Top 10 Most Used Words In The World


With all the linguistics skills and a variety of vocabularies, why then do we

have to use certain words too often in our day-to-day conversations? This is a question that is difficult to answer because there are words that we just can’t do without using them. Languages are an important aspect of human’s life and are also regarded as some of human being’s greatest creations. It is important to know that the 10 most used words in the world we’re going to be looking at were not just selected based on assumptions, but thorough studies have contributed to compiling the list. Moreover, there are words (such as “and, to, on, the, is, I, you, a, go, for, that, of, as etc”) that are omitted due to the fact that they’re too common and easy to make the list. Additionally, the list is also based on the most used words in the contemporary world.

10. Love


We are in the era in which the word “love” is being used mostly as slang-fodder in many conversations. Love is a description of a passion or emotion about something or someone, but nowadays people tend to use the word when making calls, chatting with friends, as well as in every poetic statement. 

9. Thank you/Thanks


Thank you is a word used to express appreciation or gratitude for something. Using the word “thank you” or ”thanks” has become an addiction to about 95% of the world’s population. People tend to say thanks even when there is no correlation in reasons for saying that e.g. when you want to end a call on the phone, in transit, in the market, and in virtually everyday life. 

8. Alright


“Alright” is another word that made it onto the list of the 10 most used words in the world. Although the spelling is often interchanged as “all right”, because experts think “alright” is not the right word. However, it is important to know that the two terms are English words and are actually correct words to use depending on which one you choose. Whenever there is an agreement about something, the word that comes out of our mouth is “alright” and we often used it a million times in a day. 

7. Okay


This is a sister-word to “alright”, because they are used in almost same situations. Studies reveal that, there are only infinite numbers of times we often say “okay” on a daily basis. The word has become one of the most used words in human history. 

6. Fine


“Fine” is a word used in a variety of meaning. The word “fine” is used to determined a good condition e.g. I’m fine; it is also used in form of acceptance e.g. that’s fine with me. The word is also used for charges imposed as punishment for an offence e.g. a fine of $10 will be paid for beating the boy. In our daily communication, we tend to use the word “fine” in virtually every condition we found ourselves. That is why it is among the 10 most used words in the world. 

5. Seriously


The word “seriously” has become parts of the slangs in the present generation. It’s usually used in a manner that shows a kind of disbelief about something or being used as a question. But now-a-days people (especially teenage girls) tend to use this word without direction. 

4. Because

because b-w

“Because” is a word that was first used in the 14th century. It’s usually used to describe a reason for something e.g. I can’t go to work today because I don’t feel well. Studies reveal that the word “because” is one of the most used words in class rooms. When teachers will like to explain a subject to students, this word may likely be uttered in a conversation between students and the teachers a numerous times. 

3. Nice


“Nice” made it onto this list because it’s the word we say it every time. Have you ever notice a tone of these phrases? – He’s a nice guy, nice one, it’s nice, that’s nice, etc. these are sentences we make every day and almost every time. The fact remains that we just can’t do without uttering this word, in as much as we interact with one another. The Word “nice” is so common in the contemporary world that we even used it randomly even when we’re not suppose to say it. 

2. Like

sight word like

“Like” has found its way to the second spot on the list of the 10 most used words in the world. Unarguably this is one of the most commonly-used words among the Americans and British. You would hardly utter five sentences without including the word “like.” Studies reveal that this word has a variety of meanings and it’s often used haphazardly even when there’s no need to say it. “Like” is a word used to describe a regard for something, to feel or affection for something, to get pleasure from something, and to describe resemblance, etc. 

1. Hello


Research has shown, about 70% of the world’s population have access to telephone. If 70% of people across the world can own a telephone it means billions of people utter the word “Hello” in every second. This is a reality, not a fallacy. “Hello” has emerged as the number one of the 10 most used words in the world at the moment. When a person calls you, the next word that comes from your mouth will be “hello”. Usually, the word is used as an expression or gesture of greetings. We say hello when we want to call someone’s attention, we say hello when we want to greet each other. There are many instances we often use this word on a daily basis, and that simply justify its position as the top most used word in the world.

In conclusion, remember words like “that, for, and, on, is, of, as, it, the, etc” have been omitted from the list because they’re actually linking words and are considered the basics of English words. However, feel free to add yours from number 11 to infinity. Thank you for reading.

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john glasses guy (P.S I\'m pink)
john glasses guy (P.S I\'m pink)

hello I’m nice

Brian Modi

So the top 10 most used words in the world all happen to be English?