Top 10 Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind Away


These top 10 optical illusions are so incredible that you won’t believe your eyes, literally. We explain how these illusions work and why they work this way. Reality and fantasy might not be far apart when it comes

to optical illusions. Human beings are incredibly smart but sometimes our brain can be easily fooled to see things that aren’t there. What we believe we are seeing affects what we actually. Meaning our perceptions effects their reality. Here are top 10 optical illusions that are so fascinating that you will be thinking days about how they work.


10. Three Disappearing Dots Illusion

What To Do: Focus on the center flashing dot, stay relaxed and just focus very carefully at the center dot and you will slowly start to see the 3 yellow dots disappear.Top 10 Best Optical Illusions  

9. The Rotating Crater Illusion

What To Do: Just watch the movement of this crater and you will start to see it as a 3D object almost like it’s popping out of the screen although it’s not. It might take a while to start noticing this so focus and take your time.

stereokinetic optical illusion


8. Snake Illusions

What To Do: As you read this text this snake star seems to expand. Just continue reading this text and you will notice the star expanding. This optical illusion works best when not looked at directly.

snake_illusion optical illusion 

7. Close Far Rotating Circles Illusion

What To Do: Fixate your eyes on the X in the middle and either move your eyes or the screen closer and farther away from yourself as your eyes are fixated on the X. The Circles will start to spin, but in reality they’re stationary.


6. The Green Dot Illusion

What To Do: Focus on the + in the middle and you will start to see a moving green dot. It’s actually not green, but the rapid movement creates such an effect.


5. Out Of Focus Illusion

What To Do: As you bring your eyes closer to this disk in the middle of the image you start to notice distortion and the disk will look more blurry as if you zoomed in. When you bring your eyes farther away it will seem like you zoomed out of the image and more clear. Try moving your eyes closer and farther away from the disk few times for best effect.

Out Of Focus Illusion 

4. Rotating Snakes

What To Do: Just look at the image and you will start to notice the circles move. NOTE: This image is completely still, nothing is moving. If you figured out how to stop this effect and make the circles appear stationary share in comments below.


3. Enigma Optical Illusion

What To Do: Stare straight at the purple circle in the middle, focus on it while relaxing. You will start to slowly notice circles spinning inside the purple and blue lines.

Enigma Optical Illusion 

2. Freezing Rotation Illusion

What To Do: Do the words in the middle sometimes seem to slow their rotation and sometimes go faster. In fact, these words rotate at the same speed the whole time. Max Dürsteler’s created this illusion.

Freezing Rotation Illusion 

1. Spiral World Optical Illusion

What To Do: This is the most amazing illusion I have ever seen. The previous illusions were just between you and screen, but this one will be between you and the reality. So follow the instructions carefully. Focus on the center of this spiral while relaxing your body and breathing slowly. Do this for about 20 seconds. Now look at anything around. Incredible isn’t it?

spiral effect optical illusion

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in rotating snakes..the image should be moved not held stationary…or only the central dot must be observed


Focus on one of the black dots and the image stops moving.

Alex the Exploredia lover
Alex the Exploredia lover

If you do something observe it was easy for me and it stopped moving I stared at it and the Circle went stopping like a shutted down fan.