Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals In The World


Most humans are fond of animals and keep them as pets but very few of them are aware of the exceptional abilities that they possess. There are different types of animal species

in this world. Apart from being loving, caring and affectionate; these animals can be innovative, intelligent, adaptable and extremely social in nature.

Here is the list of some of the most intelligent animals and some interesting facts about them:

10. Ants


Ants are one of the most intelligent creatures among other insects and they existed at the time when dinosaurs lived and wandered around this earth. Although they are the smallest creatures in the animal kingdom, they follow a complex mode of communication which is hard for humans to understand. Even before humans started farming activities, ants were involved in fungus farming. They are known to build colonies that can be about 1000 of miles long which are divided into easy and manageable tasks for collecting food, farming and gathering food. Ants are also capable of carrying objects which are about 50 times more than their own body which is simply amazing. 

9. Crows

Crows Most Intelligent Animals In The World

Crows are clever among the bird species with the unique ability to recognize human faces. They are among the most commonly found bird species which are large in number and have good observation skills. Most of these crows are usually unafraid of humans and use their brains while searching for foods or while building their nests. Apart from parrots, crows are known to have the largest brains among birds and they are quite shrewd enough to hide their food from other birds. 

8. Otter

Otter Most Intelligent Animals In The World

Sea Otters are known for their cleverness and playfulness that reside along the banks of the river or across the oceans. They are one of the smallest creatures among the marine animals and display their creativity through various activities. Most otters exhibit their intelligence by using different tools such as rocks to open an oyster, crabfish or shellfish. Apart from that, they also use rocks to separate the bones from other parts of the fish which they may not want to consume. These otters have the ability to sense the predators by finding the vibrations in the water. 

7. Pigs


Research studies have shown that pigs have better intellectual abilities when compared to dogs and human babies. It’s quite astonishing to know that pigs can use around 20 different types of vocal sounds as a means of communication.

The young piglet can exactly identify the voice of her mother and make out its meaning. Pigs can also easily locate their homes even though they might be located far away at a great distance. Most pigs lead an active social life and they enjoy doing all activities among themselves. 

6. Octopus

Octopus Most Intelligent Animals In The World

Octopus are smart creatures and have large-sized brains whose organization is similar to that of the humans that are divided in the form of folded lobes. They have a strong sense of visual recognition which is quite rare among most of the animal species. There are still many research studies that are been conducted on these unique invertebrates.

Scientists have also made interesting observations about these species and found their creative abilities in solving puzzles. They are also pretty good at solving problems and enjoy playing and using different tools to overcome boredom. Octopuses can also change the shape of their bodies to stop attacks from their predators. 

5. Dogs

Dogs Smartest Animals In The World

Most of us know about dogs as loving, caring and protective animals who can be our best companions. But the fact is that dogs are quite witty and intelligent that can match a 2-year-old child. They are very sociable animals and can track people by their smell and understand commands given by human beings. They can be well-trained to take up different roles from a pet to a protective dog that takes care of the surroundings. It is believed that dogs’ brain have the ability to sense over a million kinds of scents. 

4. Elephants

Elephants Most Intelligent Animals In The World

There is little wonder that these giant and massive animals have the largest brains as compared to other living animals owing to their size. This provides them unique capabilities to lead an active social life and allows them to carry out complicated tasks with ease. They have the ability to identify over hundreds of sounds and can even reproduce them which is quite remarkable. Scientists have also found that elephants relate to each other through their emotions and exhibit a sense of joy or pain among themselves. 

3. Whales

Whales Most Intelligent Animals In The World

Whales are quite similar to dolphins when it comes to their level of intelligence and the only downside is that it is hard to train them, due to their massive body size. Otherwise, their intellectual capabilities are extremely high owing to the spindle cells that are present in the brain. They are highly sociable and communicative creatures that like to travel and hunt together in groups. Whales have a unique way of communicating with each other using vocal sounds that are quite complicated. 

2. Dolphins

Dolphins Most Intelligent Animals In The World

Dolphins are known for their intellectual abilities among all other animals and scientists have been making use of their cognitive powers to solve some of the greatest mysteries of the ocean world. These smart creatures have large-sized brains as compared to their bodies and are capable of displaying a wide range of emotions. They have unique learning capabilities that help them easily adapt to their surroundings. Dolphins are quite alert when they are sleeping against possible attacks as only one part of their brain is in a resting state. 

1. Great Ape

Great Ape Most Intelligent Animals In The World

Apes are the most intelligent animals on this earth. These animals have amazing communication capabilities and learn quickly from their existing environment. They are known to create their own distinct tools to search for food and build their own homes. Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Orangutans and bonobos belong to the family of apes. Apes are quick to learn words and can even understand the general language spoken by the humans.

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