Top 10 Mysterious Space Photos That Will Freak You Out


Whether you believe in UFOs or not, these ten mysterious space photos will have you scratching your head in disbelief and curiosity – some may

keep you up at night.

For many years, man has been staring up at the night sky wondering if we are alone. Maybe some of these photos will help answer that question. Or not…

10. Mysterious Grey UFO spotted on ISS Live Camera Feed

Mysterious Grey UFO spotted on ISS Live Camera Feed

NASA has been known to hide their “mysterious space photos” from the public. They did it in the 1960’s and continue to do so in the 21st century. As soon as something strange is spotted, they cut the feed, hide the evidence and tell people what to believe. At least, that’s what the UFO community is saying. This latest sighting has given the conspiracy community quite the bang for their buck. You can clearly see the small, grey object coming up over the horizon. Is it a UFO, a weather balloon or top secret military equipment? 

9. Two mysterious bright spots found on the surface of Ceres

Two mysterious bright spots found on the surface of Ceres

During NASA’s Dawn probe mission on February 2015, two mysterious bright spots on the dwarf planet’s surface showed up. It’s still too early to know for sure what they are, but NASA is “puzzled” by this. “The brightest spot continues to be too small to resolve with our camera, but despite its size, it is brighter than anything else on Ceres,” Andreas Nathues, lead investigator for the framing camera team at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Gottingen, Germany, said in a statement. “This is truly unexpected and still a mystery to us.” 

8. Explosion in Space that created a Jellyfish Nebula and a mysterious pulsar?

Explosion in Space that created a Jellyfish Nebula and a mysterious pulsar

There’s this thing called a Jellyfish Nebula which was left over from a supernova about 5,000 light-years from Earth. New NASA observations show a strange and unusual object located on the southern edge of Nebula. Scientists have named it CXOU J061705.3+222127, or J0617 for short. But they do think it’s a stellar powerhouse known as a pulsar or “variable star.” According to,” A variable star is, quite simply, a star that changes brightness. A star is considered variable if its apparent magnitude (brightness) is altered in any way from our perspective on Earth. These changes can occur over years or just fractions of a second, and can range from one-thousandth of a magnitude to 20 magnitudes.” 

7. Mysterious bolts of light seen from International Space Station

Mysterious bolts of light seen from International Space Station

Thunderstorms are one of nature’s most spectacular phenomenon. But they have one unique, rarely seen feature that baffles scientists to this day. They are called “Sprites” and in this photo, Astronauts on board the ISS spot some very rare sprite sightings. This weak flash of light appears above the thunderstorms and is usually red with purple tendrils that extend down towards the cloud. While scientists are still not sure what causes them, some theorize that there are gravity waves creating small disturbances in the atmosphere which grow an electric field causing lighting and initiating these sprites. They are amazing so see from space! 

6. Strange pyramid-mountain on Mars

Strange pyramid-mountain on Mars

NASA released plenty of mysterious space photos of Mars. But this one shows what appears to be evidence of a pyramid structure. It shows what appears to be a dark, pyramid-like mountain, said to be approximately four miles high and built inside a massive crater. It’s dark on one side with bright streaks on the other side.

Scientists say they need to do more work to find out how the pyramid was actually created. Previous research in this particular area on Mars has shown a lot of activity including landslides, rock flows and old crumbled natural structures. 

5. “Organic” UFO Floating Through Space?

Organic UFO Floating Through Space

Taken from deep space, this NASA satellite image shows a strange and massive object that has yet to be identified. Some in the UFO community think that this could be a spacecraft while other’s believe it to be a biologically living form capable of intelligent life that isn’t affected by the vacuum of space. So far NASA has yet to debunk these theories or release any more information about this strange and mysterious image. 

4. Mysterious Photo from the Moon taken by Apollo 17

Mysterious Photo from the Moon taken by Apollo 17

Said to be a blank photo, this was taken by Apollo 17 near the Geophone Rock when the U.S. finished it’s last flight on the moon. They archived it and didn’t think twice to look closer. While the photo certainly suffers from extreme light exposure issues, it’s not completely blank. If you adjust the contrast levels you can see what appears to be pyramid-like structures. 

3. The lady on Mars?

The lady on Mars Mysterious Space Photos

NASA has released a lot of interesting and mysterious space photos of Mars recently. But one of the most intriguing images was that of what appears to be a lady standing tall. Your eyes can certainly make out this lady figure. Is it proof that there is life on Mars? Look closer and you can even see what appears to be vehicle tracks. Whether true or not, NASA sure has their work cut out for them in explaining all of the mysterious photos they have taken these last few years. 

2. Deep Space Starships headed to Earth?

Deep Space Starships headed to Earth

These strange objects were discovered by SETI Astrophysicist Craig Kasnov and appear to by tens of kilometers in length. Scientists don’t quite know what these objects are. They could be anything from asteroids or intelligent life. Some even believe them to be starships headed to Earth.

Many of the websites you find when searching for “SETI Starships” have actually had the pages taken offline. And now the only information you can find try to debunk the findings. 

1. The most mysterious and unexplained object that circles Earth every day…


The “Black Knight” as it’s called is probably one of the most unexplained objects to ever be discovered. And there’s been little explanation to this very day as to why it’s there and what it does.

In 1960, some of the first man-made satellites were launched into space. The mission for some was to report on unidentified objects in polar orbit. This was one of the first objects captured on camera and was said to disappear and reappear at regular intervals. There have been several images of this object surfacing over the years and it has yet to be identified as a known man-made object.

Rumors say that Nikola Tesla intercepted a signal from this object in 1899 with his high-voltage radio system he built. Since the 1930′s Astronomers worldwide have been reporting strange radio signals which allegedly come from the “Black Knight”.

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