Top 10 Photos Of What Aliens Might Look Like


Aliens have often been described as tiny little creatures that look bizarre with their ferocious teeth and claws. However, in some of the popular sci-fi movies and shows, they

have been depicted to look more like humans. In the modern times, even astronomers have made lots of research and so far unable to spot any intelligent form of alien life existing on these earth-like planets.

There have been reported UFO and alien sightings by some people who also claim that they have had encounters with extraterrestrials on some occasions. No one exactly knows the truth behind some of these stories but in the past, there have been a few pieces of evidence of true incidents, where aliens were spotted that look like weird objects when seen through these photographs.

Here are some of the top 10 photos of what aliens might look like based on these rel life incidents:

10. Malaysia’s Tiny Aliens Story

Malaysia’s Tiny Aliens Story

There have been a few incidents of UFO and strange alien encounters that have been reported during the 1970’s and the 1980’s. One of the most famous stories related to such incident happens to be of six children who were playing in thick and dense forests. About less than a meter’s distance, they suddenly spotted a UFO from which five humanoid or “micro-terrestrial” aliens appeared.

They were believed to be about 3 inches tall and 4 of them wore blue outfits and the other was in a yellow outfit with a spiked helmet or antennae. They had bigger heads and larger eyes than most human beings and seemed to have ray guns with which they tried to frighten away the kids. 

9. Cardiff’s Fleet of Space Thieves

Cardiff’s Fleet of Space Thieves

This was one of the most amusing and weirdest stories of alien encounters that reported of alien activities. In 1992, a man who was based in Cardiff, Wales claimed to have reported his observations that he and his friend spotted about 10-15 UFO’s at their campsite. This fleet of space figures had abducted their car, dog, and the tent and he had quoted saying that they were “gob smacked”. But nobody knows the real truth behind this strange incident. 

8. Solway Firth Spaceman, 1964

Solway Firth Spaceman Top 10 Photos Of What Aliens Might Look Like

Jim Templeton, fireman, photographer, and historian was taking the photographs of his daughter on his trip to Burgh Mash in England. And he was surprised to see the photographs as he developed them to find a figure of a man that appeared in the background, which resembled a space man. In fact, he claimed that when he took the photograph only he and his daughter were there along with the empty grass in the background.

This image appeared in many newspapers and gained wide publicity with the ufologists gaining interest in this strange incident. 

7. Voronezh’s Trigger Happy Invader

Voronezh’s Trigger Happy Invader

On September 27th, 1992, Dmitri and Vladimir two 16 yrs old boys, along with their school mates were playing soccer in the Voronezh city park in Russia when they spotted a red disc which just landed there. They saw a three-eyed creature which was 2.7 meters tall and had a ray gun like a machine and pointed towards Dmitri who soon vanished after that and reappeared once the spacecraft went away.

The witnesses of this event were children but there were also adults and police officers who reported this incident which appeared in the New York Times at that time. 

6. Gustavo Gonzalez and Jose Ponce Incident

Gustavo Gonzalez and Jose Ponce Incident

In 1954, Gustavo Gonzalez, a Cuban businessman based in Venezuela and his assistant, Jose Ponce were driving their truck across a lonely road. Suddenly, they saw the street illuminated with bright light as if it was afternoon and as they stopped to look behind the vehicle, they saw 3 humanoid and hairy creatures approaching towards them. Gustavo tried to capture this strange creature but although it was small, it was strong enough to push him on the pavement.

Gustavo managed to take out his scout knife and tried to attack the alien creature but found its body to be too hard as steel. After this encounter, the creatures got away in the ship and left, and Gustavo reported this incident to the police. 

5. A.L.F

A.L.F Aliens

On September 22nd, 1986, a brown haired humanoid creature was seen and reported across the San Fernando Valley in California. This creature continued to make its presence until 1990 and later on got nicknamed as ALF or Alien Life Form. This image is one of the most significant piece of alien evidence that was ever found. 

4. Pier Zanfretta and the Lizard People

Pier Zanfretta and the Lizard People

On December 6th, 1978 a private security in Italy reported a strange alien encounter while he was guarding a house. On that night he saw 4 lights coming towards him where he spotted three creatures that were about 10 ft tall with a green skin with spikes on their head and wearing a mouthpiece that was more reptile like. He had a feeling that they were hitting him with some kind of heat beam and he tried to escape from this scene.

Later when investigations were being carried on at the spot, there was some unusual and huge footprints of about 20 inches long were found. 

3. Lee Parish and the Abduction Case

Lee Parish and the Abduction Case

On January 27th, 1977 Lee Parish, a 19-year-old was driving back home and it seems that his whole car was lifted by a strange beam of light. Under hypnosis, he revealed later that he was abducted by three weird objects that he looked so different that any kind of life form. He described one of them as a red rectangular prism with a similar arm along with a white prism that was without any motion which was roughly around 6 ft in height. The white one suggested being a leader and the red one came and touched him giving him a sensation of pain and coldness after which the three objects combined with each other. Afterward, Parish was back in his car before he could recall any further details of the incident. 

2. John Hudges and Paul Rodriguez Story

John Hudges and Paul Rodriguez Story Aliens

On August 17th, 1971, John Hudges and Paul Rodriguez witnessed a very bizarre incident while they were driving back home based in Palos Verdes, California. They had spotted aliens on the road that resembled cerebrum with the smaller among them was slightly larger as compared to a softball. The larger one had a big red eye and began to drift towards them and vanished later, but again came back to Hodges when he returned back home. 

1. The Walters Family

The Walters Family Top 10 Photos Of What Aliens Might Look Like

Right from November 11th, 1987 to May 1st, 1988, the Walters family claimed that they had almost 20 sightings of aliens that were flying in 20 spaceships with around 6 crew members in each spacecraft. They experienced strange series of events where they encountered telepathic signals from a Spanish speaking woman, images of dogs and some that had faces of most “stereotyped” aliens.


So are all these incidents just a hoaxes and fakes to create a buzz or are they real? Let us know in the comments below.

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