Top 10 Most Violated Laws Of All Time


“Laws are made to be broken” is a popular quote. But violating a law can get you in serious trouble, especially if

you live in a country where there is a high emphasis on the rule of law. Like most people, if you consider yourself a law-abiding citizen, you should keep from killing, stealing, speeding or driving without car insurance. There are weird laws and there are the weirdest laws in the US which we won’t cover here. The laws we will cover actually make sense.

No matter how careful you are, you might end up breaking a law out of nonchalance or ignorance. If you want to avoid breaking laws, you have to have the knowledge of the most violated laws of all time. Below is the description of most commonly broken laws.

10. Using an Open Wi-Fi

Using an Open Wi-Fi Most Violated Laws Of All Time

If you are a US citizen, read the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA). This act is about not using an open WiFi network when you are passing by a shop. But if you ignore this law, you may be charged with a serious crime. In the same way, you will be in hot water for violating the terms of services of a company or site.

No matter which state you live in, you must follow this law. While you probably won’t get busted for using an open WiFi connection owned by someone else, an unfortunate guy from Michigan got arrested for this violation in 2007. Yea, really.

9. Singing Songs in Public

Singing Songs in public

You are not permitted to sing popular songs in public. Ignore this law and you will face the music! Based on the circumstances, such as the number of people and volume, the authorities will decide what your punishment will be.

In the 90s, the Girl Scout was asked to pay royalties for singing the songs around the campfire. The next time you feel like singing your favorite song in public, you may want to recall this true story.

8. Playing Poker

Playing Poker

Some states prohibit its citizens from playing poker for money, even if they are playing it inside their homes. For instance, if you are in Mississippi, you can’t be involved in any type of gambling unless it is for charitable reasons.

If you are in New Jersey, you can only gamble at authorized locations. Moreover, states where you can gamble have certain restrictions for lucrative, private games.

7. Speeding

Speeding Most Violated Law

Have you ever got a ticket for speeding? I am sure you have if you have a car to drive. Without any doubt, speeding is dangerous and is on the list of most common causes of deaths from car accidents, according to the statistics released by the Governors Highway Safety Association. If you have been in an accident with a speeding driver that has totalled your car then you may be able to get compensation for the accident. If you would like to see if you could do this then you might want to contact someone like this Florence car wreck lawyer.

By the end of 2011, New York police had issued over 600,000 tickets to drivers for exceeding the speed limit. This is by far one of the most common laws broken every day by most law-abiding citizens!

6. Driving Without A Seat Belt

Driving Without A Seat Belt

In the US, if you live in any of the 33 states, you are bound to abide by the seatbelt enforcement law, which means you can get a ticket for driving or sitting inside a car without a seat-belt fastened around your chest even if you have committed no other traffic crime.

The “Click it Or Ticket” campaign was run on the national level to make the law enforcement pay more attention to this offense. Yet, people continue to break this law. This law is so commonly broken that every day around 90 people die from not wearing a seatbelt according to CDC.

5. Using Your Cell Phone While Driving

Using Your Cell Phone While Driving

How often do you drive while talking on your cell phone? A lot of use do. Either texting or talking, it’s a distraction and, therefore, a violation of laws in most states. Yet, the use of cell phones while driving is one of the most violated laws of all time. Here are some staggering statistics:

  • 31 states have put a ban on the use of cell phones by fresh drivers
  • 41 states have put a ban on sending texts while on the go. In all states except 4, there is the application of primary enforcement laws
  • In 6 other states, you can’t text while driving if you are a novice driver.
  • In 12 states, all drivers are prohibited from using mobile phones. In all these states, you have to follow the primary enforcement laws.

You may not be using your phone while driving, but admit it; you may be guilty of using the GPS or answering a text message while you are a red light, right?

4. Underage Drinking

Underage Drinking

According to the statistics released by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, in 2012 alone, around 12% of minors, between the age 12 and 17, drank alcohol and around 7% of minors of the same age group were considered “above normal” when referring to alcohol consumption.

You will be shocked to know that 11% of all alcohol sold in the U.S. is consumed by people that fall between the age of 12 and 20, even though the law doesn’t allow them to drink alcohol.

3. Marijuana Use

Marijuana Most Violated Laws

A National Survey on Drug Use and Health released statistics from 2012. The findings revealed that 3% of U.S. citizens that are 12-15 years old are addicted to marijuana. Some of them may have medical reasons to use marijuana, though. Nowadays, in 20 states, you can use medical marijuana, reports While there are some states that allow the cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes, making it good for businesses who deal with indoor growing room (for example somewhere like there are other states that do not allow it or have put restrictions on it. However medical marijuana is now legal within many states within the US creating a booming industry for companies that sell dispensary supplies to places that are allowed to sell medical (as well as recreational) marijuana.

In the U.S., you won’t get busted if you are found smoking marijuana, but you may get in trouble should cops find weed in your possession. In 2012, according to the data released by the FBI, 42% of all the people arrested for drugs had marijuana on them.

2. Sharing Medication

Sharing Medication Most Violated Laws

Did you know that you’re not allowed to share your medication with anyone? That included your family or anyone else for that matter. And guess how many people still do it. According to various estimates close to 60% of Americans share medication with family or others. Did you violate this law?

1. Jaywalking

Jaywalking Most Violated Laws

No matter whether you are in a city or suburb, you are bound to come across jaywalkers. While jaywalking is not a violation of any federal law, you still might get a ticket for this “crime” in the majority of cities. It’s one of the most violated laws of all time. I’m sure everyone reading this has done this before.

In Los Angeles, around $190 worth of tickets were issued for jaywalking. However, Michael Bloomberg, NY Mayor, admitted that it is not practical to make a crackdown on this crazy law.

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