Top 10 Richest Families In The World


According to the ancient history, there have been many families that have dominated the world with their riches. The Greek and Roman rulers, as well as the Pharaohs from

the dynastic period, had almost half of the combined fortune in this world. This wealth was mainly acquired from their ruling territories as well as through their trading arrangements.

But the modern society is quite unique and completely dominated by multinational companies and corporate giants owned by some of the richest families across the world. Some families have created their own wealth and become rich while others have inherited millions of dollars from their ancestors to lead a rich and luxurious lifestyle.

In this article, we have shared the list of the richest families in the world with some interesting facts about them:

10. Pritzker Family (Net Worth- $29 billion)

Pritzker Family Net Worth

The Pritzker family is one of the wealthiest families in America and they have secured their position among the top 10 positions in the Forbes magazine “richest families” list since 1982. This family owns several businesses including the Hyatt Group of Hotels along with Marmon Group, The Superior Bank Of Chicago, The Royal Caribbean Cruise Line along with the TransUnion credit bureau.

As per Forbes reports, Anthony Pritzker who is the managing partner and a member of the Pritzker family alone owns a fortune worth $3.1 billion. 

9. Thai Royal Family (Net Worth -$ 30 billion)

Thai Royal Family Richest Families In The World

Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej is one of the oldest ruling monarchs for 87 years and also known by the name Rama IX belonging to the Chakri dynasty. He has four children and his only son, Prince Vajiralongkom is the next successor to the throne. This family has built its fortunes by making investments in land and other local Thai businesses from Siam Cement and Siam Commercial Bank. 

8. Cox Family ( Net worth-$ 32 billion)

Cox Family Net Worth

Cox Enterprises is a privately held conglomerate in America based in Atlanta, Georgia and it is also one of the leading communications and automotive services company. Currently, it is headed by Anne Cox Chambers-the daughter of its founder James Cox and also by the two children of her late sister Barbara Cox. James C Kennedy- Barbara’s son is the Chairman of this company. Nearly four generations of this family have been serving as the Board of Directors, which is quite commendable.

The broadcasting giant- Cox Communications is now the 7th largest telephone carrier in America with over 6.2 million customers and has a yearly revenue worth $15.3 billion. 

7. Hearst Family (Net worth-$35 billion)

Hearst Family Net Worth

Hearst Corporation is one the leading and largest communications media house in the world that publishes over 15 daily, 36 weekly and 300 magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, Esquire etc. Its sub-group is The Oprah Magazine and the Harper’s Bazaar. In addition, the Hearst Television broadcasts over 29 television stations which include ESPN and collectively owned by five members of the Hearst family. 

6. Johnson Family from US ( Net worth- $39 billion)

Johnson Family Net Worth

Ned Johnson is the founder and current owner of Fidelity Investments and Fidelity Worldwide Investment company and has made fortunes worth $9.3 billion. He is being ranked as the 43rd richest person in America by Forbes. Fidelity Investments is one of the leading findings group in the USA which has over 20 million investors with more than 500 different types of funds.

Ned Johnson along with his daughter Abigail Johnson established this company to become one of the largest and renowned companies that offer wealth management and mutual fund solutions to its customers. 

5. Cargill Macmillan Family (Net worth- $43 billion)

Cargill Macmillan Family Net Worth

In 1865, William W Cargill established this company, Cargill Inc soon after the Civil War of Iowa. Today it is one of the largest privately held companies in the USA with about $ 136.7 billion worth revenues and earnings of $2.31 billion. This is an agriculture business giant which deals with trades, commodities, grains, edible oil and also provides financial risk management services. The Cargill- Macmillan families have about 14 billionaires, which is among the largest than any other family in the world.

The Cargill family own 90% of the shares of this company and both James Cargill and Margaret Cargill had about $1.8 billion each before they passed away in 2006. 

4. Mars Family (Net worth-$ 60 billion)

Mars Family Net Worth

Frank C Mars, was the founder of the confectionary giant Mars Inc and with their annual sales of $30 billion in 2012, they were ranked among the 3rd largest privately held companies in America. Mars is one of the known brands in confectionery that offers some of the most popular products, including its Mars energy bar, Snickers chocolate and is also known to be the biggest producers of dog food-Pedigree.

Marc Inc is fully owned by their family members and they don’t offer any shares to the public. 

3. Koch Family (Net worth-$ 89 billion)

Koch Family Net Worth

Fred Koch was the founder of Koch Industries and made fortunes by making an investment into this oil refinery company and devised the process of refining heavy oil into gasoline. According to Forbes, Koch Industries is the second-largest privately held companies in the United States and both Koch brothers-Charles G Koch and David G Koch individually own 42% of the shares of this company. Koch Industries itself is estimated to be worth $40 billion.

This family also owns a NonProfit Organization, known as Koch Family Foundation which was started along with the Fred and Mary Koch Foundation in 1953. 

2. Walton Family (Net worth-$ 152 billion)

Walton Family Richest Famalies In The World

Sam Walton-the founder of the biggest retail giant, Walmart started this company in 1962 and now has over 11,000 stores across 27 different countries. They have operations across the world under different names such as Seiyu in Japan and Asda in the United Kingdom. It is one of the richest families in the world and has secured its top position.

The shareholders of this family collectively own 50% of the shares which are estimated to be worth $152 billion in itself. 

1. House of Saud (Net worth $ 1.4 Trillion)

House of Saud Richest Families In The World

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the largest Arab States along Western Asia which was found by Abdulaziz bin Abdal-Rahman Al Saud in the year 1932. The house of Saud has around 15,000 members who are competing for the throne. This family accumulated huge wealth, when the prices of oil were high during the late 70’s, late 80’s and after the 2003 invasion of Irag by the US.

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