Top 10 Secret Weapons That Russia Is Developing


The Cold War may be over, but the United States and other countries are again beginning to look at Russia with skepticism. That’s especially true as Russia, improving economically because

of oil reserves, puts more money into its military. Just what is the United States scared of? Here’re the top 10 secret weapons that Russia is developing.


10. Armata T-14 Tank

Armata T-14 Tank Top 10 Secret Weapons That Russia Is Developing

The Armata unveiled in 2014, features improved armor including underneath to protect it from land mines. Its high-tech shield may include sensors that can detect incoming rounds and automatically fire at them to knock them off target. The crew can man the tank’s main turret by remote control as they sit inside an armored pod, separate from the ammunition store and the turret. The outer armor is meant to explode outwards to help protect the crew. The tank is believed to be far ahead of other countries’ tank technology. 

9. Naval Proton Gun

Naval Proton Gun Russia Secret Weapons

The AK-130 is a fully automatic, dual-purpose weapon based on a 1967 design but with updated features like a laser designator, a system for selecting moving targets, and low light TV. Its barrels are liquid cooled. The gun shoots 10-40 130mm rounds per minute per gun. It can correct its targeting by analyzing the splashes and automatically tracking shells. 

8. Reconnaissance Ship

Reconnaissance Ship Russia Ships

Russia is expected to launch its Ivan Khurs communications ship in 2016. The ship’s duties will include monitoring the United States’ missile defense systems as well as provide communications, gather intelligence, and support radio-electronic warfare. 

7. Multipurpose Aircraft Carrier

Multipurpose Aircraft Carrier

Russia plans to launch a multipurpose aircraft carrier about the size of the U.S. Navy Nimitz carriers. The carrier would carry 80 to 90 aircraft and a crew of 4,000 to 5,000. Catapults and ski jumps enable it to launch more than one aircraft including air defense fighters and strike aircraft. 

6. Air Defense System

Air Defense System Russia S 500

The S-500 long-range air defense and anti-ballistic missile system are being designed to intercept ballistic missiles. There are claims that this system will be able to track five to 20 ballistic targets and intercept up to five to 10 ballistic targets at once. The S-500 is said to detect missiles as far as 1,242 miles away. It may even be able to target low-orbital satellites. 

5. Laser Program

Laser Program Secret Weapons Russia

Russia isn’t saying much about its laser programs except to say they are being developed at the same level as other countries developing them. Both the United States and USSR started looking at using optical quantum generator-lasers in the 1960s. If it is similar to today’s U.S. laser weapons systems, that includes its 30-kilowatt weapon that uses a solid-state laser and can hit small flying objects at short and medium distances. 

4. Strategic Bomber

Strategic Bomber Secret Weapons That Russia Is Developing

It may be seven years before it’s completed, but Russia is working on a next-generation strategic bomber. It’s expected to be a subsonic strategic bomber with a range of about 7,500 miles and ability to carry a 30-ton payload. There will also be new missiles. For now, Russia’s using the Tupolev Tu-160M2 long-range supersonic strategic bomber. 

3. Hypersonic Missiles

Hypersonic Missiles Russia Secret Program

Russia’s developing a hypersonic weapon, the Yu-71 vehicle, may be a threat to U.S. missile defenses. Hypersonic vehicles are able to move unpredictably at speeds up to 7,000 miles per hour. Russia’s may also have the ability to carry nuclear warheads. The Yu-71 is getting less attention than China’s WU-14. 

2. Mobile Electronic Warfare System

Mobile Electronic Warfare System Russia

The Krasuha-4, when developed, will be mounted on warships and jets. It will be able to suppress cruise missiles’ guidance systems and “turn off” foreign satellites and enemy weapons. The concern is that it will be able to turn off airborne early warning and control systems, unmanned aerial vehicles like combat drones and aircraft radar. Low-orbit satellites may also be affected. 

1. Drone Nuclear Submarine

Drone Nuclear Submarine Secret Weapons That Russia Is Developing

One of the biggest concerns is that Russia’s developing a drone submarine that could carry a nuclear torpedo system past NATO radars and defense systems. Allegedly a Russian-owned TV station aired information about this secret weapon that, if fired at targets, could leave them not capable of carrying on economic activity for quite awhile. This could be especially harmful to the United States’ coastal cities by causing radioactive wastelands.

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