Top 10 Scariest Bridges in the World


You’re probably familiar with the old saying “don’t burn your bridges.” But after taking a look at these terrifying accidents waiting to happen, you might change

your mind. From impossible heights to shotty craftsmanship, there are plenty of bridges you might want to skip when traveling. Boats and airplanes may not be your cup of tea, but they have to be safer than these. Even standing on top of the tallest structures in the world will look safe compared to this. Here are ten of the absolute scariest bridges in the world.


10. Aiguille de Midi Bridge

Aiguille de Midi Bridge

This heart-stopping bridge is located on a French mountain that, translated into English, literally means “Needle of the South.” This pointed mountain top peaks at 12,605 feet, with this bridge not far from the top. If you have acrophobia, you probably won’t be taking the cable car up to Aiguille de Midi Bridge. The cable car ascends 9,200 feet and takes you all the way to the bridge in fewer than 20 minutes. Be sure to plan your trip to this heart-stopping bridge well in advance, as tickets have been known to sell out quickly. 

9. Royal Gorge Bridge

Royal Gorge Bridge Scariest Bridges in the World

The Royal Gorge Bridge another bridge to avoid for those suffering from a fear of heights. Located in Colorado, it held the record for highest bridge in the world from its creation until 2001. Past visitors recommend not looking over the railing, located 969 feet above the gorge (about 10 stories, I’d you would prefer to imagine what kind of building it would be like to fall off of). If you think it’s scary now, imagine crossing it anytime from 1929 to 1982, before it had the stabilizing wind cables put on. Feeling extra daring? Take one of the nearby zip lines across the gorge instead. 

8. Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

Uhhh, no. Nope. In no way would we ever even consider crossing this thing. No, thank you. Dangling in Northern Ireland about 100 feet above sharp rocks, this looks exactly like every rope bridge that’s ever snapped in half in the movies. Can you imagine walking over it on a windy day? Some people have had to take a boat back from the other side, both out of fear and because sudden strong winds caused the bridge to close down for safety reasons. As the say in the movies right before the rope snaps — don’t look down! 

7. Capilano Suspension Bridge

Capilano Suspension Bridge Scariest Bridges in the World

You have got to be kidding us. This bridge, located in Canada, is frequently crossed by people with a death wish, we suppose, was built in 1889. Yes, you read that right. People cross a simple suspension bridge on a daily basis that was built in 1889. The bridge is said to be very wobbly and shaky, spanning an entire 450 feet, 230 feet over to your imminent death. If you’ve got what it takes to cross this, also try the nearby Cliffwalk, a series of terrifying suspended walkways on a cliff. Somehow, it’s even scarier than the Capilano Suspension Bridge, one of the scariest bridges in the world. 

6. Mackinac Bridge

Mackinac Bridge

This Michigan bridge may not look so scary at first. After all, it looks pretty stable. That’s until you realize that this monstrosity spans five miles over a potential watery grave. One person died when their vehicle drove off the bridge. It was driven by a woman named Leslie Ann Pluhar in 1989. Driving too fast during dangerously high winds, Pluhar plummeted into the water below. In 1997, a man committed suicide by driving off the bridge. And when the bridge was being constructed, five people died in the process. People are so uneasy crossing it now, many get cold feet and chicken out at the last minute. Pedestrians and bicyclists are not allowed to cross. 

5. Puente de Ojuela

Puente de Ojuela

This one doesn’t really need an explainer, does it? Well, here’s one anyway: this thing is 1,043 feet long and two feet wide. TWO FEET WIDE. Lose your balance and you’ll have about 360 feet until the bottom of the Mexican gorge. Surely, you’ll use those few last seconds to wonder why you even considered crossing one of the scariest and most dangerous looking bridges in the world. Besides, the only thing on the other side is a ghost town! 

4. C?u kh?

C?u kh? Scary Bridge

We’re not sure these would pass regulation in the US. Common in Vietnam, C?u kh? translates to “Monkey bridges.” It’s named this because of the primitive, monkey-like posture assumed by those trying to cross it. These are some of the scariest bridges in the world to cross because the odds of falling off are so high. On the bright side, if you fall, you’ll probably be fine. One thing is for sure, their designers certainly weren’t using ClearCalcs or perhaps the load-bearing beams might be a little more uniform… oh well, good luck if you go!

3. Captain William Moore Bridge

Captain William Moore Bridge

At first glance, the Captian William Moore Bridge, located in Alaska, doesn’t seem to be very much to be frightened by. That’s only until you find out it’s located smack-dab in the middle of an active earthquake fault. While the chances of driving over this bridge during an earthquake may be rare, it’s the last place you want to be. And for a resident of Alaska who has to use this bridge often, every trip over is a gamble, making this by far one of the scariest bridges in the world. 

2. Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

We might feel more comfortable crossing this Louisiana bridge if we had a boat hitched to the vehicle. This 24-mile-long monstrosity makes visible land a thing of the past once you’re eight miles out, and you’re only driving 16 feet above the shark-infested water. 

1. Hussaini Hanging Bridge


Seems legit. Seriously, though, for a country with an annual GDP of $232.3 billion, it’s time Pakistan put aside some infrastructure spending. Known to many as the most dangerous bridge in the world, lots of planks are missing from this rickety, wobbly bridge. It’s used mainly as a tourist draw for those seeking a thrill, and they must get it — especially when they look at a similar, broken bridge hanging uselessly next to it.

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