Top 10 Shocking Facts About Donald Trump


Donald Trump became famous way before he decided to run for president of the United States. In fact, Trump logo is one of the most known logos throughout the world. Facts about Donald Trump are hard to come by because despite

the publicity Mr.Trump receives there are very few interesting facts about him. We went out of the way to bring you the most shocking facts about Donald Trump.


Top 10 Shocking Facts About Donald Trump

10. Germaphobe

trump and carson akward handsahke

Trump completely dislikes shaking people’s hand because he is a germaphobe. When forced to shake hands he quickly pulls his hand away. 

9. Sober Life

trump presenting trump vodka

Despite having a vodka TRUMP brand, Mr.Trump never drinks alcohol and when his kids were young told them every morning before school to stay away from drugs, alcohol, and fights. 

8. Football

trump thumbs up

Trump played on the varsity football team in high school. Guess which position he took on the field. It was offense, offense, offense. 

7. Successful, Always?

trump near his hotel

Despite Trump’s HUGE wealth, he declared bankruptcy 4 times. One of the bankruptcies involved his Atlantic City casino. 

6. Republican?

donald-trump republican

Although Trump is running for the Republican party, he once insulted the party’s main icon, Ronald Reagan. 

5. Trump Tower


Before the 21st Century of Dubai, Tower was built the 72 floor Trump Tower in Manhatten was the tallest residential building in the world. 

4. Board Game

 trump board game

There is a Trump board game called, “Trump the Game.” The point of the game is to own as many real-estate properties as you can while at the same time bankrupting your opponents. 

3. Real Name

donald-trump-birth cerificate

Donald John Trump is his full name and many have a nickname for him “DJT”.  

2. ATM, What’s That?

trump money

Donald Trump never used an ATM in his entire life. But, what would expect of someone with such a HUGE sum of money. 

1. Troublemaker

donald trump fights

Mr. Trump’s trouble making history is not new. It goes back to the age of 13. During that time, he got into a lot of fights aka trouble and his parents then sent him to New York Military Academy to learn discipline.

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