Top 10 Most Powerful Weapons in the World


Ever since the existence of war there has been a frantic race to build the deadliest and most destructive weapon. Throwing rocks eventually turned into throwing

boulders from catapults. Sharp sticks turned into spears and knives. Humans eventually developed gunpowder and went on to discover the powers of the split atom. There are now countless sophisticated and deadly weapons available designed to both kill people and destroy the planet. Here are the top 10 most powerful weapons in the world.


10. Biological Weapons

Biological Weapons

Biological weapons have been used for well over 2000 years. The Assyrians used fungus to poison enemy water supplies in the 6th century BC and this type of warfare has evolved since. Biological weapons can be used against any number of people from individuals to entire populations with both lethal and non-lethal consequences. Anthrax is one of the most lethal biological weapons on Earth. It is invisible, odorless and tasteless but highly infectious and lethal. Botulinum is an easily produced toxin that can be spread in many forms. A gram of Botulinum could kill over a million people if it is inhaled. Despite being outlawed by the Geneva Convention, biological weapons are a definite threat to the global population. 

9. Chemical Weapons

Chemical Weapons

Chemical weapons can be described as weapons that are designed to release chemical agents. These chemical agents can be classified as choking, blister, blood or nerve agents. Chlorine and phosgene are used as choking agent. Lewisite and mustard gas are examples of blistering agents. Hydrogen cyanide is an example of a blood agent while chemicals such as sarin, soman, and VX are examples of nerve agents. Many different chemical agents mean many different ways to die. The largest chemical attack in history occurred on March 16, 1988, when Iraqi forces used chemical weapons to kill up to 5,000 people and injure up to 10,000 more. The attack was considered a crime against humanity. 

8. Radiological Weapons

Radiological Weapons Most Powerful Weapons in the World

Radiological weapons are designed to spread radioactive material for the primary purpose of causing death. The blast will not do much damage but the radioactive materials released from the bomb can easily be fatal. Sometimes called “dirty bombs”, these weapons use the explosion of a conventional weapon to disperse radioactive contents over a given area. According to a United Nations report, Iraq used a radiological weapon in 1987. It was decided that the damage was too insignificant and the radiation levels created by the bomb were too low. 

7. Neutron Bomb

Neutron Bomb Most Powerful Weapons Ever Created

While neutron bombs can be lethal, they do not create the same energy and deadly effects of a hydrogen bomb. They are limited to a blast of about 10 megatons which is still more than enough power to have devastating effects. The neutron bomb was designed to have a deadly impact on enemy personnel while sparing the physical surroundings. This differs from a hydrogen bomb which is intended to kill people and destroy the physical landscape. The neutron bomb is one of the top 10 most powerful weapons in the world. 

6. MK-41

MK-41 Most Powerful Weapons

The MK-41 is the only 3 stage thermonuclear weapon ever produced by the United States. It is just over 12 feet long and over 4 feet in diameter weighing in at 10,670 pounds. The MK-41 was designed to create a fireball roughly 4 miles in diameter. In theory, it would have been capable of destroying reinforced concrete building up to 8 miles away from the blast and residential dwellings up to 24 miles from ground zero. It would also have caused 3rd-degree burns to anyone in a 32-mile radius. 

5. Napalm

Napalm Most Powerful Weapons

Napalm is a mixture of a gelling agent and petroleum that adheres to the skin and causes severe burns and fiery death. It was developed in 1942 and was immediately put to use in the later stages of World War II. In March of 1945, the Americans dropped about 690,000 pounds of napalm on Tokyo. This caused massive fires that rose up to 18,000 feet into the sky. Every building within 15 square miles was severely damaged and this napalm attack reportedly killed over 100,000 people. The United States would go on to drop over 32,357 tons of napalm on Korea and a whopping 388,000 tons on Vietnam over a 10 year period. Napalm is proven to be one of the top 10 most powerful weapons in the world. 

4. Mother of All Bombs (MOAB)

Mother of All Bombs

The GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast is nicknamed the “Mother of All Bombs”. It is a highly powerful but non-nuclear bomb that was introduced in 2003. It creates a blast equivalent to 11 tons of TN. This bomb is designed to detonate about 6 feet above the ground as opposed to detonating on contact. This maximizes the range of destruction by forcing the blast sideways. The Mother of All Bombs weighs 21,000 pounds and measures 30 feet long and 40.5 inches in diameter. It is guided by satellite making it a “smart bomb”. MOAB was considered to be the most powerful non-nuclear bomb in the world. 

3. Father of All Bombs (FOAB)

Father of All Bombs

Leave it to the Russians to try to one up the Americans. In response to the American development of the Mother of All Bombs, the Russians created the “Father of All Bombs” which is currently the most powerful non-nuclear weapon in the world. It was introduced and field tested by the Russian military in 2007 and it pack a force of 44 tons of TNT. The FOAB is detonated above ground to produce a deadly supersonic shock wave and extremely high temperatures. 

2. Nuclear Bomb

Nuclear Bomb

Unlike the previous weapons we mentioned, the nuclear bomb’s sole purpose is to cause as much destruction and damage as possible. With just a small amounts of uranium, the nuclear bomb can destroy an entire city and render the city uninhabitable for many years because of radiation that it leaves behind. However, these weapons use fission ( a process of splitting an atom) which creates a limitation to its destructive prowess. 

1. Hydrogen Bomb

Hydrogen Bomb Top 10 Most Powerful Weapons in the World

The energy created by the nuclear fusion of hydrogen is the driving force behind the hydrogen bomb. Fusion requires extremely high temperatures to achieve which is the reason hydrogen bombs are referred to as “thermonuclear”. In short, there are a chain of reactions that occur, resulting in one heck of a blast. The largest hydrogen bomb ever created was the Russian-built “Tsar Bomb”. It was allegedly detonated over a test site on October 30, 1961, and is said to have produced a 50 megaton blast making the Tsar Bomb the most dangerous weapon out of the top 10 most powerful weapons in the world.

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