Top 10 Most Technologically Advanced Countries In The World


Our modern era has been defined by the technology we use and create. Inventions of military caliber are now

household staples and technology has found its place in workplaces and homes around the world. In some countries, however, technology is a prized industry and has truly been embraced by individuals and companies alike. Here is a list of the top ten most technologically advanced countries in the world today.

10. Russia

Russia Technology

The world’s largest country was in a tight race with the USA to reach space during the Cold War. The former Soviet superpower remains a world leader to this day in space technology but has also developed a hefty military industry alongside its programmers. Nowadays, Russia is a global force exporting military, aircraft, transport and manufacturing equipment around the world. For this reason, it is number 10 on our list of most technologically advanced countries in the world. 

9. Germany

German High Technology Country

If you think German technology boils down to car manufacturing and Einstein’s theory of relativity, think again! Europe’s number 1 economy has been and remains a global leader in engineering, infrastructure, scientific research, pharmaceuticals and military technology. Not only is the private sector thriving and prosperous, but the German government also supports research through organizations and grants in research-intensive universities. With a sizzling industry and robust history of innovation, Germany is solidly anchored to remain advanced in technology for decades to come. 

8. South Korea

South Korea cyber attack

The Southern neighbor of the Hermit Kingdom has grown over the past decades into a global think-tank with the ideas and know-how for innovative creations. Seoul, a bright and modern metropolis, is the country’s largest city and host to cutting-edge companies. The country has recently been outshined by others on this list, but rest assured that the home of Samsung and Hyundai remains one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, at number 8. 

7. Canada

Canada technology

This sparsely-populated country is the birthplace of technology giants like Blackberry, Hootsuite Media, and Shopify. The Ottawa-based e-commerce provider is now valued at over $2.5 billion and was only made public in 2015! Check out this Shopify review if you’re considering opening your own webstore. With an accessible education system and major investments in research and development, Canada is sure to create new game-changers in years to come. With its innovative ideas and skilled labor force, Canada is number 7 on our list of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. 

6. Singapore

Singapore technology country

This city-sized country is mostly known for exorbitant real estate also has a lot of clout in the technology sector thanks to its strong financial sector. From banking systems to payment processes and customer-centric tools, Singapore is a world-class example of innovation in a regulated industry. In addition to a strong services technology industry, the country is also a major player in the Information and Communication Technology field, supporting Singapore’s number six on our list of most technologically advanced countries in the world. 

5. China

China high technology

This vast and populous country has a long-standing history of leading the world in science and technology. From the printing press to gunpowder, paper and cartography, China has led the world in innovation for centuries. Since the late 1980s, a new Chinese trend has emerged: large-scale manufacturing. Gone are the days of crudely assembled gizmos, though! Nowadays, China is where specialized technology is being manufactured with quality parts and high-caliber skilled laborers. Check the country of origin on your favorite household items, chances are they were Made in China! 

4. Israel

Israel high tech country

Having more technology companies listed on the NASDAQ stock market that any other country in the world besides the U.S. gets Israel to the 4th place of the most technologically advanced countries. Israel leads the world in many technological fields such as military and civilian drones, satellites, medicine, self-driving technology and many more ‘futuristic’ technologies. Waze was the most notable recent Israeli startup to be acquired by Google. 

3. India

India High Tech Country

Another Silicon Valley is located in Bangalore, India. With the second largest population in the world and with increasing numbers of ambitious graduates, India has a skilled labor force ready to rock the boat of mobile technology. After becoming the world’s premier destination for outsourcing work in IT, accounting, and customer service, India is now becoming a leader in mobile apps, e-commerce and business solutions. India’s proven record in scaling up smart services and educating the next cohorts of engineers and entrepreneurs makes the country number 3 in our list of most technologically advanced countries in the world. 

2. Japan

Japan High Tech Country

This East Asian powerhouse is a world leader in nuclear technology, robotics, entertainment, photography, and transportation. Brands like Nintendo, Canon, Mitsubishi, Sony and Toyota have revolutionized consumer goods all over the world and changed the face of many industries. One famous food technology creation from Japan is already in every college student’s kitchen: instant noodles! Next up, the number 1 most technologically advanced country in the world. Can you guess which country it is? 

1. United States of America

United States of America High Tech Country

The world’s largest economy also has a huge output in inventions. Global positioning systems, commonly known as GPS, were originally a US military creation. The technology eventually leaped into our homes and is now commonly found in cell phones, cars, and even pet collars! The USA is also the birthplace of the internet. San Francisco’s Bay Area, nicknamed Silicon Valley, houses tech giants like Google, Facebook and Apple. By hosting the tech capital of the world and with a history of inventors pushing boundaries, the US makes it to spot number 1 in our list of the world’s most technologically advanced countries in the world.

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hahahahahahahaahah, very true. us shud be worried about india and china

True teller

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….India Ahead of Germany Who prepared this List. Indian engineers cannot build good two way roads…. Joke


Do u know the meaning of technology? I don’t think so. I don’t know from which country u r from but first develop that technology by ur own by which u could take 104 satellites into space in one rocket.

achal md

Can Germany sent a Mars mission and sucseed in first attempt. The answer is no. If you think Indian engineers can’t build two way roads then I think you cannot do better than a monkey. Don’t put garbage here man. Idiot. Two way road. Talk with some sense.


indians should first make toilets in their country then send a satellite to mars


usa shouldn’t be on that list

Rich Melton

Bull shit. If the US is so advanced, how come they have such slow internet, poor healthcare, no high-speed rail, ancient car technology, ancient looking appliances, and they still use magnetic strips on credit cards?

LOL this is obvious US propaganda.
Try traveling, Americans! Rofl!

Serta Veras

Who invented airplanes, internet, satellites, and went to the moon first? To be honest, if other countries are more advanced, it’s because we brought tech to their countries, not including Europe. Read about Japan, they got tech when we went there. Plus, I’ve been to other countries. The pictures you see on the internet aren’t always what the country looks like. Ask the poor.


birthplace of the world wide web – CERN, Switzerland
first satellite – engineered and launched by the USSR
if you’re going to preach like you know everything at least double check your info


what measurable parameters did you use? I doubt whether India is more technological than Germany. I smell propaganda here

victor z
The article says technologically advanced countries, meaning hard and soft techs. Maybe generally we are a poor country, but not every indian is starving or living in slums. 30% of Indians are middle class meaning like an average German earning a respectable living standard and 320millions Indians are too. that’s more than your countries entire population. Germans are good in engineering yap but I’m positive your machine software’s would be written somewhere from India. Do you know 60% of all software programmings in the world are written in India. The ATM software you use, the Uber taxi you call, net… Read more »

US and Japan is always the most advanced countries in the World.

debasish kar

how india is ahead of Germany and England …most shooking news i ever heared

nishan enfi

Definitely u gonna hear more news about india. most of western countries feed some bad and non reality things about india in all over the world. but , now days real truths are coming out..


Hahahhaha…… indians have no shame. This list was prepared by indians. Most of european countries are much ahead of india. What a shame. Always making false claim.