Top 10 People Who Turned Their Houses Into Something Very Cool


Over the years there have been many people who turned their houses into something very cool. Irrespective of how cool a house is, it remains important to find the right home insurance for you and your house. For that reason, it might be wise to consider your home insurance options. Many readers may remember iconic

Bob Vila from the 1980’s television series, “This Old House”. He was the grandfather and pioneer of DIY (do it yourself) TV. He inspired many. Through his daring renovation projects, he convinced many that if you could imagine your dream home, you could build it. These are not the biggest houses in the world or the most expensive houses in the world but they’re very cool. On the search for new home? This is the craziest place to look! There are many more websites that offer more realistic solutions for you to live in. if you do manage to find a house that you love, then the next thing that you will probably want to get is a good moving company. If you are struggling to find the right one for you then you should check out someone like this out of state movers at to help give you a better idea of who you could use. Let’s take a tour now and meet the top 10 people who turned their houses in something very cool.

10. The Porcelain House

Porcelain-House-Amazing House

This house was built by Zhang Lianzhi in 2008 in China. It was carefully constructing using no less than 400 million fragments of porcelain. In addition it contained thousands of antique and ancient vases, dishes and bowls and hundreds of marble stone carvings. It was a five-year effort which started as a renovation project of a quaint French inspired house. It has been estimated that the home is currently valued at more than $65 million.

9. The Cave House

Cave-House-Amazing House

Who said only cavemen live in caves? Living in a cave has its advantages. Air conditioning costs are likely kept at a minimum; it’s more difficult for fire to destroy your house, and they are much harder for criminals to break in to through the backyard. In all seriousness though, Curt and Deborah Sleeper of Festus, Missouri decided to build a cave house of their own to call home. It worked out well and they were able to turn their house into something very cool indeed.

8. The Fallingwater

Fallingwater Amazing House

This gorgeous home, located in Pennsylvania, USA was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935. It was originally intended as a retreat home for Edgar J. Kaufmann, owner of Kaufmann’s department store. A portion of the house is actually built overlooking an authentic flowing waterfall. You can’t get much more serene and peaceful living than this. Imagine waking up on a sleepy Saturday morning and walking out onto your balcony, with fresh coffee in hand, and absorbing all the best that nature has to offer. It’s sort of like living in Sherwood Forest as Robin Hood. It would be a fairytale for certain.

7. The Upside Down House

Upside Down House People Who Turned Their Houses Into Something Very Cool

This super cool house, built as a tourist attraction by a pair of Polish architects in Austria, is open for visitation. The house is complete with bedrooms, a bathroom and even a garage. Just be careful while walking; those light fixtures can be pretty nasty trip hazards. Admittedly, it does sound a bit awkward having to climb up to the floor in order to hop into bed each night. There have been several upside down houses built throughout the world; this one truly is a gem however.

6. The Fire Tower

Fire Tower Weird House

Perhaps still functional as a forest fire spotting tower, this eye-catcher of a home serves best as a relaxing or reclusive getaway space. Living in the tree tops of Judith Mountains in Montana, USA, isn’t only for the wildlife. Imagine the wonderful scenic vistas to be witnessed at sunrise and sunset. This pristine guest house is ideal for a rustic weekend experience. If this sounds appealing to you, you’re probably in good company.

5. The Skate Park House

The Skate Park House Strange House

Brazilian Anselmo Arruda, completely tore out the interior of his home to build his dream house, a full-fledged skateboard park. After his parents passed away when he was still only a teenager, Anselmo turned to skateboarding to help cope with the pain. Living on his own and in a larger home, he started bringing his skateboard inside the house. After beginning by just moving a few pieces of furniture out of the way, one thing led to another and before he knew it he was fully committed to turning his house into his passion. Complete with graffiti, this now popular hangout has brought joy back to Anselmo’s life after experiencing such a tragic loss.

4. The Amusement Park for Cats

The Amusement Park for Cats Weird House

Peter Cohen, a California cat lover and owner of 15 of the furry felines, has perhaps built the world’s first amusement park for cats. This playground is found within the confines of his own home. He’s spent tens of thousands of dollars to put together the slickest and coolest features that cats just love to toy with. There is even an indoor fish pond for the felines to transfix their gaze for hours on end. Although you may imagine a mess of a home with scratched walls and ruined furniture, Peter’s cat oasis is well maintained, clean and somewhat of a spa-like atmosphere for humans too.

3. The Gingerbread House

The Gingerbread House Weird House

Christine McConnell, an artist, photographer and clothing designer from California, decided to decorate her parents’ home for the holidays. What can be more festive than a gingerbread house? She was like a kid in a candy store and ventured to recreate an authentic looking gingerbread house using inspiration from the fairytale story, Hansel and Gretel. What she accomplished was stunning. One may as well have been on a Hollywood fantasy movie set. Christine’s effort certainly earned her a spot on our list of people who turned their houses into something very cool.

2. The Star Trek House

The Star Trek House

A woman in Canada, Line Rainville, is a huge fan of Star Trek, especially the original series. It’s a simple fact that is impossible to overlook with just one peak inside her home. With the help of $30,000 in renovations she’s boldly gone where few have before; she’s converted her home into the Starship Enterprise. It’s eerily similar to the real thing and you may even forget you are on planet Earth once you step inside. Even the bathroom appears straight out of a 1960’s episode.

1. The Zoo House

The Zoo House

An Egyptian man from Giza, Egypt lives in a fairly large 3 story home. He doesn’t live alone; he has roommates one could say. His grandfather began accumulating animals about 50 years ago in order to create this residential zoo. There are cobra snakes, turtles, an eagle, monkeys and even a baby tiger all living under the same roof. Humans and animals certainly can get along as we close out this list of the top 10 people who turned their houses into something very cool.

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