Top 10 Most Incredible Skylines From Around The World


When we think about the most incredible skylines from around the world we think big thoughts. We dream about big city lights and luxurious towers. We envision a bustling metropolis, a center of

culture, entertainment and stories to be told at every street corner. Our mind draws our focus to the very contrast inherent in life, with its many cultures and limitless variety. Indeed, skylines represent a contrast. They are fundamentally defined by their contrasting shapes, colors and orderly geometry against the natural and serene backdrop of sky, sand, mountain ranges and oceans wild. But more than just contrast, skylines tempt our sense of wonderment and embody all that is great about humankind and its evolution through the millennia.
Let’s take a moment to explore further. Let’s travel the world together and ponder, with amazement, the feats of our human race. Let’s experience the top 10 most incredible skylines from around the world.


10. Shenzhen, China

shenzhen china most incredible skyline

Opening the list at No. 10 is Shenzhen, China. This is not a well-known city, to much of the world. However, there’s not really a good reason as to why it shouldn’t be. Shenzhen’s skyline is remarkable indeed. It is in the southern part of China on the mainland bordering Hong Kong. After the end of British colonization of Hong Kong, Shenzhen was one of the first beneficiaries of its neighbor’s capitalist success. The city has since grown significantly with an impressive 782 buildings dotting its skyline. 

9. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok incredible skyline

Bangkok is the capital and largest city in all of Thailand. The city is both a finance and business hub for the Asian market. Over the past 30 years it has benefitted significantly from the overall growth of Asian economies and markets, with many regional international headquarters based there. Beyond business, Bangkok boasts numerous landmarks and cultural attractions as well as a vibrant community market-style atmosphere. 

8. Shanghai, China

Shanghai Incredible Skyline

The second entry from China, for the world’s most incredible skylines, is Shanghai. This Asian sprawling metropolis of nearly 18 million people across roughly 2,500 square miles is simply massive. It is actually the largest city in land area in the entire world and, as such, the largest city in both respects on our list. Shanghai actually has significant roots as an administrate center and trading port. It became a key entry point into Asia in finance and banking for Western economies during the 19th and 20th centuries. 

7. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul Most Incredible Skylines From Around The World
Another large mega city and coming in at No. 7 is Seoul, South Korea. Perhaps one of the largest exports of Seoul at least recently is pop culture. Seoul has become a significant world player in technology and manufacturing. It is home to the likes of Hyundai, LG electronics and Samsung. 

6. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai Incredible Skyline
Since oils discovery in the 1960’s in the UAE, industry revenues helped significantly initially to build Dubai’s infrastructure. Surprisingly though, oil revenues contribute very little to sustained development today. Its modern growth spurt is primarily attributed to its Western-style business models for trade, tourism, real estate and financial services. Many recent structures to grace Dubai’s skyline have been large undertakings that are unique in the world and push the envelope of creativity and design. A testament to this is the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest artificial structure at 2,722 ft. Incidentally, it was designed by the same architectural firm that delivered One World Trade Center in New York. 

5. São Paulo, Brazil

São_Paulo Incredible Slyline

The most impressive skyline in all of South America with its blue sky background and lush tropical highlights can be found in Brazil. São Paulo is bursting at the seams with rich and brilliant cultural lifeblood that is coursing through its streets. This magnificent city of over 11 million residents surpasses New York City’s roughly 8 million which makes it the 9th largest in the world

4. Moscow, Russia

Moscow Incredible Skyline
You can’t have a list of the most incredible skylines from around the world and not include Moscow. When one thinks of Moscow you can’t help but reminisce about the famous adventures of Ian Fleming’s James Bond. Such as those which have been promoted by Hollywood over the years. An image of the Kremlin and the round-topped spires come to mind. However, there is much more to Moscow. Its city center is filled with ultra-modern skyscrapers, each uniquely designed to awe-inspire when set against a backdrop of blue sky. 

3. Singapore, Malaysia

Singapore Incredible Skyline Singapore is an important hub for commerce and trade in Asia. It has a firm reputation for being an easy place to conduct business and, as a result, has enjoyed many decades of growth. The city is host to world class automobile racing at its Singapore Grand Prix formula one event. Singapore’s skyline at night is particularly breathtaking with colorful lighting combinations and building effects. Its internal water bodies and green spaces contribute to an equally beautiful daytime effect. It’s no wonder why Singapore made the list of most incredible skylines from around the world. 

2. New York City, USA

New York City Population 2050
New York, New York! Just saying the name elicits a sense of glamor, showmanship, and pride. New York has been an international city for many, many decades. Its reputation is known the world over, as a brilliant, modern and successful place filled with rich culture and fast-paced bustle. It has attracted the best and brightest from around the world, including top architects and visionaries. Its skyline is filled with a blend of modern and classic structures. New York’s global reputation as the world’s premier big city success story is evidence that, indeed, the American dream is alive and well. 

1. Hong Kong, China

Hong_Kong_Incredible_Skyline Topping the list of the 10 most incredible skylines from around the world is Hong Kong. With its 7,827 buildings and a total of 136,960 defined geometric points in the sky, Hong Kong is a city like no other. It is the major business hub for all of Asia while still maintaining an image of profound historical depth and culture. This former British colony and longtime sea port is littered with high rises across the breadth of its skyline. One can’t help but wonder about the many stories that could be told in the streets in between all those magnificent towers dotting the landscape and stretching across the horizon.

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