Top 10 Places Where You Are Likely To Get Hit By Lightning


There’s an old saying, “Lightning never strikes the same place twice”, but our research has proved that is simply untrue! Actually, for one reason or

another, (scientists aren’t totally sure of all the factors, but proximity to large bodies of water and mountainous topography seem to play a great role) some areas of the world seem to be hot spots for electrical activity. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 places where you are likely to get hit by lightning.


10. Indonesia

volcanoes and the Java and Sumatra mountains

Winds coming up from the Indian Ocean force warm, moist air between the volcanoes and the Java and Sumatra mountains. This creates many thunderstorms that bring with them quite a few lightning strikes. If you’re ever in the area when a thunderstorm hits, get away from water and find shelter! 

9. Argentina

The Pampas area of Argentina

The Pampas area of Argentina is fertile South American lowlands. This is a very large area, covering almost 300,000 sq. mile. These huge plains are interrupted only by the small hills of Ventana and Tandil. Seasonal winds come from the Atlantic Ocean and rip across the mostly flat ground in the spring and summer, producing violent thunderstorms. 

8. Arkansas, USA

Arkansas, USA Places Where You Are Likely To Get Hit By Lightning

This very hot and humid state in the USA is reported to have an average of 15 lightning strikes per square mile! This is a year-round occurrence, with frontal systems producing thunderstorms during the spring, fall and winter, and afternoon thunderstorms popping up occasionally during the summer. Between the unbearable heat and the lightning, all the more reason to stay in the air conditioning! 

7. Himalayan Forelands


Adjacent to the Himalayan Mountains, the Himalayan Foreland basin is heavy in electrical activity. This area includes parts of India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan, and Bangladesh. Seasonal winds push warm, moist air up from the Indian Ocean, where it collides with the tall walls of the mountain range. This violent collision of air with the unmoving mountains causes the warm air to cool quickly, creating thunderstorms. 

6. Northwestern South American

Andes Mountain range Lightning

Again, this is one of the top 10 places where you are likely to get hit by lightning because of the effect of the sea air meeting mountains. In this case, warm winds from the Pacific Ocean meet the Andes Mountain range, causing immediate cooling and storm activity. And lots of lightning! 

5. Louisiana, USA

Louisiana, USA Likely To Get Hit By Lightning

Louisiana is situated between Texas and Mississippi. The state has a very humid climate, which accounts for its large number of lightning strikes. It’s the second most lightning-prone state in the USA, with almost 20 lightning flashes per square mile! There are very few deaths because people in the area have a good warning when a storm is approaching. 

4. Central Florida, USA

Central Florida, USA

Central Florida, basically between Tampa and Orlando, is often called “lightning alley”, as it’s a corridor well known for lightning storms. Florida has the highest number of lightning strikes in the United States. Warm air pushes in from the Gulf of Mexico on the western side of the state and meets the warm air currents pushing in from the Atlantic Ocean on the eastern side of the state. Florida is a long and narrow state, and severe thunderstorms producing violent lightning occur when these competing warm air currents meet each other. 

3. Brahmaputra Valley, India

Brahmaputra Valley, India Strike

The Brahmaputra Valley of far eastern India can have a high frequency of lightning strikes, but only in certain months, April and May. The thunderstorms usher in the monsoon season, where the area gets massive amounts of rain, but substantially less lightning than in April and May. This is a beautiful area that many people visit, but if you go be sure to go sometime it’s not thundering. 

2. The Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo in Central Africa has an extremely high frequency of lightning strikes. In years past, actually, it was thought that this was the area of the world with the most electrical activity. This is a year-round occurrence, in contrast with some of the others we’ve looked at that are seasonal due to winds and weather. In the Congo, moist air masses from the Atlantic Ocean constantly push through the many African mountains as they move across the whole continent. This produces a huge amount of year-round thunderstorms and lightning strikes. 

1. Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela

Lake Maracaibo Places Where You Are Likely To Get Hit By Lightning

This place is officially the first of the top ten places where you are most likely to get hit by lightning. Lake Maracaibo has earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for “highest concentration of lightning”. January and February are slower months because it’s the dry season. Storms peak around October, where you can see an average of 28 lightning flashes per minute! That’s simply extraordinary. This area can have over 1000 lightning strikes per hour! Now that’s something I’d like to see.

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