Top 10 Places Where Man Has Never Set Foot


With the advancement of technology, it has become much easier to travel to different parts of the world. In the early days of civilization, it used to take months to

travel from one place to another, but now it’s possible to cover large distances in just a couple of hours.

However, there are some places on this globe where man has never set foot due to the difficulty of reaching them and also because of the harsh climatic conditions that exist in such regions.

Let’s explore some of these places in more detail:

10. Easter Island

Easter Island

Easter Island is a remarkable, tiny island situated at about 2000 miles near the West of the Chilean Coast and is completely isolated due to the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. It is quite small and just about 70 square miles which are inhabited by only 4,000 people. This island is well known for its huge rock sculptures called Moia that surround the beaches.

Over the years, the island has become barren which makes it isolated from the rest of the places. There is a small airport which is said to be one of the remotest in the world that carries passengers to the island through Chile. 

9. Daintree National Park, Australia

Daintree National Park, Australia Top 10 Places Where Man Has Never Set Foot

The Daintree National Park is located in Far North Queensland in Australia and remains completely untouched and it has a very ancient rainforest. This ecosystem is said to be the oldest one on the earth with a huge concentration of plants and animal species found nowhere else in the world with over thousands of them that exist here which are over 2,500 years old. 

8. La Rinconada, Peru

La Rinconada, Peru

La Rinconada is a small mining town located in the Peruvian Andes and it is known to be one of the most inaccessible places in South America. It is known as the highest city in the world and located at 17,000 ft above sea level. The remarkable city is a frozen glacier and the only way to reach here is by a truck through rugged and dangerous winding mountain roads.

It can take days to reach this city and may result in sickness due to its high altitude with the bad condition of the town, which makes it even more difficult for inhabitants to live here. Still this place is home to over 30,000 people who are mostly miners by profession. 

7. Galapagos

Galapagos Places Where Man Has Never Set Foot

The Galapagos Islands are one of the least explored and pristine places in the world. This archipelago serves as a home to a lot of marine animals and creatures such as giant tortoises, iguanas, penguins, whales, sea lions. Only a few of the Islands are habitable for tourists to explore and there only 2 airports for tourists to shuttle to (check out Flight details here if you’re interested in going). A lot of the islands are protected so the wildlife isn’t affected by humans.

Galapagos islands has a human population of about 23,000 with numerous plants and animal species that live on this remote location. 

6. Papa New Guinea

Papa New Guinea

Papa New Guinea is also one of the places where man has never set foot and there are plenty of unexplored species of plants and animals that live in the interiors of this jungle. The rugged terrain, lack of development of infrastructure has made its access difficult to humans. 

5. McMurdo Station, Antarctica

McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Antarctica is one of the most remote location in the world which is at the bottom of the world, where there are no native inhabitants living in this region. There are many research centers that operate here and McMurdo station is one of the largest among them.

McMurdo Station is an international research center which is located on the Ross Island and close to the northern tip of the continent. Even though it remains completely frozen, it is still home to more than 1200 scientists during the summer months. It used to take months to reach this place in the earlier days but thanks to the advancement in technology, the three airstrips developed here have made this region a bit more accessible than before. 

4. Kerguelen Islands

Kerguelen Islands

The Kerguelen Islands are known as the desolate islands due to their vast distance from the human civilization and is located in the southern Indian ocean. There are no airstrips to reach this island and the only way to reach this place is to take a boat which is a 6 day ride from Reunion( small island located across Madagascar coast) Just like Antarctica, this island has no native inhabitants but they have French scientists and engineers and is known to be a scientific research center. 

3. Alert Village, Canada

Alert Village, Canada

Alert is a small village that is located in Canada across the tip of the Nunavut territory over the Arctic Ocean which is just 500 miles below the North Pole. This is one of the least explored places in the world which is not inhabited by any humans. The temperatures in Alert can be 40 degrees below zero and with its location at the Earth’s top, there can be very extreme weather conditions that can result in almost 24 hours sunlight in summer or 24 hours darkness in the winter season.

Alert also has a radio receiving facility and functions as a weather lab for Canada and the closest town is a fishing village which is about 1300 miles away from this location. 

2. Motuo County, China

Motuo County, China

Motuo County is regarded to be the last county in China where there is no road leading to this place. This is one of the most pristine and unexplored places in the world that has remained untouched by any travelers. There is an overland route which is quite dangerous that goes through the parts of the Himalayas which are completely frozen. To cross over to the Motuo County, one has to pass through a 200-metre suspension bridge.

It comprises of a rich and huge variety of plant species. This place is quite stunning but still remains a land of mystery as numerous attempts made at making serviceable roads have failed, due to the unique nature of this landscape, prone to avalanches and mudslides. 

1. Tristan Da Cunha

Tristan Da Cunha Most Unexplored

This is an archipelago of small islands located across the Southern Atlantic Ocean and remains inhabitable to the humans. The closest land to this location is South Africa which is at a distance of about 1700 miles, and the South American Coast is about 2000 miles. This place has a rich history and was first discovered by a Portuguese explorer and later captured by the British.

This island is most physically isolated places on this planet and their unique geographical characteristic makes an airstrip nearly impossible, except traveling through boats.

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