Top 10 Most Mysterious Pictures Ever Taken



Most things can be logically explained but very rarely there are some things that can’t be explained no matter how hard you try. We have created a list of the Top 10 Most Mysterious Pictures Ever Taken. Enjoy!


10. Martian Spherules


After 2004 Mars Expedition Rover took a picture of these weird shape bubble looking shaped objects. Till today NASA can’t explain how and what these strange objects are. 

9. Hook Island Sea Monster


In 1964 a picture was taken in which there speared a strange looking marine animal. Many speculate that this animal could the surviving dinosaur. 

8. Black Night Satellite


During the time when satellites were still primitive NASA spotted a UFO that resembled a satellite that was so advanced that no country at the time was able to produce, leading many to ask if there are civilization more technologically advanced than we are? 

7. Watertown Phantom Faces


Two men who died aboard a S.S. Watertown ship in 1924 were buried at sea. During the next few days the reflection of these men’s faces were seen in the water. 

6. Cooper Family


The Cooper family decided to take a picture after buying a new house. All was fine until they processed the picture to find a body hanging from the ceiling. 

5. Babushka Lady


During 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy a mysterious old lady was spotted at the shooting scene. FBI and other secret agencies tried tracking her down since then but haven’t been able to identify her. 

4. Charlie Chaplin Cell Phone


During one of Charlies movies a man is seen holding an object that looks similar to a cell phone and talking into it. The idea of portable phones was not even remotely existent during those years. Could it be that someone time traveled back in time? (Below Original Video)


3. The Hessdalen Lights


These sightings of incredible lights are still unexplained although scientist can observe them few times a year in Norway. 

2.  Freddy Jackson


In 1919,  Freddy Jackson was killed by an airplane. Two days later his squadron took a photo of the whole squad. What is incredibly unbelievable is that Freddy Jackson apears on the photo despite being killed two days earlier. 

1. Solway Spaceman


During summer of 1964 Jim Templeton took his wife and daughter to see nature. To remember the occasion Jim took a photo of his daughter to only later notice someone strange standing behind her. Someone that looked like a spaceman. This is one of the most mysterious photos that no one can explain.

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