Top 10 Scariest Monsters Claimed To Be Seen By People


People tend to come up with different theories for the things and activities that they cannot find reasonable explanations. This has been reflected in hundreds and

thousands of stories and legends about supernatural creatures. Every culture has its own legends written by their ancestors. However, people still sometimes claim to have encountered supernatural creatures. Here is a list of the scariest monsters claimed to be seen by people.


10. Dover Demon

Dover Demon Top 10 Scariest Monsters Claimed To Be Seen By People

Dover Demon is a monster claimed to be seen by three teenagers in Massachusetts on April 21 and 22, 1977. The teenagers described the monster as having big glowing eyes and curly fingers. All three who saw the monster drew its sketches, and it turned out to be the same creature all three of them saw. Moreover, when the police looked at the locations where the Demon was seen on the map, they represented a straight line within a two-mile radius. The police believe that the monster was just a joke played on the witnesses by other teenagers. 

9. Santu Sakai

Santu Sakai

Santu Sakai is a Malaysian legend about the creatures who attacked villages and ate innocent people. Those monsters are believed to be half-animal half-human. There are not many people who believe in Santu Sakai’s existence. However, one man, Henri Van Heerdan claims to have encountered two of those monsters while hunting and running off from them in his car. Because of its human-eating nature, Santu Sakai is one of the scariest monsters claimed to be seen by people. 

8. Converse Werewolf

Converse Werewolf

The converse werewolf is a North American legend. The legend tells about a rancher who sent his teenage son into the woods to hunt a deer. The son never came back, so the father arranged a rescue team to go into the forest. When the father heard his son screaming in the forest, he ran to the location only to find his child eaten by a giant wolf-like creature who did not die after being shot with a rifle and ran off to the woods. 

7. Skunk Ape

Skunk Ape Scariest Monsters Claimed To Be Seen By People

This ape-like creature comes from the legends across several states in the U.S., namely Arkansas, North Carolina and Florida. The monster received its name from the smell that is supposedly reeking from it. Skunk Ape was claimed to be seen in the 1960s and 1970s. Scientists do not believe in the legend, thinking that what people claimed to be seeing back then was actually a bear. 

6. Champ

Champ Scariest Monsters Claimed To Be Seen By People

This monster is believed to inhabit the Lake Champlain. There is no physical evidence that Champ actually exists, and the scientists think of it as a trick for attracting more tourists to the area. However, throughout the years around 300 people reported their encounters with one of the scariest monsters claimed to be seen by people. The first person to claim seeing the creature was Samuel de Champlain in 1609. 

5. Thunderbird

Thunderbird Monster

These large bird-like creatures were being reported by people from 1890 till 2007. The creatures are believed to originate from Native American folklore and remind of prehistoric pterodactyls. In the 20th and 21st centuries, there were several reports from Illinois, Alaska, Missouri and Texas from the people who supposedly saw the giant birds. 

4. Chupacabra

Chupacabra Scariest Monsters Claimed To Be Seen By People

This creature comes from the folklore of North America, with its first sightings to be reported in Puerto Rico. Chupacabra is believed to be attacking livestock, especially goats, and sucking their blood. The creature’s description is similar to that of a small bear, but with numerous spikes on its back. 

3. Yeti

Yeti Monster Animals

Yeti is also known as Abominable Snowman. It is said to inhabit mountains in the Himalayas and belongs to a mythology of the indigenous population of the regions in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. In 1921, the British held an expedition in mount Everest, where they discovered the footprints of the creature that they thought to be was a large wolf, but when they looked at them further, they looked more like the footsteps of a large human. The members of the expedition called the creature the Abominable Snowman. 

2. Bigfoot

Bigfoot Scariest Monsters Claimed To Be Seen By People

Bigfoot is a legend from North American folklore. It is said to be an ape-like creature inhabiting forests. This monster is believed to be large and hairy by people who claim to have seen it, but scientists completely discard its existence. They consider the creature a hoax or rumors because of no legitimate evidence of its existence. The creatures that the people see are most likely bears, in their opinion. 

1. Loch Ness Monster

Loch Ness Monster

“Nessie” is the monster claimed to be inhabiting Loch Ness, one of the lakes in Scotland, ever since 1933. There are numerous stories from people who supposedly saw the creature, but not many photographs or other recorded material. The monster is believed to be a huge dinosaur that still exists today. Nessie deserves the first place on our list of the scariest monsters claimed to be seen by people.

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