Top 10 Most Poisonous Foods In The World


Doctors love to tell you that eating too much sugar or other unhealthy ingredients will kill you, but we still eat them. Imagine a dish so poisonous that – especially if not made

correctly – could make you extremely sick or kill you with just one serving? Would you take a chance eating it?

Many do despite the risks. In fact, some of the dishes remain popular even with people knowing they’re risking their lives eating them.

Here’re the top 10 most poisonous foods in the world that you may want to think twice about before swallowing.

10. Bitter Almonds

Bitter Almonds Most Poison Foods

Almonds, which are actually seeds and not nuts, are packed with full of health benefits. Some may lean more towards bitter almonds rather than sweet almonds because of their increased flavor. The catch is they are packed full of something else – cyanide. They must be processed or heated to remove the poison, which can be fatal if enough almonds are eaten. 

9. Elderberry

Elderberry Poison Foods

Elderberries are one of nature’s medicines used to treat cold and flu symptoms and are placed on skin wounds to help a person heal. The fruit on elderberry trees are made into alcohol and used to flavor foods like jam, pies and syrup. Yet watch what you eat.

The USDA warns that while the blue and purple berries of the elderberry tree are edible, some species of the red berries are toxic. Medical and botanical experts say that leaves, stems and unripe or uncooked berries may cause vomiting, nausea or severe diarrhea. 

8. Wild Mushrooms

Wild Mushrooms Most Poison

Nature lovers be cautious. Some wild mushrooms like the Death Cap could kill you. They may cause anything from abdominal pain and vomiting to liver, kidney and heart damage. Make sure you know what you’re doing before picking mushrooms and eating them. 

7. Ackee


Ackee reigns as Jamaica’s national fruit and is one of the most poisonous foods in the world. It packs a punch you don’t want to suffer. A poison in ackee called hypoglycin causes severe vomiting nicknamed Jamaica Vomiting Sickness. Eating ackee before fully ripe can cause you to slip into a coma or die. Care must be taken to only eat the edible person of the ackee, the yellow area around the black seeds. 

6. Cassava

Cassava Most Poisonous Food In The World

Cassava is better known for its root called tapioca, as in what’s used to make tapioca pudding. Cassava must be peeled then boiled thoroughly before eating. Raw cassava contains a toxin that the body turns into hydrogen cyanide. Preparing it incorrectly can be lethal. 

5. Hákarl

Hákarl Poison Foods

Hákarl is a type of shark meat popular in Greenland. What’s lacking in this shark is a kidney or urinary tract. That means waste and toxic substances are found elsewhere in the fish and can potentially leave you with a food-borne illness. Preparation requires fermenting it then hanging it up to dry for up to six months. 

4. Sannakji

Rhubarb Most Poison Foods

A Korean raw baby octopus dish known as sannakji isn’t poisonous but can definitely be dangerous. Cutting it up into small pieces doesn’t stop it from moving. Its suction cups can still latch onto your mouth and throat and cause you to choke. A possible high for thrill seekers, but is asphyxiation worth the risk? 

3. Rhubarb

Sannakji Poison Foods

Rhubarb makes quite a tasty pie or pudding, but eating the wrong part can make it your last meal. The leaves of the rhubarb plant contain a chemical named oxalate. Eating them can cause you to suffer trouble breathing as well as seizures, kidney failure and death in extreme cases. The stems contain the chemical but not as much of it. 

2. Blood Clams

Blood Clams Most Poison Foods

The consistency of raw clams already makes many squirms. Blood clams, harvested in areas of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and the Gulf of Mexico, add another wrinkle because they contain an extra amount of hemoglobin. That’s the substance that turns blood red, which means blood clams come in quite a crimson color.

Popular nearly raw, what makes this food, even more shocking is blood clams ingest hepatitis A, typhoid, and dysentery in their habitat in lower oxygen environments. That’s especially true for blood clams from Chinese waters. Despite the risk of contracting hepatitis, some still consider them a tasty treat. 

1. Fugu (Puffer Fish)

Fugu (Puffer Fish) Most Poisonous Foods In The World

One Japanese delicacy you eat at your own risk is fugu, also known as puffer fish (also one of the most poisonous animal in the world). Chefs must go through two years of training and pass a test that about a third of applicants fail before they can prepare this dish.

Certain parts like the liver, ovaries and intestines contain a chemical called tetrodotoxin that’s 1,200 more toxic than cyanide. Popular because of a tingling sensation it leaves on the lips, this toxin can paralyze a person’s muscles and cause suffocation while the person is still conscious. The UK Daily Mail reported 30 to 50 people end up in the hospital each year from eating fugu.

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