at alert and prepare when a natural disaster occurs. Not only that, the system will also forecast weather, flood, and other natural disasters even two days ahead of the time. This alone will be enough to make this city a futuristic city in the world.

2. Masdar, UAE (a city built to rely on solar energy and renewable resources)

Masdar, UAE Most Futuristic Cities In The World

The UAE is not a stranger when it comes to planning for the future, and they’ve just shown that in Masdar. Masdar is a project that is on-going and the city is said to be built so that it can rely on solar energy and renewable resources. However, it is important to know that the initial plan for Masdar is for it to be a sustainable zero-carbon car-free city, but that has been hindered due to issues beyond control. However, the current plan is awesome and hopefully, the city will be great in the near future.

1. Helsinki, Finland (city-wide free wi-fi and data transparency across the city)

Helsinki, Finland Most Futuristic Cities In The World

When talking about top 10 futuristic cities in the world, Helsinki will definitely make the list because it deserves to be one. There have been lots of praises on the government for its efforts to have its cities make their statistical data available on the internet without any hassle. This means all information needed about government and other things can be accessible within a twinkle of an eye. This idea will make life easier couples with city-wide free wi-fi in the city. Helsinki is gradually going ahead of most top cities in the world because of technology improvement

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