Top 10 Most Mysterious Sounds Ever Recorded


There are many strange and mysterious sounds that have been heard in the course of history that have no meaning or explanation. No one has been able to pinpoint their exact

source and sometimes it can get really scary for people who experience such situations around them. Despite advancements made in technology, it’s hard to predict the cause behind these sounds and some may be just a natural phenomenon.

Here we have put a list of the most mysterious sounds ever recorded over the years and shared some interesting facts about them.

10. The Iceberg Sound

The ocean can be a terrifying place, where a lot of mysterious sounds have been heard and recorded over the years, using underwater devices which can hardly be explained. NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) used hydrophones inside the water which picked up a sound that could sound quite scary to the humans. Most scientists associate this sound to be of an iceberg that could be pulling along the sea floor. Some people believe that it could be the sound of the people who were dead. 

9. Upsweep

Upsweep Top 10 Most Mysterious Sounds Ever Recorded

This sound was recorded in August 1991 by the NOAA and it was so intense that it could be heard around everywhere around the Pacific region. The sound known as Upsweep comprises of a long train of upsweeping sounds and each of them lasts for several seconds. It appears that the sound is seasonal and is the loudest during the autumn and spring time. The origin of the sound is not known but it has been found that the source of the sound is close to the underwater volcanoes. Scientists have also made observations that the sound is slowly reducing over the years and it could be possibly due to a natural occurrence

8. Julia

Julia Most Mysterious Sounds Ever Recorded

This specific sound was recorded on March 1st, 1999 through a device named as the Autonomous hydrophone array across the Equatorial Pacific Ocean by the NOAA. As per the findings, the source of the sound is similar to a large iceberg swept off across the Antarctica. The sound could be heard for about 15 seconds and the point of origin of this sound could be lying in between Bransfield Straits and Cape Adare. 

7. The Lost Cosmonaut Of Soviet Union

The Lost Cosmonaut Of Soviet Union

The Lost Cosmonaut of the Soviet Space Program has been quite a controversial topic as it believes in the theory about the cover-up of many cosmonaut deaths in space during the 1960’s. According to some of the sources, Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman who was sent into space during 1963. However in 1961, the Judica-Cordiglia Brothers created an audio recording of a Russian woman crying out in space in Russian language. The sound of the woman whose recording was captured felt as if she was quite frightened, confused and scared of her reentry back into the Earth. 

6. Taos Hum

Taos Hum Most Mysterious Sounds Ever Recorded

The Taos Hum is a town located in Central Mexico which was plagued with the mysterious sound that was heard by many residents. The Hum sound was first reported during the 1990’s and it was described differently by the people as a hum, buzz or a whir. This noise was quite disturbing to the residents and it was heard in different parts of the world and not just in Taos town. However, this sound was of low frequency with only 11% of the people were able to hear this strange sound. 

5. Sky Booms

Sky Booms Strange Sounds

The strange and mysterious sounds coming from the sky existed since the early 1800’s and they sound like a loud engine making a rumbling sound or the strike of a lightning. Some have even compared it to the artillery fire that is so intense to start off a car alarm. According to the science, these sky booms might be small earthquakes that create this loud noise or perhaps the sound of the meteor that could have blown off in the sky. There have been many theories that suggest that the testing of new weapons by the government could have lead to this phenomenon of sky booms. 

4. UVB-76

UVB-76 Strange Sound

UVB-76 is also known by the nickname “The Buzzer” which has been given by radio listeners for a shortwave radio station that broadcasts on a frequency of 4625 kHz. The short and monotonous buzz tone is known to repeat 25 tones per minute that lasts for 24 hours in a day. This buzz message is also interrupted by Russian voice messages. The first report of this strange buzz tone was recorded in 1982. The origin of this sound is known to be have come from Russia but there is no confirmation of why this radio station exists in the first place. 

3. Loneliest Whale In The World

Loneliest Whale In The World

This strange and unusual sound recorded of the loneliest whale at 52 hertz remains a great mystery to the researchers. Most whales tend to vocalize at a frequency which is between 15-17 hertz but this one is significantly high as compared to the other species. It has been observed that these unusual species of whales have been making noises that can be heard from different oceans. There are many theories that suggest that these whales could be deaf based on the experiment conducted on the voices that emanated from deaf humans. Over the years, this phenomenon has caught the attention of the millions of people across the world. 

2. The Bloop

The Bloop Strange Sound

Bloop is an ultra low frequency and an intense underwater sound that was recorded by the NOAA in 1997. It is one of the loudest noises that have been ever recorded and its cause remains to be unknown. The sound is quite similar to that generated by the icebergs that may be dragging the sea floor. There have also been some speculations that these bloops could be a result of deep sea life form that exists beneath the ocean or a creature that remains hidden beneath the ocean. 

1. Sky Roar

Sky Roar Most Mysterious Sounds Ever Recorded

These strange sounds have become a topic of discussion for many years since they were heard across US, Canada, Australia, Russia, Germany and other countries. These sounds are similar to that of the echoes of the trumpets which have been recorded by many people around the world. Some people associate it with the Doomsday phenomenon but no one really knows from where they originate and the mystery behind these loud sounds.

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Daniel Douglas

Brah, look at that cosmonaut dabbing.

Daniel Douglas

Brah, look at that Cosmonaut dabbing.

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