Top 10 Most Valuable Real Estate In Space


When we talk about the most valuable real estate, the first thing that comes to mind is property somewhere on

planet Earth, for example, somewhere like Douglas County CO nobody usually thinks of the most valuable real estate in space. But with rapid advancement in space technology, we soon may be talking about real estate in space. Elon Musk wants to colonize mars within the next decade, so the reality of real-estate outside earth is not so far fetched. Soon you won’t be looking for real estate offices Greensboro, they’ll be on mars instead! If or when we will have the ability to travel further and settle in places outside Earth where will be the most valuable real estate in space? Will it be the Moon? Mars? We were curious ourselves and decided to bring you the 10 most valuable real estate in space.

Top 10 Most Valuable Real Estate In Space

10. Mars

mars real estate

Mars is a hugely valuable asset for real estate in space. As a neighbor to Earth, Mars has a unique availability to become a colony within the next few years capable of creating and building a new civilization. This brings the ability for more space in agriculture, the first exploration by man of a planet and even the ability to start mining to understand both the history and resources of Mars.

9. Hubble Telescope

hubble telescope real estate

The Hubble Telescope has changed the way we will forever see the universe. Hubble was crucial in the discovery of dark matter and even more important has a keen eye for the chemical makeup of planets light years away. This is crucial in the hunt for alien life but once space travel is born, the Hubble telescope has already built a beginner’s road map of the universe allowing us to travel to planet of interest. The Hubble Telescope gave us a glimpse into the beginning stages of the universe by being able to see into ancient space. The Hubble was a great asset in Space Real Estate but it’s just the beginning of how valuable outer space can be.

8. James Webb Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope

The James Webb project is a collaboration between NASA, ESA and CSA. The telescope is set to launch in 2018 and will likely become the forefather of humans the first glimpse into distant space. The James Webb project will make leaps on the understanding of our universe and will supply scientists with the most powerful fundamental understanding of universe physics in the history of man. James Webb project could help open up the pioneering of space travel, identify the formation of solar systems, alien worlds and even find precious elements inside of planets. The Hubble Telescope mapped out the universe, but James Webb is going to clearly explore the map already created by decades of hard work put into Hubble.

7. Orbit

earth orbit real estate price

The most valuable space real estate today is inevitably Earth’s orbit. Orbit is home to the most advanced technology on the planet allowing governments to find and identify impossible targets, giving the world’s population internet and phone service and serves as a primary spot for space exploration. The use of Earth’s orbit is endless but the value of orbit is unquestionable. It’s a powerhouse for mankind and worth more money than any company or government can estimate. With orbit steadily getting more and more filled with space junk and satellites, the real estate around orbit is becoming increasingly valuable with every satellite.

6. Planets with rich resources like precious diamonds or insanely rare metals.

planets with natural resources price

A highly valuable asset in space real estate is gaining the ability to identify, map and travel to planets with highly valuable resources. It’s absolutely possible that there are entire solar systems with planets that have more valuable metals than steel. Some planets’ crust could be filled with diamonds and there could be mass extinctions leaving oil across an entire planet. The amount of resources across the universe are endless but the ability to find valuable planets and then travel, excavate and hold the cargo is pivotal to creating wealth inside of space real estate.

5. Europa

europa real estate value

Jupiter’s moon Europa and Mars could hold keys to how or if organisms can survive outside of earth and a huge spark in developing how life organisms develop in different conditions. Over the past few years, evidence is starting to stack in favor of life existing within our solar system leaving us to beg the questions such as how did life develop in those places? What conditions and times does life develop after a planet and atmosphere is created? And can we even ask questions like are we aliens ourselves? This exploration for life is crucial in understanding organisms and could eventually lead to contact with aliens leading to a huge expansion in technology and space exploration. One wonders if property management companies in jacksonville florida will expand their scope to the stars, we’ll just have to wait and see.

4. The International Space Station

international space station real estate value

The International Space Station is a critical part of the way we spend our lives in space. It’s a gateway to our universe. The International Space Station also studies the effects of long-term space travel in humans but these studies are only the beginning. The International Space Station is the frontier of space science but it’s used to improve energy production, agriculture and aids in natural disasters. Fifteen countries worked together to build this lab and The International Space Station has been used by ten space agencies. Superconductivity and electromagnetic studies are just the beginning of the experiments that have been conducted on the timeless space station.

3. Planets with Rocket Fuel

planets with fuel real estate value

Being able to explore worlds with rich minerals and exotic compounds is great but being able to relaunch a rocket or colony can completely useless if there’s no way to get back home. Right now engineers don’t know how to relaunch rockets but having an engineering team that has the resources capable of launching minerals or people safely back to earth is crucial in development. In the future, it’s important to be able to land colonies inside of solar systems that are rich in minerals with neighboring planets being able to provide fuel for relaunches back to earth.

2. Black holes

black-hole-real esate value

Having access to a black hole comes with the blessing of throwing away unfathomable tons of waste and space junk. Colonies could be littered with human waste, nuclear waste, trash and even annoying objects inside of planets and solar systems. By using black holes, we have a cure a problem Earth simply can’t figure out. How do we create a clean home and a sustainable environment? Throwing things we can’t recycle into black holes like quasar OJ287 that has 18 billion times the mass of our sun would probably do the trick.

1. Wormholes

wormhole bending illustration

Today, we still don’t know how to travel the speed of light or use teleportation to quickly travel across globes and galaxies. But being able to find, access and understand Einstein-Rosen bridges will give our scientists the exotic chance to understand the physics and science behind fast travel and teleportation. It’s easy to see how finding shortcuts through universes will create a new exploration similar to the one that hit Earth when humans finally got access to the electric grid.

Humanity is just in the beginning stages of its explorations in space but the universe most valuable real estate in space is infinitely more valuable than on Earth. The humans or companies that lead the first exploration and mining of planets will easily become our most wealthy citizens in history.

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