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It is important to know that two of the greatest mysteries on earth are life and death. Up till now, no one would ever tell you how long he/she will be living on earth, and this still

remains the greatest mystery that is yet to be understood by humans. The oldest people on earth are those that were born even before the time birth certificates were issued, are the ones that witnessed the World Wars, are the ones that have the opportunities to have great-great-grandchildren, are the ones that were opportune to see the invention of electricity, cars, telephones, and so on. To live up to 100 years is certainly one of the greatest things that can happen in your life. Even though humans may not be willing to reach a certain age in life but in the real sense nobody will want to die. In this article, we are going to look at 10 oldest people who are still living today on earth.


10. Mitsue Toyoda (113 Years Old) – Japan

Mitsue Toyoda Oldest People On Earth

Mitsue Toyoda is currently the 10th oldest person in the world, Guinness World Records confirms. She is a Japanese supercentenarian, born on February 15, 1902. Toyoda became the oldest living person in Oita prefecture since October 2012 when Hajime Fujita died. 

9. Ana Maria Vela Rubio (114 Years) – Spain

Ana Maria Vela Rubio

Spain has registered its name through Ana Maria Vela Rubio among the oldest people on earth. Maria, a supercentenarian was born on October 29, 1901, in Puente Genil. She is currently the oldest living in Spain and the second in Europe. She took over this position (as the oldest person in Spain) after the death of Francisca Garcia – who passed away on the 25th day of February 2014. According to reports, Ana Vela is now the third verified ever oldest woman in Spain in years and the fourth oldest person ever verified from that country. 

8. Matsuyo Kageyama (114 Years Old) – Japan

Matsuyo Kageyama

Matsuyo Kageyama is the 8th verified oldest living person in the world and the fourth oldest in Japan. She was born on October 10, 1901, and she’s recognized as the oldest woman to ever live in Kyoto prefecture. Apart from being the oldest woman to ever live in the Kyoto prefecture, Matsuyo is the second oldest person ever recorded in Kyoto after Jiroemon Kimura. 

7. Eudoxie Baboul (114 Years Old) – France

Eudoxie Baboul

Eudoxie Baboul is one of the oldest people on earth and is the 7th verified person on the top 10 list. She is French and was born in French Guana on October 1, 1901, although reports say she claimed to be born on September 30th, 1901. Baboul became the oldest verified person in France since May 12, 2015, after the death of Olympe Amaury. 

6. Toshie Yorimitsu (114 Years Old) – Japan

Toshie Yorimitsu

Japan has witnessed quite a number of oldest living people in the contemporary and Toshie Yorimitsu is one. Yorimitsu was born in Kochi prefecture on September 30th, 1901 but currently lives in Okinawa prefecture. Reports confirm that Toshie is the third oldest living person in Japan at the moment and currently the number 6th in the world. 

5. Chiyo Miyako (144 Years Old) – Japan

Chiyo Miyako

Chiyo Miyako is the 5th verified oldest person in the world. She was born on May 2, 1901, in Japan. Miyako is the 2nd oldest person in Japan and has found herself in the 5th spot among the oldest people on earth. Studies reveal that Miyako is on the 83rd spot on the list of the 100 oldest people ever recorded in the world. 

4. Nabi Tajima (115 Years Old) – Japan

Nabi Tajima

Nabi Tajima is currently the oldest person in Japan and the fourth in the world. She was born in Araki on May 2, 1900. As of September 2015, Tajima reportedly has over 140 descendants ranging from her children to her great-great-grandchildren. Though she’s alive, but she is in the record book as the fourth oldest Japanese woman ever verified in Japan. 

3. Violet Brown (115 Years) – Jamaica

Emma Morano

Violet Brown is a Jamaican supercentenarian and was born on March 10, 1900. At 115 years old now, she emerged as the oldest verified living person in Jamaica. Currently, she’s the third living oldest people on earth after Susannah Mushatt and Emma Morano. Even though her date of birth has suffered alterations in the media – reported as March 4, 1900; March 10, 1900; and March 15, 1900, respectively, but Gerontology Research Group confirms that Brown was actually born on March 10, 1900. Reports have it that Violet Brown happens to be the living person, subject of Queen Victoria. 

2. Emma Morano (116 Years) – Italy

Violet Brown

Emma Morano is the second oldest living person in the world and the first in the whole of Europe. The Italian supercentenarian was born on November 29, 1899, in Civiasco, Vercelli Piedmont, Italy and has emerged as the first ever verified oldest person in Italy. Morano also is the second oldest person ever verified in Europe and the last living European person to have been born during the 19th century. Morano was interviewed about the secrets of her longevity and she replied that: she never allowed problems and difficult moments to bring her down, she never used drugs, she eats three eggs per day, drinks a cup of homemade brandy, and have a taste of chocolates most of the times. 

1. Susannah Mushatt Jones (116 Years Old) – U.S.A

Susannah Mushatt Jones Oldest Person On Earth

Susanna Mushatt Jones is American and was born in Alabama on July 6, 1899. According to reports, she is currently the oldest living person on earth, as confirmed by Guinness World Records. Close sources revealed that Susannah has never smoked nor got drunk in her life.

In conclusion, it is important to know that the list is the updated one as of end of January 2016, and all the information tabled here are from reliable sources. However, as we all know, the list is subjected to change any moment from now because life and death are the two mysteries we still can’t understand till date. But for the meantime, these are the top 10 living oldest people on earth.

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Chiyo Miyako (144 Years Old) – Japan


Daniel Douglas

The reason why there are quite a few Japanese women on this list is because a lot of those people eat sweet potatoes much of which is grown on the island of Okinawa. You can find several centurions there. But for some reason all these people are feminine.