Top 10 Scariest Looking Fish In The World


It is important to know that Sharks aren’t the only deadly underwater species; there are other species of fish that are creepy and dangerous. If you’re looking for one of the most

treasured creatures underwater, the fish is. Many people tend to spend most of their lifetimes exploring the underwater treasures and looking on websites like to learn more. If you happen to be one of them you just ought to beware of the risks involved, as there are other species of fish that pose more threats than the popular sharks. In this article, we are going to be looking at the 10 scariest looking fish ever that exist in the underwater world.


10. The Viperfish

The Viperfish

We’re starting with the fish that secured the 10th position on the list. The Viper is one of the scariest looking fish ever exist and is considered as one of the fiercest underwater predators in history. The toothy dweller, as it’s often called, is very deadly to its prey and has the ability to attract them by lighting its organ. The Viper eats mostly of crabs and other crustaceans; it has a body length that reaches up to 24 inches, it can also live underwater at a maximum depth of 9000 feet. 

9. Goonch Fish

Goonch Fish 10 Scariest Looking Fish In The World

Goonch fish is on the number 9 spot on our list of the top 10 scariest looking fish in the underwater world. This type of fish is widely found in the Kali River, which runs between Nepal and India. As scary as it looks, this fish has a history of disappearing mysteriously and unexplained drowning down the water. The Goonch weighs about 300 pounds and is known as one of the dangerous underwater creatures that have a strong taste for human flesh. Eyewitnesses revealed that victims of the Goonch’s attack used to suffer a painful death when this deadly fish strikes. It is, therefore, important for swimmers and underwater explorers to be careful when coming in contact with this monster. 

8. The Basking Shark

The Basking Shark

The shark is arguably the most popular dangerous species of fish in the world, but this is not the shark we all know. This is a Basking shark and one of the scariest looking fish ever exists underwater. However, it may interest you to know that you don’t judge a fish by its looks because the Basking shark does not pose any threat to humans; it just has one of the fiercest looks that can make tremble (at the sight of it) wherever you are. This fish weighs up to 19 tons and has a full length of 40ft respectively. 

7. Wels Catfish

Wels Catfish

The Wels catfish is a demonic looking creature that can make you have a rethink on a planned swim into the water. It is the 7th on our list of the creepiest fish in the world. This species of fish is mostly found in Berlin Lake, Spain’s reservoirs, as well as Russia’s Volga River. The Wels catfish – a member of the catfish family, is a big slithering creature with a length of up to 13 feet and weighs about 400 pounds. The fish is considered as one of the most aggressive creatures underwater that uses its razor-sharp teeth to devour its predators. 

6. The Blobfish

Blobfish Most Unusual Animals

Blobfish is a fish with one of the mysterious and creepy looks around. It is also one of the rarest underwater animals in the world, and its rarity coupled with its looks has earned it recognition and a place on the list. Many people have wondered how on earth this kind of fish exists in the real world, its looks alone is enough to make you run for your life at the sight of it. One of the fascinating things about the Blobfish is that it owns no muscles and it lives in great depth that is rarely seen or visited by humans. 

5. The Grenadier Fish

The Grenadier Fish

The number 5 on the list is no other than the Grenadier fish. As ugly as it looks, this lizard-like looking creature is also one of the smelliest living creatures in the ocean. You can easily spot them by their huge head, large eyes, as well as long tap-like tails. The Grenadier fish measures up to 4 feet long and can easily be found on the ocean bed where they normally go for food. 

4. Electric Eel

Electric Eel

While Electric Eel may be regarded as one of the ugliest fish ever exist underwater, it is also seen as an apex predator that hunts and defend itself by electrocuting its prey. Studies revealed that this scariest looking fish releases up to 600 volts of electricity to devour any creature it wants to kill. This fish is so dangerous in the sense that, even a lesser shock can send a victim straight to the grave. The electric Eel fish grows up to 9 feet long and weighs about 50 pounds respectively. 

3. The Tiger Fish

The Tiger Fish

Among the funniest and deadliest looking creatures in the ocean, the tigerfish is one. This scary looking fish is very common in the African continent and can be found in almost every lake in the regions of Africa. The Tigerfish grows up to 30 inches and weighs about 15 pounds. However, they are considered nothing but one of the deadliest and creepiest living creatures of the underwater world. 

2. The Angler Fish

CERATIOID ANGLERFISH scary ocean creatures

We have now reached to the second spot on our list of the top 10 scariest looking fish in the underwater world, and the Angler fish has earned its place here. The Angler fish are known as specialists when it comes to hunting for their prey. They have protruding eyes that can move in every direction with filamentous growths extended from its head. They are simply considered as monsters and are found all over the world in seas and rivers. 

1. The Stonefish

The Stonefish

The stonefish has very irritating and scary looks, it is one of these fish you will mistake as a chameleon. Scientists suggest that this fish is believed to be the deadliest fish ever because it is highly venomous and aggressive. Stonefish has a row of thirteen venomous spines on its back and can be very deadly when it strikes humans. These types of fish are mostly dominated in Australia and the Pacific Ocean. It is surely the number one scariest fish ever verified in the underwater world.

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