Top 10 Secret Weapons That India Is Developing


India is one of the top 5 military powers in the world. They have large armed forces and they also have some great minds that work overtime to develop some of

the most powerful and cutting edge weapons. The Indian military is constantly improving on previous versions of weaponry and they seem poised to continue being a global leader in development. These are the top 10 secret weapons that India is developing right now.


10. Arjun Mark II

Arjun Mark II Secret Weapons That India Is Developing

Due to be in service in 2016, the Arjun Mark II is in the late phases of development and testing and is one of the top 10 secret weapons that India is developing. The featured weapon of this super-tank is a 120 mm rifle which can fire a wide range of ammunitions that are capable of penetrating modern armor. The rifle can be remotely operated from the safety of inside the Arjun Mark II. The tank is also fitted with 8 grenade launchers and the four man crew can observe their surroundings with a panoramic sighting system. 

9. DRDO Rustom II

DRDO Rustom II

This unmanned aerial vehicle will be able to travel at 140 miles per hour at an altitude of about 35,000 feet. Based on the American Predator drone, the Rustom II will have advanced flight controls, a composite frame, automatic wing de-icing and it will be able to automatically take off and land. At just over 5 meters in length, it will be India’s first armed UAV. It comes decked out with anti-tank missiles and multi-barrel guns. It is projected that the Ruston II will be in service by 2018 but development will continue. Designers want to further lower its overall weight of 1,800 kg and improve its weaponry. 

8. LCH TD4

LCH TD4 India Future Weapons

Currently in the testing phase, the LCH TD4 is one of the top 10 secret weapons that India is developing. It is a multi-role attack helicopter that has a 20 mm cannon and the capability of carrying and firing rockets, missiles, and bombs. It can speed along at nearly 170 mph at an altitude of just over 21,000 feet. It has a 15.8-meter long body that holds a crew of two. It is intended to be used against slow moving aerial targets but it can be used in tactical strikes, reconnaissance and in many other support roles. 

7. UAC II-214

UAC II-214

The UAC II-214 is a Multi-role Transport Aircraft (MTA) that is being developed to replace the aging fleet of Antonov AN-32. Designed mainly for transporting cargo and troops, this MTA will travel at speeds of 541 mph with a payload of around 44,000 pounds including up to 150 passengers. It will have a range of between 2,000 miles and 4,400 miles depending on the weight of the payload. The UAC II-214 is due to be in service by 2018. Measuring in at almost 124 feet long, this MTA is far from being the biggest but it is one of the most sophisticated of its kind. 

6. Tejas MK-II

Tejas MK-II India Future Weapons

The Tejas MK-II is a 5th generation light combat supersonic fighter jet with stealth capabilities. Currently still in the testing phase, this fighter will have a lighter composite body, better tactical striking ability, and more powerful engines than its predecessor. The Tejas MK-II will be able to fill multiple roles from reconnaissance to tactical and defense. The first flight is not expected to occur until 2019 and the Tejas MK-II is predicted to be in service by 2022. Until then there is still a lot of work to do to improve on the previous design which has been revealed to have had many shortcomings. 

5. Brahmos 2

Brahmos 2 Missiles India Future

Brahmos II is a hypersonic cruise missile that is currently being co-developed in a joint venture between Russia and India. It is speculated that it will travel at Mach 7 and have a range of 180 miles. With the ability to be fired from ships, submarines, aircraft and land, the Brahmos II is a versatile missile that will strike fast. The Brahmos II will hit with a mighty force that will destroy hardened and buried targets such as bunkers and storage facilities. Other countries are currently developing hypersonic missiles but it is expected that the Brahmos II will be the first to be put in service. It is scheduled to be ready by 2020. 

4. INS Vikrant

INS Vikrant Future India Weapons

The INS Vikrant will be the first aircraft carrier to be built in India. Construction began in 2009 and INS Vikrant is scheduled for commissioning in 2018. It is 860 feet long and 200 feet wide and is expected to carry 30 fixed wing aircraft including the MiG-29K and the Tejas Mark II on her 10,000 square meter flight deck. The Ins Vikrant will have a top cruising speed of 28 knots and have a range of over 9,000 miles. The crew of 1,400 will be confident in the ship’s multi-layered defense systems as well as the Ins Vikrant’s offensive capabilities. 

3. Agni 6

Agni 6 Future Weapons Of India

Expected to be is service by 2018, the Agni VI intercontinental ballistic cruise missile is one of the top 10 secret weapons that India is developing. Most of the details are classified but there are a few things that are known about the Agri VI. The missile will pack between four and six “multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicles”, or in other words, the Agri VI missile will carry four to six other missiles that are armed with nuclear warheads. The missile is guided using the latest technologies and is expected to weigh 55,000 and 70,000 kilograms. Let’s hope they won’t need to use it. 

2. Sukhoi/HAL

Sukhoi HAL India Future Secret Weapon

This fifth generation fighting aircraft (FGFA) is being developed in a joint venture between Russia and India. It is being designed to compete with the F-22 Raptor and the F-35. It will feature a 30 mm cannon to compliment its many missiles that will be hanging from its fuselage and wings. The two man crew can travel at an altitude up to 65,000 feet while reaching speeds of Mach 2.3. The project has faced delays but appears to be back on track. It is unknown when the Sukhoi/HAL will be completed. 


AMCA Secret Weapons That India Is Developing

The Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) is another of the top 10 secret weapons that India is developing. It is a super-maneuverable multi-role fighter with stealth capabilities. Designed for ground strikes, bombing and intercepting, the AMCA will be able to perform a variety of duties. It has state of the art systems flight surfaces and controls and two internal weapons bays which can each carry four air-to-air missiles. It also comes armed with a 30 mm cannon. The AMCA is expected to have a top speed of Mach 2.5 and be able to operate at an altitude of nearly 60,000 feet.

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suryanarayana begur

IT IS RATHER very impressive that our country has improved its scientific & technological base over a few decades of veritable hibernation.!! all the same, it was necessary for INDIA to leap into that domain,having had an edge in the remote past of WHAT WE CALL ancient india….DURING WHICH TIME INDIANS were ruling the crest of civilization.