Top 10 Motorcycles Of The Future


As technology continues to evolve so do designs of motorcycles. Motorcycles will always be a popular mode of transport for some people. However, as everyone knows riding a motorcycle isn’t just about fun, it can also be quite dangerous. That’s why there are unfortunately a few motorcycle accidents that happen throughout the world. But this can be prevented, through the proper use of a helmet. This will lessen the chance of any further damage if you were unfortunately involved in any form of road accident. As we are looking at some of the world’s coolest motorbikes, why not also check out 7 Best Motorcycle Helmets that can accompany these bikes or any you may already have at home. Even though these look amazing, staying safe is also cool too.

If you’ve experienced an accident then you might now be thinking how do i begin a motorcycle accident lawsuit? But it’s simple. Just find yourself a lawyer. You shouldn’t be afraid of riding a motorcycle though as they are fun and are becoming extremely popular. Motorcycle manufacturers latching onto the craze are designing concept bikes as they envision what

the motorcycles of tomorrow may look like. You might even consider trading in your old bike to fund one of these new monsters – check out the UK’s leading bike buyers to get an idea for how much your current machine is worth! Not all of these may be practical yet, but all of them drive into awesomeness. Here’re the top 10 motorcycles of the future.

10. Suzuki Biplane

Suzuki Biplane

You can’t fly up and away, but you can definitely imagine soaring on this motorcycle of the future. Suzuki designed the motorcycle to give riders the feel of flying in a vintage biplane with no canopy. Cylinder heads and exhaust headers are on back and part of the airplane design. The Suzuki biplane is powered by a V4 engine.

9. Jaguar NightShadow Motorcycle

Jaguar NightShadow Motorcycles Of The Future

The Jaguar car manufacturer logo inspired the design for this feline-shaped motorcycle. Massow Concepts sourced many of the mechanicals on eBay and outfitted a 1997 Buell S3 Thunderbolt with a Sportster-based V-Twin 1200CC engine. Some parts were refurbished. The design took the help of professional computer illustrators before designers worked with a sculptor to make the mold. The magnetic jaw on the front can be removed if necessary.

8. Scarab Motorcycle

Scarab Motorcycle

David Miguel Moreira Gonçalves designed the Scarab for urban use. This motorcycle of the future is practical in design. It can sit completely upright, perfect in a crowded parking lot. The aim was to “develop guidelines and a holistic solution for a new system of urban transport” that adapts to urban environments. Its interchangeable modules can be customized. The power pack module includes a permanent battery and three options for a main energy pack, which could be a battery, a biofuel ICE or a fuel cell. This bike could be your future rental vehicle.

7. Ghost Motorcycle Concept

Ghost Motorcycle Concept Motorcycles Of The Future

Muhammad Imran designed the Ghost Bike concept, inspired by both the Ghost Rider comic and a flying falcon. It’s designed to fill people’s need for speed while offering a unique style to riders. If it does get produced, look closely so you see it as it speeds by. Just imagine seeing a ghost.

6. Icare Motorcycle

Icare Motorcycle

The Icare is built for power with a six cylinder 1800CC engine. Its front is big while it’s back is much smaller, and riding the motorcycle if produced would take lying down on the belly to reach the handle. France’s Enzyme Group designed this motorcycle concept, called the “Aston Martin of the Two-Wheeled World.”

5. Ostoure Motorcycle Concept

Ostoure Motorcycle Concept Future

Ostoure is “legend” in Persian, and designer Mohammad Reza Shojaie designed this motorcycle with the idea of what the legendary street muscle bikes would look like in the future. Shojaie drew inspiration from stone engravings of ancient Persepolis. The motorcycle is two-wheel drive with steering through the front linkage. Instrumentation is both on the motorcycle and a heads-up display on the helmet. The helmet also has built-ins speakers, a Bluetooth connection to the bike and air conditioning.

4. Mach Ness Monster

Mach Ness Monster Future Motorcycle

A gas-turbine helicopter engine powers the Mach Ness Monster designed by Arlen Ness. The aluminum outer shell of this motorcycle of the future screams steam punk with its rivets. The designer shaped the entire body by hand, so don’t expect mass production. But we can only hope it eventually hits the open road. It’s a metal monster that’s sure to gobble up the competition.

3. Swordfish Motorcycle Concept

Swordfish Motorcycle Concept Future

Hubless wheels give the Swordfish a futuristic look. Designed by Alexander Kotyarevsky, it’s full of curves and sharp angles that give it that swordfish feel. It’s a sleek-looking ride that leads riders to envision piercing down the highway like it’s the open sea.

2. Energya Three-Wheeled Motorcycle

Energya Three-Wheeled Motorcycle Future

The three-wheeled Energya, designed by Higgins-Aube Inc., features two wheels in the front and one rear wheel. The designer calls it a “motomobile,” But it’s certainly one of the most unique motorcycles of the future. The Energya features a six-speed sequential manual transmission and a motorcycle engine. Its half-doors also make it stand out. Think of a motorcycle mixed with a high-performance car and you’ve got the picture.

1. Halbo Future Duo-Wheel BMW

Halbo Future Duo-Wheel BMW

The Halbo breaks out from the mold with an electric bike concept designed for BMW. It’s an environmentally friendly motorcycle of the future with its electric power. A gyro assists the front wheel. Aesthetics definitely give this bike the look of the future. So does the all-way rear-axis and front sphere-shaped wheel. The Halbo is the work of designer Pierre Yohanes as a concept suited for environmentally conscious riders.

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