Top 10 Potential Future Disasters That Are Likely To Happen


While terrorism, plane crash, and automobile accidents kill more people than we can imagine; but natural disasters are considered as the most terrifying calamities that can

occur on earth. According to history, the Hurricane Katrina, the Haiti earthquake, the Hiroshima Atomic bomb, the F5 Tornado, the Japan tsunami, as well as the most recent Philippines disaster that kills thousands of people are among the major recorded terrifying disasters ever occurred on earth. However, studies revealed that there are possibilities and likeliest reoccurrence of these calamities in future. Find out below the worries of many top scientists concerning the potential future disasters.


10. Total Destruction Of The Earth (Meteor Strike)

Meteor Strike

Scientists foresee that there’s actually one of the mysterious scenarios that may likely happen on the surface of the earth in future and can result in the total destruction of the world. This might sound funny, but it’s actually worrisome. According to reports, some scientists are trying hard to answer the question – what do we do if the planet is annihilated? This is surely one of the questions that will take millions of years to get answers to, and that is why we have to be afraid. 

9. Gulf Coast Tsunami

Gulf Coast Tsunami Top 10 Potential Future Disasters

Scientists suggest that there’s a likely occurrence of a disaster (in future) that will threaten over 35 million of people in the Caribbean. Even though the Caribbean has recorded quite a number of deadly tsunamis before, however, scientists warn that more of these are likely to occur in future because the earth is dynamic and any changes along the fault lines can result in a serious disaster. 

8. East Coast Tsunami

East Coast Tsunami

It may appear that no coast is fortified against the threat of a tsunami. Based on scientific research, the likely occurrence of deadly tsunami in the United States in future is 70%. And with this, astronomers and other related professionals have already begun to have their eyes on the oceans, rocks, and other attributes can lead to this disaster so that effective measures can be taking in order to mitigate or adapt to any likely tsunami disaster in future. 

7. Dust Bowl

Dust Bowl Top 10 Potential Future Disasters

The Dust Bowl is one of the famous disasters that occurred in the 1930s, and scientists predict that the earth may likely suffer from this stuff in future time to come. The reason behind their prediction is what we still don’t know, but as the wise men always say “taking precaution is better than cure,” that is just what we should do from now. Further studies conducted to see whether the Dust Bowl similar to that of the 1930s can occur soon have not been very helpful, but scientists pointed that when this disaster strikes again, it could be one of the worst case scenarios to have ever occurred on earth. 

6. Heat Waves

Heat Waves Future Disasters

Heat waves are periods of unusually hot weather. According to reports, heat-waves have killed more United States residents than any other natural disaster on earth. Further studies revealed that more than 10,000 people have died in the past heat-waves events in the U.S. Scientists stressed that, as the urban areas keep getting hotter day-by-day, the electricity systems are strained, and chances are the risks of hitting with a heat-wave will keep growing. That is why climate change resilient planning is of great importance in our generation. 

5. Heartland Earthquake

Heartland Earthquake Future Mega Disaster

It has been nearly two centuries since the massive 8-magnitude earthquake shook the sparsely populated regions around the New Madrid fault line. Since then, scientists keep on observing the environment and have come to a conclusion that the earth might be hit again by another massive and deadly earthquake in future. The Heartland earthquake is on the 5th spot on our list of top 10 potential future disasters, not because scientists have foreseen its reoccurrence risks, but because people need to be informed about the dangers this massive earthquake can pose to life and properties. 

4. Krakatoa Eruption

Krakatoa Eruption Future Potential Mega Disastar

Since its occurrence in 1883, probably, the Krakatoa eruption may not occur again; but we never can tell actually because things like that are always mysteries and no one knows when they will strike. When this disaster hit Indonesia, it appeared to be the loudest sound ever heard in human history, and experts said the sound was about 12 times more powerful than the Hiroshima atomic bomb. About 36,000 people killed as a result of that eruption and possibly more because the death toll had reportedly to have risen. However, what do we do if such scenario reoccurs in any part of the world in future? Hmmm, it’s actually frightening. 

3. Dallas F5 Tornado

Dallas F5 Tornado Mega Disaster

One could remember, on May 3rd, 1999 a massive F5 tornado hit Oklahoma City and its periphery and it was reported as one of the deadliest disaster ever recorded in the history of Oklahoma. Studies have found that Dallas is the next city that is likely to be wounded by the similar monster called “the F5 Tornado.” However, a number of research and studies have been put in place to measure the authenticity of this report, but whatever the outcome might be, it is important to make preparation for the unforeseen circumstances in the future. 

2. Asteroid Impact

Asteroid Impact Future Mega Disaster

Another deadly disaster that may befall the earth is Asteroid Impact. However, there is no justifiable confirmation from scientists that this devastating event will occur. But in case, it does occur (which is more likely anyway), the amount of destruction it will cause to life and properties will be one of the worst disasters ever recorded on earth. It’s better we don’t even think of its occurrence because it is one of the disasters the world may not survive. That is why it made onto the list of the top 10 potential future disasters. 

1. Supervolcano


Super Volcano is also known as the Yellowstone, and it’s regarded as the deadliest disaster ever recorded on earth. However, no one will tell you the likely time this disaster will reoccur, because it probably won’t happen for the next thousands of years. The Super Volcano is capable of destroying lives within a twinkle of an eye, which is why it is the number on our list of the top 10 potential future disasters.

In conclusion, it is important to understand, when a disaster is considered natural; chances are we can’t run from it no matter the amount of efforts we make. Let’s just hope none of these calamities reoccurs again on earth, otherwise, some of us will not live to tell the stories another day. If it does happen, it will be super important to know how to cook with no electricity.

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