Top 10 People With Unusual Superpowers

Wouldn’t it be cool to have superpowers? Of course it would! We all grew up wanting to be superheroes battle villains like in the cartoons. We wished we could become invisible, read people’s minds or have super-sonic flying abilities. Unfortunately, for most of us, this isn’t possible. In fact, I am fairly certain none of us will be the incredible Hulk or Superman anytime soon.
But there really are humans on this planet, real-life people, who have amazing abilities that none of us could ever imagine. Yes, there are real-life superheroes living among us and you won’t believe what they can do! Here’re 10 people with unusual superpowers that will blow your mind:

10. Eye Popping Man

Claudio Pinto Eye Popping Man Top 10 People With Unusual Superpowers

Claudio Pinto is known for his ability to pop his eyes out of his sockets! At first glance, he seems like a normal person. But early in his life, he began to realize that he could make money with his incredible abilities. He’s from Brazil and is currently ranked first for his gift. He can pop his eyes out of their sockets and extend his globes up to 7 millimeters past the sockets. The weird part? He says doesn’t experience any pain while doing this! It actually feels comforting to him he says.  

9. The Man with an Amazing Brain

David Tammet The Man with an Amazing Brain

David Tammet has a very special brain. In fact, CBS News nicknamed him “Brain Man” in 2007. His special gift is leading researchers to have better understanding of the brain. David has the ability to calculate complex mathematics inside of his brain.  Asked to multiply 31 by 31 by 31 by 31, Tammet quickly – and accurately – responded with “923,521.” A major feat for him was at Oxford where he publicly recited the endless sequence of numbers from the Greek letter of “Pi.” While it took him several weeks to prepare, he was able to recite all 22,514 numbers in proper order. Kudos to the person who sat next to David in Math class! 

8. Crazy Visual Memory

Stephen Wiltshire

Stephen Wiltshire has the ability to look at a subject and create a drawing of that subject in full detail and accuracy. He has amazing visual memory skills. For example, after a brief helicopter ride over New York City, he was able to re-create the city in a drawing that accurately depicts what the city looks like from the air. As a British man, he was diagnosed as Autistic. But his memory, is nothing short of spectacular. In June 2006, he made a 16-foot-panorma of Rome after just taking one helicopter trip above the city. His ability allows is far superior to a photographic memory and is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in a human – he’s one of few people with unusual superpowers. 

7. Lion Whisperer

Kevin Richardson Superpowers

Kevin Richardson is a man who has an amazingly strong bond with animals, like Lions, Hyenas, and cheetahs. The animals treat him as if he is family. He has fun with lions while cuddling them. And these animals love him, adore him and even lick him back!

Kevin Richardson has devoted his entire life to making sure African animals have a safe future ahead. The man deserves a pat on his back for all the love he has for the animals. His ability enables him to do what most of us cannot. 

6. Mr. Eat it All

Michel Lotito Metal eater

We all strive for a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables of course, but Michel Lotito has a bizarre diet you would never dare try to eat. The man is capable of eating rubber, metal and a wide assortment of “stuff” that we wouldn’t even think of putting down our throats. Due to his weird capability, he is known as “Monsieur Mangetout”. It can be translated as “Mr. Eat it All” and his body is certainly not from this planet! Unfortunately, he died at the age of 57 and is said to have passed from “natural causes” although I’m sure his diet didn’t help. 

5. Changing Body Temperature

Grawth Monk Changing Body Temperature

Can you make yourself heat up or cool down without using any equipment? Of course, this is something that is beyond our control. But the “Garth” Monk based in Tibet can use their special mental powers to change the temperature of their bodies. According to many experiments, many have observed these monks changing their body temperature by up to 8 degrees centigrade, while their core temperature remains the same! This man is truly one of the few people with unusual superpowers! 

4. The Boy Made of Rubber

Daniel Browning Smith

No matter how much yoga you do, you can’t make yourself as flexible as Daniel Browning Smith. Yes, the man is known as the most flexible man in the world. It’s safe to call him the boy made of rubber.

He can dislocate his arms on purpose to pass himself through a tennis racket. His name is written in the Guinness World Records for his extraordinary abilities. So far, he has set three world records. 

3. Teeth Of Steel

Rathakrishnan, a man from Malaysia

Let me ask you something. How strong are your teeth? Can you pull a truck with your teeth alone? Of course not, don’t try that! But for one man, this is a reality. Rathakrishnan, a man from Malaysia, can pull as much as 200 tons of weight with his teeth!

When asked, he disclosed that he got this ability when a guru in India taught him the art of channeling all the energy to one part of the body. He was just a 14-year-old boy when he began to have these powers. 

2. Magnetized Man

Liew Thow Lin Liew Thow Lin

Have you ever seen a man with telekinesis powers in real life? If not, you may want to schedule a meeting with Liew Thow Lin. This 70-year-old man has a magnetic body that attracts metals, just like a magnet.

In Malaysia, he is called “The Magnetic Man”. To find out what is happening to him, researchers conducted a few experiments and discovered that his body produces an odd suction effect. The researchers further said that his powers should not be taken as an illusion. Amazingly, two of his sons and two of his grandchildren have the same ability. 

1. Ice Man


Meet Wim Hof, the ice man who isn’t affected by ice-cold temperatures. This man set a record by climbing the highest mountain in the world (yes, you guessed it right) Mount Everest in just a pair of bicycle shorts!

The temperatures on this mountain can be as low as minus 60 degrees Celsius! No human being can survive in such cold conditions for more than a few minutes without proper protection. Wim says he can turn his own “body thermostat up” by using his mind through yoga.

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Daniel Douglas

Hm, looks like Thow Lin is about to DAB ON THE HATERS!!!!!